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Stop Dreaming…Start Paddling
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September 11, 2017 by mike swope

THANKS to REI Dallas for the cleanup swag today a way cool outdoor towel for yoyr next paddle or outdoor adventure!

So if you came back with this….

You got a free toqel for your efforta from 

Your/our friends at REI!!!!   Sweet

And you’ll never guess….we got this much trash….

Are you ready for the photo parade?

So Thanks to you and you and you…..

And you know who you are!!!!!

Its just for safety..

Really…..trust me!

And mark the date



                  4TH 2017


Thanks to Steve for the up close and personal…..trash and trash warriors!



September 3, 2017 by mike swope

Short for swim suppoert safety kayak….

Wel help a few of the local tri clubs with their open water swims…..

We also get as super view fron the water in the weeee hours of the morning….

And get to paddle with our peeps too

So if you want to kayak and like beating the sun rise…do we have a deal for you!

We need volunteers for this and for…


We need over a dozen volunteers to help!

And remember …….

           Paddle Safe & Paddle Often!!!

Harvey help

August 27, 2017 by mike swope

Here is the best way to put your good intentions into action.



Post Harvey swim support

August 26, 2017 by mike swope

Yes it was a massive storm….out hopes and prayers go out to our friends and family south of here.

Yes it was a dynamic day to paddle and swim too

Yes…thats a swimmer!

Respect  to both TRINOW and DFW Tri Club!

And speaking of respect a big thanks to those that keep the swimmera safe and on course too!

THANKS to Karen Reddy Gracie and Jessie too for all you do!

Paddle safe and paddle often!


August 21, 2017 by mike swope

The numbers….

Air Temp high of 105

HX. 111

CFS 227

Number of river blockages bank to bank


So you know what that means…..

Yes we went kayaking……….

And had a big time too…

So we had some other furry friends join us too….

He may be hard to see in that shot…

Here is his close up…..

We looked for Wally too but you might be to young for that joke…

Julie said she had that much fun…..

And not to be out done…….karen said she

Had this much fun….

Good thing these ladies were not


Check out all the pics at

Karens Raiders

And remember …
Paddle safe Paddle Often!

Second Saturday

August 17, 2017 by mike swope

It was a beautiful day at the lake …

We had some friends…we had some food and of course….we had some



Yup…it was like that….we came…we saw…we kicked trashs butt!

Some of these pics were taken just before my phone went swimming…

And a very very friendly reminder…we linking up with our Friends at REI next 2nd Saturday in September…so be sure and get there early for the swag!!!!÷

Yes thats truely…KayakPower!!!

See you next 2nd Saturday

September 9th 9am!

June S4

August 3, 2017 by mike swope

So when you start them young…they really understand when you aay we had trash as tall as you!

Because of our awesome volunteers

That clean and pick up the yuck…..

Just another 

July 3, 2017 by mike swope

Swim support Saturday….


In fact it was mostly a mirror from LAST Saturdays crazy weather…rain and lighting!

But not to worry we were able get the DABS kids on the water during the day on Friday…

And on wonderful Wednesday we were at Oak Point with and intro class….

But if course i digress…..

Here is wishing everyone

 both on and off the water

 a Happy 4th of July!!!

UNT teachers take on……

June 8, 2017 by mike swope

Lake Ray Roberts and all its bugs..fish… amphibians …and even a prairie dog!!!

And even during this intense training…they found time to enjoy the collection method…aka..kayaking and suping…

And the really cool part…there was NO

Thunderstorms!!!!!   Yeah!

Just glass like water and lots of smiles!

And dont you wish your professional educator could do a handstand on a sup too!

So next time your learning any outdoor sciences…..be sure and THANK your teacher…

Because she got skills!

And personality too!

And as promissed…..here the PD

Oops …soory rhats just another amazing teacher….here is the prairie dog…

He was very busy too makjng 2 to 3 freah mounds between lunch….

Collectiong and sampling for critters…

And of course a little me time on a board…

So i will wrap up with the beauty shot and a special shoot out to Brian and Marty for being good Captains and for inviting me again!

Thanks to all!

Hats Men rock Wheeler 

June 4, 2017 by mike swope

Branch park for our final pre river training.

Check out that glasss we got to paddle on too…it was spectactular! !!

Paddle drive by shooting…..

  • Hold that thought as we pivit to HATS boys poat II
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