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The quest for carmax….

November 18, 2019 by mike swope

The lip balm not the auto sales place….or fun time on the river and floating with friends….

Yes the morning was old but the sun was up and the temp was warming quickly

Even at a lower flow 326cfs there was lots of water

We did see the Bald Eagle..he was working on his nest… makes sense it was Saturday!

The tree rapid was barely open on river right so we took the safe route on river left

Check out the photos to see all the fun of running a tree rapid in cold air with cold water too…you might even see Cathy sideways river trick and amazing J lean too!


We made it to the beach…but for some reason we had no takers for the floating?

Anyway we had a snack and then push off for the balance of the fun….by this time it was warm and totally fun!

Don’t forget we paddle year round including next month December 21st…so dont miss your chance to be on the water and having fun!

If not for the …

November 10, 2019 by mike swope

Calendar….you might have thought it was a lovely Sping day!

In fact it was so nice someone or someones… beat us to the punch…

We found their collection of trash before we got unloaded…

If you look close you can see it’s TRUE the early bird (duck) does get the trash!!!!!!

That’s the early morning sun reflecting off the Old Town hull.

You can see the lovely fall color of the waterside foliage.

Jill grabbed 1st honor of getting here mesh trash bag dated with cleanup number 2! I’m sure we will run out of space for dates before we run out of Jill and trash too!

All the ladies love the lake and help and support us in trash collection….heck they are so committed they warm up and stretch before they clean….

Our Volunteers ROCK!

We were even able to support some of the young ones in their trash quest….

Both on the water and with their class work in environmental science.

Hopefully he will get an A in the classroom to match his A on the water!

Did I mention is was a fantastic day?

Izzy was smiling for the camera…

While Lucy was getting her very very close up!

We had help and support from some of our close friends

Who always bring it!

And we were lucky enough to have some new friends too





And a quick update from Wes on Celelia she’s recovering from ankle surgery and hopes to be back at Whiterock Lake and Jaskson Point early in 2020!

God speed that recovery!

Join us for the final 2019 S4 in December on the 14th from 9 am till 12 noon….unless we get another amazing day!


Elm Fork river report

October 19, 2019 by mike swope

It was a quick ride from the put in as the cfs were aabout 362…

But the river did even out nicely after the 1st mile.

Super smooth!

The tree rapid was run rivr left as the right side was a little boney at this levelvet

We all made it through safe and dry..but it was a lot more pushy then it looked.

If you zoom in you can see the half moon

Both the buzzards

And the Great Blues were out in force

We had a perfect day…well almost perfect

We got to the take out and found the construction has been installed where we usually take out

That is actually great news because the construction is all about a kayak and canoe launch!!!

Who knows we might be taking out in brand new digs before to long!

Mark you calendar for next months fall color Eco Tour!


October 17, 2019 by mike swope

Eco Tour

See fall colors in mild Texas October!

9am Safety Talk

10am Paddles Wet!

2nd Saturday

October 16, 2019 by mike swope

So it was a beautiful start to the Saturday cool but not to cold…and warming quickly with the sun.

The girls. Lucy…Izzy and Penny got here early for some calm water….

But got quickly surrounded by the girls crew… can you hear the group..awwweee?

After that we figured we wold start getting our duck lined up

We got to trashing…and as luck would have it we had Magic Marvin in support!

We also ran into a new frieand Joe who supported a great cause for veterans …

In fact last year Joe paddle from the top of Maine to the bottom of Key West to raise awareneas and help prevet veteran suicide.

10 months of time and lots of cool stories later I asked him what was the best part…and I quote..

“This paddle for a cause has restored my faith in humanity”

I could not have said it better!

Check out his blog at the uel on the side of his kayak!

We also managed to do some heavy lifting from the ground clean up crew

And also got the Birthday girl good and trashed too!


This is the 1st load that the city took before we were completed

We had young and young a heart help as you can see

Some quality family time

We even had a croc encounter…o my!

This was the 2nd pile we got of trash

And feel free to check out all the photos below while you think about the November clean up too

October pics S4

Paddle Safe Paddle Often

Dog days of Summer

October 7, 2019 by mike swope

Are officially gone!!!

And that means cool weather for this coming Saturdays Clean Up!

So plan accordingly like my 4 leged friends and

Be there Saturday October 12th 9am till 12 noon for the 2nd Saturday shoreline spruceup!!!

Jackson Point on the West side of WRL

Kayak will be there!!!

And Thanks to the

FTLOTL GROUP…..we will he fresh onion bags to use to clean!!!!!

Hats times 3

October 6, 2019 by mike swope

3 weekends in a row makes for some happy paddlers!

And just in case you want to know…

The San Marco’s is flowing just under 200 cfs.


It channelises the river a bit…but also makes it look easy but feel very pushy!

In summary……

we had a

Martindale Dam fine time!

San Marcos 3

September 27, 2019 by mike swope

Yup 3 weekends in sequence …or how to maximize your river fun!

And our long and valued relationship with the HATS group

That let’s us paddle this wonderful central Texas river.

Were back in town in October and looking forward to paddling with the locals…again!

Be smart and paddle SAFE!

Eco Tour

August 19, 2019 by mike swope

Hot hot hot river report.

The good news there was

321 cfs river flow….

Water from 60 feet deep is nice and cool too!

Temp measured 76 at the put in…very nice!

It’s still getting used to all the missing shoreline trees from the last flood.

At least the wildlife is still hanging out!

This is the drop….yes I said drop….at the 1st “rapid” past the RR bridge.

You can run it right if you can steer really really well you have to make about 3 moves in the current to go thru without a broach!

As you can see at this level there are a lot of brush piles and solo trees that will make you steer.

But we had the river unto ourselves!

The shale beech was well exposed and made for a nice slow float too!

Did I mention the water was cool clean and clear?

We saw tons of birds and lots of reptiles and some amphibians too but no large mammals…..just their tracks

In fact we hope to see you with us in October for the Eco Tour…who knows

It might still be warm enough to swim them too!

Photo link


Paddle Safe


LLELA Eco Tour

August 16, 2019 by mike swope

Saturday August 17th

Paddles wet 10am sharp!

Water flow 351cfs

Air temp high 90s

Water temp mid 70s

Fun factor….Very High!

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