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S4 fun

April 15, 2018 by mike swope

And Thanks to

The church for letting us share their site as our side of the lake was a bit windy…..

Makes it look like a river flowing past eh…

Anyway we went to the other side and got out of most of the wind..

And guess what….we had a blast

We got double trashed

And thanks to the hardy few that did do some ground work on the windy side…..

And what a lovely launch and recovery area to work from

Thanks to our hardy volunteers and again our apologies for being a little tardy…the wind had its effect on us from the early morning paddles at Lake Grapevine and Lake Ray Hubbard…

On the plus side…

You do get some lovely sunrise photos!

Stay tuned for more photos and mark your calendar we will be back at the lake in May!

What wind?

March 31, 2018 by mike swope


O ok it got more windy as the day wore on….This is from the west side of WRL…a dock with 6 broken attachments…we couldn’t find the poles?

This was Grapevine Lake with out the wind in the early am and a swim support.

And this is Lake Ray Hubbard just a minute or two past daybreak.

You could say we get around…this was just Saturday….

Hope you can smile like this when paddling

If not…well just give us a shout…we will get you paddling with us and smiling too!

The Eagle….

March 18, 2018 by mike swope

Has NOT landed…how you ask do we know this? Simple…we paddled past his house…or in this case a really really large nest

And on the other hand…we did see Mr Beaver…however you wouldn’t believe just how shy these guys are…..pop right out from the lodge and nay a splash as they slip below the waterline…leaving us with a “look there is the B….” and bubbles…

This was an interesting flood paddle weekend…for 5 plus days the water was about 2 feet higher…but we were able to do the campground loop but couldn’t quite make the marsh….

Because that 20 to 24 inches of water is not enough to overflow the east side between the river and the marsh.

We paddle close to the outflow of 2895 cfs…that’s the biggest tube coming out of the dam not full open about 1/2 way open

We also got the group photo very close to the outflow…check it out

We’re always excited to paddle LLELA…flood or not but this inbetween…it was tough!

Area of really pushy current

And almost lake like areas too

And of the birds…getting the easy meal from the large volume of water being released….Great Blues, snowy egrets, King Fishers, cormorants Cardinals, Crows, Red Tail Hawks, Turkey Buzzards, Ducks, Doves and more!

And what a great group too…they were happy hardy and adventurous paddlers!!!

Thanks for paddling with KPC!

At semi flooded LLELA!!!

LLELA update

March 16, 2018 by mike swope

Looks like a flood trip

So we’re out and back instead of down river.

Just fyi the current release is 3218 cfs and has been 3200 plus for the last few days.

Now you know what we know!

S2 On what

March 10, 2018 by mike swope

A difference in weather a month makes …sunny and a high of 79 light south wind and I guess it’s just easier to say perfect paddling weather!

And with the nice outdoor temps we had a ground to this month as well! Thanks to all!

And yes Thanks to Hai we got our second dock!!!

And who would have thought that there was N O shortage of trash either.

And thanks to Steve too for beijng at the lake early and getting the photos up on meetup too!

Check them out


Dallas, TX
2,913 Kayakers

We are a diverse group who love the water! Come join us for KayakPower.com events. Check our calendar for upcoming dates of when and where we will be out on the water.New to …

Next Meetup

LLELA Eco Tour

Saturday, Mar 17, 2018, 9:00 AM
6 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

Hope to see our of y’all in April too. SAT THE 14th 9am sharp!

S4 report

February 10, 2018 by mike swope

So it starts late on a Friday evening….

We get the gear the kayaks and all the cleaning stuff loaded and ready…

And as luck would have it the weather was very pleasant and warm…

Check out the artistic effect of the lights too…really no filter

Then we start the day with a short drive to the lake

All the while looking at the water and the waves and the other folks out for a fun day

We get there and get started setting up and we do a quick weather check…..

Yes that’s about average for the North sea….actually the waves ARE smaller but the wind is biting cold and shows no signs of stopping.

And of note…if you have seen this area before you should notice the missing COD trash can….some brain trust decided to umbolt the can and roll it to the water…all 200lbs of steel….gee thanks. NOT!

