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Covid 19

March 18, 2020 by mike swope

What can we tell you that you dont already know for several other sources?

We can add that your safety and wellbeing is out utmost concern both on and off the water.

Based on best practices from all local governance and a request from the ACA National office effective today

Wednesday March 18th

Will stand down all water based watersports activities including lessons certifications trips

Rental environmental events and tours until the earliest date of

Saturday April 11th as the 1st date that we could got live water again.

We appreciate your support as we face this health crisis with high hope for the best outcome all the while planning for the worst.

Stay proactive and vigilante in protecting your health.

We like to say live to paddle another day and we look forward to paddling with you again in the near future.

We missed

March 14, 2020 by mike swope

Covid 19 but…we did find

Got foam?

03 14 2020

No TRASH! Or is that know TRASH?

Lots and lots of trash!

Thanks DPARD

It was super windy to start but the sun was trying it’s best to peak.

We has the usual suspects

Land & Sea

Doing the usual things

Making a cleaner lake for all!

Trash warrior

We even had some VIPs

The Z man!

The big Z from FTLOTL!


You got some splaning to do!


And Wes reminding everyone …..

never bring a knife to a kayak fight!

Getin trashed

Check these out

Zoom in…

Straight up gangster!

Yes this is about 30 + years old

Anyone have an 8 track I can borrow?

Yes it was the Beetles White album…..

And thanks to the love of the lake for lending some cleaning tools I tried to return them. But no was home at 430?? Whats up with that?

Hope to see you next Month on Saturday April 11th 2020 9am WRL


March S4 update

March 13, 2020 by mike swope

Were no longer partnering with a BSA group due to covid 19.

So we will be at our normal location on Saturday

Were going to paddle rain or shine…unless of course were shut down by a health agency of the city or the county or the state or the federal goverment.

Clean it like you mean it!

Dont forget you can waiver up online at


San Marco’s river clean up

March 1, 2020 by mike swope

We partnered with our friends at the TRPA and did a little cleaning up of our fav central Texas river the San Marcos!

Thanks to Tom and his family for providing a place for us to sleep this weekend too!

Saturday started at off a little on the chilly side but soon started to warm

And even at low flows we had plenty of h2O to float our boats…our trash boats!

Yes that’s a Mr Coffee I got out of the river…

And this was our 1st trash of the day…we gathered at the put in…remember we like these

So much more than this

Yes that was several dozen paddlers worth of trash at skulls takeout.


So the weather turned…


We has some very experienced trashers paddling

And before you know it

We were knee deep in fun!

We also got to get up close and personal with all the critters…the turtles the fish and of course the snakes too.

Banded water snake

And speaking of being ideally adapted to your environment….we got to paddle with the local canoes guys too. The guys go way beyond your average trasher….they were amazing…the would park and scour the ground…then climb the trees to get the hanging trash then jump back in…. the water and do a foot feel and then masks and snorkels to get the river bottom trash too!

Hats off to these hard core river trash warriors!

So we continued on to Martindale and with most of the river looking good we did not have as much success in getting a lot more trash but we did get some!

And it was late in the afternoon and much much warmer so a quick dip to cool off and we called it a day

So mark you calendar for 2021 and join us for the river clean up!

Paddle Safe Paddle Often


Feb Eco Tour

February 16, 2020 by mike swope

Three thousand one hundred fifty cubic feet per second

A whole bunch of water coming our way…

Good thing we had kayaks!!!

And a plan to paddle too

It’s kinda a loop

Thanks Steve for the gps tracking and the map too!

We hoped to see the beaver…he was sleeping in….we hoped to see the Eagle….he was out too…we did however discover a 2nd nest so our hope is we have more than 1 pair of eagles!

Bitten Marsh

We did find and pick and slog our way across to the marsh….

It sounds easy can you see the trail from a distance?

See last weeks high water mark

the trail is amazing when you finally find it…


We have seen the UFO’s underwater and the trail just….underwater


It’s a lot of fun paddling under it too!

Warming in the sun as the air temp was 58 and rising the water temp was 68…go figure!

And Thanks to KJ we had hot coco!

Still no fishing!

It was an easy out we just followed the flow back to the river….

Where we saw the pelicans the great blues the ducks and most all of the other birds…finally!

Check out all the photos at….


Dont be this guy!

Paddle Safe.


Next Eco Tour 3 21 2020

FEB 2nd Sat

February 8, 2020 by mike swope

Photos update 2 10 20

We were out of whistles!!

