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Its offical…

May 13, 2019 by mike swope

Out newest kayaker has arrived!

Welcome Everleigh Anne Swope!

Congrats to the new parents!!

Second Sat May

May 12, 2019 by mike swope

The hardy crew?? Heck Wes even brought his own trash can!We have been in Glen Rose for the last 4 weeks and had lots of wind and water…and today…I guess we brought it back with us….It was actually a trash can we pulled from the lake…and why note double up on the upcycle?So we did!!!Due to the flood some of our reptile friends were out helping too!They normally dont mix that well…but the weather forces them to work together!Thanks to Marvin too for proving that his jacket was both insulative and water proof too!Remember we clean rain or shine …wind or not..snow sleet…high winds or anything short of a tornado or hurricane….frozen lake or 80 plus degree water….so….Hope to see you in June at the 2nd Saturday Shoreline spruceup!!!!! 6. 8 2019 9:00 AM4100 West LautherWhite Rock Lake

April S4

April 14, 2019 by mike swope

Who could have predicted..

Wet cold windy and….fun?

Of course they did…Thanks to C…..W is at the lake every 2nd Sat….and 1st…and 3rd and 4th and sometime 5th Saturday too.

A big Thanks to Darth Vader…o wait..Marvin as the cleaning force is strong in this one!!!….

Marvin is our main man when we are spread to thin and he helps keep us in the game…..way to go Marv!

And Miss E was on station too but because of the weather the kayaking was keep to a mimimum….this time

We appreciate all our volunteers…especially in the rain and the wind and the cold!

Not sure we can count them….be just so you know we accept all volunterrs….including the ducks

Which by the way Marv had in a single file row just before he snapped this photo!

We were with Hats in Glen Rose for Dad’s & Son’s but we will return to WRL in May

May S4 Saturday 11th 9am

See you on the water!

Dry S 4

April 9, 2019 by mike swope

Yup were traveling this weekend so it’sBYOB…or bring your own boat!!!

And while we would like to see a nice sunrise on Saturday…

it’s forecasted to be a little more like…..Very moist windy and cooler than normal.So now you know!

SecondSaturdayShorelineSpruceupSaturday April 13th 9 till?

Land Clean up unless you bring your own kayak!


March 18, 2019 by mike swope

The early spring is lovely!

And while the air and water were still on the cold side… the sun was out and the wind was still…..

Still blowing that is…. but a gentle breeze of 3 to 5 mph from the south…but it was still blowing that cold air.

As you can see it was between a flood and a down river paddle…we got the best of both worlds and just over 8 river miles travel total too!

In case you interested the river cfs was about 2350…

We made it to the marsh

But at this level we had to find away around the boardwalk

Which we renamed to the kayak boardwalk

Of course once we hit the marsh we were snacky so knowing the beach is underwater we used the game blinds to chow down

Protected by the trees from the south wind… it was fantastic

And the clouds were magical

After that brief snack stop we headed back to the flow

And guess who treated us…

Mr. Bald Eagle himself!

How cool is that!

Any way the nesting Great Blues were on their nest too

And with that level of cfs our normal down river stop at the beach…was underwater and actually deeper than my paddle

Hope to see you next month!

Checkout all the photos here

Eco Tour 3 19


March 15, 2019 by mike swope

This Saturday..

9am safety talk

10am paddles wet

Good water flows and wildlife…..

Hope to see you on the water!!!!!

50 degrees

March 9, 2019 by mike swope


2nd Sat pics!

But not separation….water temp!

And what do you do with water that cold?

Well if you with the adventure race …you do your best salmon into the water!

There was also the inner tube option…

But let’s start at the beginning….it was a dark and rainy morning with storms a popping all over

This was the warehouse flood from the storms pre clean up.

And the hail too….

But after the storms rolled thru we had a beautiful day!

And beside the amazing after storm weather we hit the trash..hard too!

And despite the rough start we had over 30 volunteers today!

Most of whom also enjoyed our new AAS sign!!



We also had a great visit with our local heroes in blue

Just keeping us honest with the trash!

And a big Thank you to our

Volunteers too!

You might think that it was just another day at the lake but just our luck…

The winds picked up and they blew at 27mph…

Made kayaking back to the launch a lot of work!

Unless you have a can am!!

Just a cool night shot of the moon with a contrail..clear night at least!

Check back for all the photos and videos too!

To all volunteers. THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME.

See ya next month!

S4 This Sat!

March 4, 2019 by mike swope

So it’s currently 30 outside and feels like 21 with the wind BUT…….

This Saturday the high temp is forecasted for 78 lovely degrees….which means…


Happy dance in shorts and sunnys!!

Hope to see you in person and getting trashed with us!

Fyi were on that point in the upper left side of this!!!!

Paddle Safe paddle Often!!!

We beat the rain…

February 10, 2019 by mike swope

And the trash…

We actually kicked the trashes you know what….

We got lucky on this winters overcast day with 7 ground crew and 6 live water paddlers…

If you look closely at this photo you can see a small group of 4…. making sure there is zero trash inside the heated Jeep!

And special thanks to MB as he was successful in getting two picks posted online with no way to actually ID him.

WITSEC would be proud!

You might not notice at first glance but check out the color motif that these kayaks show us! STYLE & trash!

Were looking forward to at least warmer weather for next months clean up!




Jan Eco Tour

January 22, 2019 by mike swope

And Thanks to ACE for keeping the output above 3395 cfs….we had a fun find your way thru the trees to the Bittern Marsh blinds…that were both above water!

Bittern Marsh blind

It was very cold and super windy…we looked when we got back and saw the winds were 30 mph plus!

Boring 7 to 8 seconds then watch the metal roof flex with the wind and listen to the sound they make together.

Yes Sir that weatherman was right wind was a blowin…

Still it’s amazing what a….


Zip stove

Hot drinks


& warm sunlight can do for


Not to metion… long underwear from New Zealand….

Thanks Grace!

So check out all the photos

And set you calendar to Februarys Eco Tour


Paddle SAFE….

……………Paddle lots!

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