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Just another 

July 3, 2017 by mike swope

Swim support Saturday….


In fact it was mostly a mirror from LAST Saturdays crazy weather…rain and lighting!

But not to worry we were able get the DABS kids on the water during the day on Friday…

And on wonderful Wednesday we were at Oak Point with and intro class….

But if course i digress…..

Here is wishing everyone

 both on and off the water

 a Happy 4th of July!!!

UNT teachers take on……

June 8, 2017 by mike swope

Lake Ray Roberts and all its bugs..fish… amphibians …and even a prairie dog!!!

And even during this intense training…they found time to enjoy the collection method…aka..kayaking and suping…

And the really cool part…there was NO

Thunderstorms!!!!!   Yeah!

Just glass like water and lots of smiles!

And dont you wish your professional educator could do a handstand on a sup too!

So next time your learning any outdoor sciences…..be sure and THANK your teacher…

Because she got skills!

And personality too!

And as promissed…..here the PD

Oops …soory rhats just another amazing teacher….here is the prairie dog…

He was very busy too makjng 2 to 3 freah mounds between lunch….

Collectiong and sampling for critters…

And of course a little me time on a board…

So i will wrap up with the beauty shot and a special shoot out to Brian and Marty for being good Captains and for inviting me again!

Thanks to all!

Hats Men rock Wheeler 

June 4, 2017 by mike swope

Branch park for our final pre river training.

Check out that glasss we got to paddle on too…it was spectactular! !!

Paddle drive by shooting…..

  • Hold that thought as we pivit to HATS boys poat II

Turning Point

June 4, 2017 by mike swope

We had a big time with the cool folks from the group above…..including the big boss Nancy Powers and her brand spanking new adapative kayak from current designs.

Its hard to see but the outriggers attached to the back give the kayak unfilppible stability!!!!

She also had some cool hand and wrist mods too..modeled by Ms Grace

And Thanks Gracie for giving us a hand…

And yes we know…..”its all in the wrist!”

We also has some awesome paddlers too

So if you think you can hold you own with our friends with awesome abilities…

Just bring it and we will let the water show it!

Thanks TURNING POINT. Aka Nancy!!!!

Test pano post

May 15, 2017 by mike swope

Whiterock Lake

Saturday May 13th the 2nd Saturday of May 2017. 1140am dst.

Thanks KJ

Did we post

May 15, 2017 by mike swope

The awesome Denton life guard / kayak cross training event?

Its just one of the reason Monicas programs and guards continue to garner awards and such from the pool industry.

And a reason why we also need volunteers for water supprt too.

Did we talk about the 2 saves we had a week back at Lake Tawakoni!!!

If your a certified Life Guard or want to become one and you also enjoy paddling

Please call us at 214 669 1663


3rd time a charm

May 12, 2017 by mike swope

Well ……Yes if your hanging with HATs!!!

And we we say hanging…we mean upside down in a kayak learnig the proper wet exit skills necessary to be a complete paddker….

Another wer success story!..and speaking of success.  The theme was balance and

I think we found it this time too….

Way yo girls….the Texas 2 step from kayaks


Ans speaking of  impressive….check out the impressive dayghters and Dads!

And besides the smiling faces and good times…we also had our very own hunger games….we like to call it the kayak relay race….

Its mot just about learning balance and other important kayaking skills….its about teamwork and beating the other guys so bad it makes your double stuff oreos taste even sweeter!!!

*just a note 2nd place gets red velvet oreos too…so no one really loses!!!

Its all about the fun!

Yhanks too to the great me tors and camp director for letting us share the water and the great weather too!

2 words for you to remember….

              HATS ROCKS!!!!!

Wheeler Branch with our

May 2, 2017 by mike swope

Hats friends for weekend #2! A big shout out to Jeff Kurt Don and all the Hats mentors too for making it a great event!

Also thanks to mother for being 25 degrees warmer too…no about that wind…can you say “North Sea”…..yup two weeks in a row…hopefully i can get the video working and you can see what we had the pleasure of…..

And before you troll Don this was a photo inbetween the 20 ab crunches…yes you can do the plyometrics workout  from your inflatable kayak!!!

Ultra hi performance racing shell…no problem for Kurt!!

But the real fun was Dad and Daughter time……o yes we got that both off and on

The water!!!

And yes it does look calm but we had paddle to the wind lee side of the lake…..

Trust me the the wind was blowing…but we cought a break..the front hit Glen Rose and the wind aided us back to shore!!!!

Woo Hoo…and once back we started thw wet work…..no not secret govermwnt stuff…learning how to exit a skirted kayak.

Both Dads and Daughters!

You can check out all the great photos and videos at this link too.

From all of us at KPC…..THANKS!!!!

Its not called low adventure for a reason!

April 24, 2017 by mike swope

Its High Adventure. Treks with Dad’s and 

outstanding in her kayak Daughters!!!!

The high adventure…well…its not just the kayaking…its the late April cold front that took us 20 degreea down in temp…

And its not the 15 mph wind ….its those darn 35 mph wind gust that make it

High Adventure

Its starts to sink in (pardon my pun) when we start fitting the kayaks to the kayakers that the reality of yes were kayaking in these conditions and that you realise exactly what the word HAT’s stands for!

In our terms it a yo yo training….simply put we start off nice and spread out…

But mr wind starts doing his thing and we wnd up very quickly looking not so spread out….

But hey …its Saturday…im kayaking with my Dad and or Daughter…so im having tons o fun!

Check out that smile…awesome!

A big shout out to our team mentors along with our steely eyed camp director too!

Both on and off the water!

So check out the pics

You see some Dads can just really ROCkthe pink land or sea!

Check back for the photo links and mostly

From Karen and Grace and Michael and Steve we thank all y”all  for paddling with

       K A Y A K P O W E R . C O M!!!!!!!

LLELA by the numbers

April 16, 2017 by mike swope

1330 cfs…the amount of water they release from Lake Lewisville

3 the number of fun girls that paddled and stood up

8 the number of us at the group photo bend in the river

2 the number of Bald Eagles we saw on the historic channel of the Elm Fork

1 The number of times we had to limbo under a tree that blocked the river bank to bank…

Join us next month for the funnest outdoor paddling event in North Texas!

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