These guys were kind enough to be a living self promotional pic!

THANKS you two!

We use this same method to get folks to help us clean the lake……however our treat is a kayak!

And if you some how missed us today…dont fret…we did the heavy lifting for you!

We made some new friends!

And had the support of the usual suspects

We never got bored…

Well…maybe once!

Holly smokes!

Our ground crew knocked their socks off or at the very least …thru sock??…

And yes we love our volunteers!!!

Knife work!

Might be our fav photo!

Feeling fruity?


But still fun !!!

Right Katie?

Right Mike!

Hey check out the current album at this link


With more photos to come..Thanks Steve &

Thanks Penny

And to all our volunteers…Thanks

Thanks for getting trashed with us & pencil in

Saturday March 14th

We had a ball

January 11, 2020 by mike swope

A goof ball…wait check that…correction golf ball!

And why not? the wind was only gusting to 27mph from the North

In fact our side of Whiterock lake looked more like the North Sea

This was when the wind calmed down!

Just so you know we bugged out to our friends on the Lee side of that North wind…

First Unitarian Curch

Thanks to them we were just cold and not cold and in the wind…

And the that white stuff was trying to get us going

But we pushed through…

even when it piled up all around us

The snow really shows how much wind was still blowing on the “not windy” side!

Ahem…despite being paddle conflicted….

We did get after it!

The good news it was a short and mud free carry to launch…thanks to the boat ramp

These hardy souls were both new to the S4 and new to kayaking!

They said….and I quote

“How COOL!”

1 11 2020 S4 photos

THANKS to all our



And experienced too

The real irony…..

We came ….

We cleaned…

We paddled

through the worst and only when we closed the warehouse door


did the sun come out!

Hope to see you next Month!

And hope to see less winter and more sun!

Paddle Smart

Paddle Safe

2020 S 4 dates

January 10, 2020 by mike swope

So we start 2020 off with a Weather ALERT

The prediction is wet windy and cold…just saying….



be there and make a paddle NO PADDLE call based on the actual weather conditions.

Please feel free to reach out via text message at

214 669 1663

Should you have concerns or questions

We would like to start 2020 off with a big old pile..but mother nature is still the one in charge!

2020 WRL S 4 dates

January. 11th

February. 8th

March. 14th

April. 11th

May. 9th

June. 13th

July. 11th

August. 8th

September. 12th

October. 10th

November. 14th

December. 12th

Paddle Smart Paddle Safe

Eco Tour 2019 wrap up

December 22, 2019 by mike swope

Well the flow was


In addition to great flows the river was deep and wide and offered unabated

Runs without fear of any tree rapids!

That was the big tree rapid just past the RR bridge…easy enough!

The old bridge survived another year for at least half of the support!

We also had a great look at the Bald Eagle this trip.

You will need to zoom in to see it clearly.

And we got to see a couple of mammals too..

Mr Racoon doing a little pre meal cleaning

And Mr Coyote however he was much harder to get a good photo of too!

This is as you know the official put in for the tour

Did you know…

This is the new improved…world class new take out / put in!

The city of Lewisville



So grand opening in 2020!

Here is a preview from what we can see…

Large steps down to the water…

A concrete bottom in the launch area

A large kayak sidewalk to roll down for larger heavier kayaks

A long wide area to launch several kayaks at once

Lots of parking on concrete!

Hand holds for various abilities kayak launching and more!

Way to go Lewisville!

Thanks to all those that paddled our FAV north Texas river spot and were looking forward to 2020 and to paddling with all our old and new friends too!

Eco Tour photos


2019 in Cleanups

December 18, 2019 by mike swope

1st and foremost a Big Thanks to all our awesome volunteers throught 2019!!

These two have helped the planet and cleaned with us for years!

We have lots of success with a simple plan…

Kayak …have Fun…get trash!

This is how you feel doing good for the planet and for yourself too.

Even the trash we collect feels this way too!

And that’s no fluke! LOL!

The amazing amount and diversity of things we find while keeping the lake clean for the fish the birds the amphibians and the other …

lake critters is always susprising….

And were blessed to have responsible adults that bring the family out too because we have to keep the lake and the environmental stewardship going for the next generation!

If you have joined us on any 2nd Sat in 2019 or just picked up litter when you saw it at the lake park…or you made a cash donation to the cause…


From the bottom of our keel!

Hopefully 2020 will find us in a clean lake with a healthier planet and of course lots and lots of

Kayaking too!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to


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