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Stop Dreaming…Start Paddling
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Water Stop and Snack Time on the CRGC 2015


Founded in 2000 on the Colorado River inside the beautiful Grand Canyon, KayakPower.Com was originally Mike and Dave’s Excellent

Kayak Instruction. It was soon be realized that excellent kayak instruction was only a small part of the KayakPower.Com brand & soon KPC

was also doing Excellent events, car shows, water safety support, trips, Birthdays, Corporate Team Building, BSA, GSA, Honor paddles,

racing, rentals & repairs. So basically if you can connect a kayak/kayaking to any event we are there to support you!


Of course were all about the environment too, we practice Leave No Trace, and partner with them too, We think local and act local & global,

and have been an active part of numerous environmental projects with most local municipalities, lots of local schools and private

enterprise, as well as paddlers joining us from around the world. Our Flagship outdoor environmental activity is hands & paddles on event

is with the For the Love of the Lake Group, from whom we were awarded the 2015 AAS Group of the year, our 2nd GOTY award and our

13th continuous year! We have the most AWESOME volunteers period!



KayakPower continues in our drive and passion for the Safe and skilled water sports activities and wants to support the community as a

whole. We look forward to paddling on our local and regional resources with all and old friends and we are also excited to paddle with what

we hope are our awesome new friends too!

When you think safety, when you think fun, when you think kayaking,       THINK     KAYAKPOWER.COM

Our original paddle line in 2000 was ” Stop dreaming, START PADDLING” I still like it!


kayaking high 5!

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