I had a very nice runner stop and assist me but it was too heavy for two people…shorty after …..

Elements from a local BSA group showed up..and with 3 adults and a executive manager we got it out of the water and rolled up back in place!!! Thanks ladies and gentleman too!!!

Meanwhile back to the weather…it was excellent conditions for an L4 coastal cert class but we were more concerned with the safety of our volunteers!

So we ask Steve to go check out the next parking area to the south

And guess what. When you put 3000 feet of homes trees hill and elevation between you and the North wind…you get this

Calm water ….less wind and Happy kayakers

Even Lucy and Izzy thought we made the right choice!

We also want to shout out our Thanks to the church too for letting us poach from their trash area….as ours was under a winter weather alert!!!

Some volunteers traveled far to clean

Some did the ground work…quick fyi it was Colder on the gtound than paddling!

And of course we all felt better as one of our super volunteers keep all of us safe from any fire issues too!!!! Hey you never know….

We did not get the most trash ever but when you factor in the feels like temp of 27…the wind speed of 9 and steady from the north…it becomes really clear….



That’s is the church’s haul

That’s the KPC haul

This is the warming area

And this is Reddy

So Thanks to Wes and his lovely wife.. thanks to. .Joanie…and Karen …Thanks to Dan….Peggy………….and to Grace for the yummy food!

Thanks to Marvin ….all our new friends at the church….

And Mostly to the awesome volunteers that braved certain death to make the lake a little cleaner for us all!


We.had so much fun…

After the cleanup…we’re went paddling up white rock creek to celebrate!!!!

That paddle was for the birds!

Until next time!

Eco Tour

January 23, 2018 by mike swope

January report…water was flowing nice at 369 cfs…the ACE were using the two smaller openings to release too

If you look that a lower cfs but it’s comi my out under a lot of pressure!

But we appreciate the ACE for all they do for us and all water users across the country!

We spoke about the water pressure and the smaller of the release tubes…..that brings use to the erosion issue….yes depending on which water outlet is used has a downstream effect….

But with the bad also comes the good! Like Real Good!

And to our suprise and excitement we found no kayak the entire trip!!!

The 1st rapid is starting to change as the slight increase in flow make the trap box almost runnable at least in the whitewater kayaks!

If you skilled up too…like Steve I think he ran it in his touring yak too…but remember ….when in doubt….always scout!!!!

View from the beach and snack time too….

Update photos and videos to follow!

Eco-Tour rides again

January 16, 2018 by mike swope

This Saturday…and as luck would have it…..it also looks like the warmest day this week and a zero snow outlook too!

9am check in and safety talk and 10am paddles wet.

We’re hoping we Do Not find any solo kayaks in 2018 and that the last weather event opened up the route and not closed it in more.

Interested??? Your kayak awaits!

New 2018 trash

January 13, 2018 by mike swope

And some hardy souls too as the air temp was 29 with a 10mph wind from the north….burrrrrr. indeed!

But even with those conditions we had a crowd!!!

And if you look close you can see the white caps behind Susan…who was also smart to dress in layers too!

And it never hurts to have some food for energy….and today we were treated to Karen’s awesome hot hatch Chile and chicken  chowder…mm mm good!

In fact it was so spicy good Reddy had to delayer just to chill out!

And yes it was cold on the water too…in fact there were several areas of lake effect ice too

And sadly one of my dreaded fear came true today too…we extracted some rather large trash from the lake

Yup look low and left in this photo…it’s a ride share bike…in fact we pulled 3 as in Three from the water on just our section of shoreline

So how do we get the message out to all 5 of the bike sharing groups….

I’m not sure but after a decade of removing lake trash…I sure hope we figure this out…just a thought…we need less trash…not more!

So that the view early am off 9f Jackson point….below is a view from the far side too out of the wind

Thanks for all our support and volunteers who braved the conditions to help us help the lake!

Join us in February on the 2nd Saturday 9am to 12 noon at Jackson Point!


January 11, 2018 by mike swope

Cold weather alert for the 1st cleanup of 2018.

And don’t forget the north wind too

Dress for success…ie warm and in layers…..yes we’re still trash in both from the shots and from the water!!!

9am hot drinks too!

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