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2nd Sat picture update

July 18, 2019 by mike swope

Thanks to all our volunteers!

Young environmentalist!

We had a total number of 37 happy trashers on a lovely July Saturday!


2nd Sst pics

Here at the pics. THANKS

To Mr Steve!

Eco Tour this Saturday!

Happy 4th everyone!

July 4, 2019 by mike swope

Home of the Free

Because of the BRAVE!


July 3, 2019 by mike swope

Rides again!

Thanks Steve for sharing the church’s fun time on the water!

Praise the Lord and pass the paddle!


June 30, 2019 by mike swope

The primary posting medium we use..

aka the cell phone was DOA after

Wednesdays fun with DABS and the

Kids at whiterock pool.

So were working our logistics to

improve and not delay again!

If you sent us a message or left a vm

Please be patient and well will get back

To you asap….

Current. JULY EVENTS 2019

JULY 13th 9am Whiterock Lake

2nd Saturday Shoreline Spruceup

July 20th 9am Elm Fork Trinity River

Eco Tour of the Elm Fork


Storm delay S4

June 16, 2019 by mike swope

Its Sunday rerun with the weather and we got lucky again this Sunday too!

And speaking of lucky

S4 was luckly….

A super success!

And it was on a Saturday with good weather!!

Thanks to All our Volunteers

Our feathered friends too

On land and water too!

We made a big impact with a crew of 23

We cleaned in doubles….

We cleaned in singles…..

We even cleaned in singles as doubles……

And success was had by all!

Some have cleaned before

And some were 1st timers

But we appreciate them all

Hope to see you all next month too…same place and same time!

Checkout all the photos


Paddle Safe

Paddle Often!


June 12, 2019 by mike swope

Stands for team.work!

So let’s go back…..back in time…

Too the start actually………
noonish I think…

It’s was and easy start with 339 cfs to give us some push

It was an outstanding day to paddle

We made it thru the 1st rapid and only had I full value paddler…Sorry Richard…I should have grabed that gunwale!!!

The bridge and the other trees were tight..but we made it look easy….


June 5, 2019 by mike swope

The new waivers are here!

Yup and besides updated for

2019 they are also e waivers!

And you can waiver up for events anytime between say….NOW…and the event.

Look for the water blue link on the website on the bottom right and click it

and select the adult or the minor waiver….

complete the date sign and accept and your done!

And ready to paddle!


PS 2nd Saturday Clean Up


Without mother natures help!!!!!! We hope!!!!!!

Flood warning

May 29, 2019 by mike swope

For the Elm Fork

It seems this moving thru

Caused this warning

Always paddle within you skill set..and think safety!

Its up

May 24, 2019 by mike swope

Like way up!

At that level it would be s 45 min trip..

Once you ducked under the RR bridge.

Think flood for next months

Eco Tour!

Its offical…

May 13, 2019 by mike swope

Out newest kayaker has arrived!

Welcome Everleigh Anne Swope!

Congrats to the new parents!!

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