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November Clean up 2020

November 15, 2020 by mike swope

Yup…makes you sad

But the way we get there

Fall in Texas

Is really nice!

That’s style

We have what would be called awesome support from our volunteers!

And let’s remember saving the planet 1 lake at a time takes skills.

What’s your Superpower?

Rocking the mask?

Did I mention the behind the scenes help?

Thanks to Marvin (again) and George too….you have to look close to see them in this pic.

Better shot of Marvin

On your mark

Better shot of George

Its was a really trashy day

To much fun

If you would like to see all the photos….no worries


Please mark you calendar for our final 2nd Saturday event of 2020….

December 12th 2020

2nd Saturday

October 17, 2020 by mike swope

Morning at WRL

And always a good day to de-trash the lake!

Dr B

And BIG thanks to Marvin for handling all the on-site logistics to make sure the volunteers had equipment.

Awesome volunteers

And whats better than

Awesome volunteers?

More awesomeness

More awesome volunteers!

Have grabber will travel

Thanks to all our awesome volunteers and of note

We will be back in November with full water support of trash abaitment.

Kayaks in November!!!


September 29, 2020 by mike swope

Old Mill Rapid

Thanks to HATS we float and learn how to kayak whitewater on the San Marcos river!

Small group!

Safety 1st…we learned the wet exit above the 1st rapid!

Tuck pull push push!

Did you know?

The 5 major features from Pecan Park are…

Pecan Park rapid

Old Mill rapid

The Sluce rapid

Broken Bone rapid

And of course

Cotton Seed rapid

Were down south for another weekend so

See you back in North Texas in Mid October!

San Marcos rapid

Sculls take out

Paddle Safe Paddle often!

To hot to handle?

August 14, 2020 by mike swope


The Dam construction

The low flows

The extreme hot weather

That pandemic thing

Were cancelling LLELA and hope to see you next month

Stay Safe….stay Healthy

S4 photos

August 11, 2020 by mike swope

Updated today THANKS

S4 in pics

August 8, 2020 by mike swope

Go Sandy!

This is your brain

And this is brain paddling with KPC!

Going organic

Yes we collected a social distance circle!

All this and a $ donation!!

Now that’s balance

Easy does it!

Yes they were both totally trashed!

Double doubles!

Can you name this famous singer musician?

Looking good!

Racers get it too!



Finding out no mask means no kayaking…bummer!

As always were only as good as our volunteers so that makes us…


Just like our volunteers!


Check out all the pics and hope to see you on the water!

Its 2nd Sat time

August 7, 2020 by mike swope

Saturday August 8th 9am

We need your e waiver before paddling…..

Yes we can shoot you a text and you can fill it out live at the lake too!

Yes we will have a limited supply of actual paper too.

Hope to see your smiling face on the water!

NO LLELA…..but

July 17, 2020 by mike swope

We have a pivot paddle spot…

Bridgeport Falls put in

It’s an out and back and it’s also on the Trinity…the West Fork of the Trinity…but it’s easy to find and fairly close.

It’s a 1000 yards off of State Highway 114 and Farm to Market 2123

FM2123, Bridgeport, TX 76426

Were paddles wet at 10am

About 5.2 miles out and back. And all new stuff to see and experience.

We even have a covid 19 special price….just $19!!!

We will follow health protocols on land…ie..mask on!

And safety on the water ie…pfd’s on!

Hope to see you there!

Eco Tour June 2020

June 21, 2020 by mike swope

I could go on & on about the perfect weather…

Or I could go on & on about the perfect cfs water release (521)

I could also regale you with the tales of our fun too…

Instead I invite you to enjoy our fun though the photos special Thanks to KJ and Steve for the photo assist!


And yes we were practicing social distancing on the water & we were in complete compliance on the ground too!

Hope to see YOU on the water!


Awesome S4

June 15, 2020 by mike swope

O yes!


All pics added from SF!!



We have the best volunteers in the biz..

Hard chargers

It’s a very eclectic group!

Yes it’s a skill

But we have a common goal…keep the planet clean one lake at a time!

Kudos to the group or person that got that gas line out of the water…I had been pulling on that for a couple of months!

This is view from the water looking back up at Jackson Point

Killing it!

So we had about 19 paddle out and get trashed but we also had another 20 show up for shore work and for support and that’s not even counting Izzy and Lucy (check out Lucy’s sup skills)

What? Your dog cant sup??

Check out most of the picks here….


And as soon as I figure out shutterflys fun interface…I will post the balance of the shots too!

Second Saturday July 11

2020 9am soft start WRL

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