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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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Lake Ray Hubbard Intro2Kayaking

May 28, 2009 by mike swope

Yes we got on Ray Hubbard and had a class, in fact we’ll have more, the water was great, the lake was friendly and we got to wave Hi at several 40 plus foot power boats too!!!


Please don’t be fooled by the serious nature of our faces, this was just another example of what kayakers do when they want to go paddle, as soon as we hit the water everyone’s face changed to happiness and besides making new friends, we found out Primo’s delivers to the dock too!!!

Check out the pictures and videos at

Next Class  Whiterock Lake Saturday June 6th 9am  $ 125 

Cool kayak course at Lake Ray Hubbard

May 28, 2009 by mike swope

Along with all the other water craft at Lake Ray Hubbard we we lucky to have a whole section of the Bass Pro dock roped off from the power boats so we could set us a buoy and pole kayak skills course!


We played both Saturday and Sunday and had very little rain both days!


Check out this pictures and all the fun kayaking pictures at!

Grapevine Lake Birthday party with KPC!

May 18, 2009 by mike swope

Well the rain and high water keep us from the river but Sunday gave way to a really great day at the lake. We enjoyed paddling and grilling with Ashley and all her friends and family too.


Now you might think were to strict to enjoy a lazy Sunday kickin it with new friends and old friends  too, but you better think again.

If your thinking kayaking, and your also thinking fun, then your really thinking….!


May 18, 2009 by mike swope

Kayak Level 1 certification class

$369  McKinney Texas

May 29 30 31

Class size limited!


May 16, 2009 by mike swope

NEWS FLASH! LLELA ECO TOUR Canceled due to high water and weather conditions!

Coppell HS Student –vs- The World

May 14, 2009 by mike swope

Coppell WINS!!!

Yes in fact Coppell HS students win BIG TIME!  We had the pleasure of

meeting the future leaders in a science classroom in April for some KPC

style show and tell, tell, tell.


We talked about Water Safety, the ACA, the way to protect the environment

and have fun paddling, and lots more… so…………….


Think your smarter than a Coppell High School Student



In terms of years … how long does it take that aluminnum can to completely

breakdown and return to a natural state???

A. 5 months

B. 5 years

C. 50 years

D. 500 years

F. 5000 years

Here’s a hint almost all the CHS students got this right….


Scroll down for the answer….








.Forever  :(  please please recycle

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4/25 Intro Class

May 14, 2009 by mike swope


It stared overcast and windy, but we keep at and and before your know it….

I got cold, overcast and windy… :O  we just think, in the end, it makes you

a better paddler!


Later we did see the sun and more wind, but by

then we also had more skill, skill enough to

handle the open water not just the protected


As a student included in your class fee

is also a free rental, something you can use

for yourself or a friend, so anytime your feel

the need for some quality paddle time, your already covered for the gear!


Check out the photo’s online at or all the action at!

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