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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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KayakPower WINS AGAIN !!!!!

October 26, 2009 by mike swope

Thanks to Grace and Brian, KPC was the Muddy Buddy winner… the neon T Shirt part of the race….  OK they may have not been the fastest, and they might not have been the muddiest, (expect for Brian!) but they were the neoniest…..hum is that really a word???



Anyway….we always want to win and anytime we get to race with our friends, have fun and support a good cause, we’ll, ……….we do win!

Check out their actual time at this link

Congratulations Grace & Brian!!!

WRBC Kayak work day 11.24.09 8am

October 21, 2009 by mike swope

This Saturday 8am-2pm  Join us as we do some dock improvements, and add new decking too.  The club has been working hard to improve the infrastructure for the kayaks and kayakers and we’ll always glad to lend a hand, and a hammer and whatever we need to make upgrades for the paddlers.



Also FYI you can tour the club and we’ll also have the membership person on hand should you feel like you need to be a member of this up and coming group of boat owners.

While we’ll continue to work with paddling improvements this is the last “work day” of 2009, so if you can’t join us this Saturday, we welcome you for the next work dates in 2010!

Call Mike at 214 669 1663 or Kalynn at 214 934 6490 for details

CFS it stand for cubic feet per second

October 20, 2009 by mike swope

Or in our case cubic feet per second of water passing a stationary object, and that would be………………… our put in at LLELA!

PA160051 But we like moving water, in fact we like it a lot, the normal trip time was reduced to 30 minuets on the water to the take out…OK maybe 2:30 total but it was fast, in fact it was deep too, 8 feet higher than normal so the beach we had lunch on last month was under water!!!


Pete keep us all upright and in the “high IQ” route through, around, and over the trees, too, Thanks Pete.





PA170099 and we all made it back safe sound and most…ready to paddle again!


Thanks to the Army Corp of Engineers for the flow 1690…YES!


All the pics and videos of the fun at…





Eco Tour

3rd Saturday in November  


Roll Beyond Coal Bike Rally

October 20, 2009 by mike swope

Our friends from the local Sierra Club, the folks who help us with the S4 at WRL (THANKS!) are part of another conservation event, check it out!


10/31/09 White Rock Lake     check out the above link for details!


Our Next S4 or Second Saturday Shoreline Spruce up is

NOVEMBER 14th 9am to 11am  Rain or shine wet or dry hot or cold!!

Trinity River Audubon Center Nature Fest 09

October 12, 2009 by mike swope

We get asked a lot exactly what does KayakPower do, well it’s a hard thing to describe exactly, the way we like to say it… we have fun in a kayak.

If it’s teaching kayaking or canoeing, if it collecting litter at a lake, if it’s a trip down the Trinity or the Green River in Utah, or even if it’s just helping with and outdoor event….something like the Nature Fest, we have fun.

PA110017 We paddle with the mom’s

PA110060 we paddle with the dad’s

PA110062 and of course the kids too…


Could you tell this face no???


Thanks to the Nature Feat at the TRAC we had a big time,


with our new friends…..



and with some old friends too….


Check out all the pictures at….,


and Thanks

Ben , Zeshan, and Elizabeth for making us feel at home….

Toyota Pays $30,000

October 12, 2009 by mike swope

But….not to the kayak safety paddler, no we got paid slightly less

just about…$29,980.00 less!!!

But we did get a cool race hat and event T, in fact I got

them today, so if you see yourself in the photo below….


Your clean new clothes have arrived!

oops almost forgot…

NASA called ,they said tell Pete …..we can see his kayak from space.

PA100016 must be the shape???


go ahead… count the swim caps…,,,1, 2, 3, ……639 yikes!!!!


that’s a lot of swimmers!!!!

PA100007 but you can check out all the

pictures in our photo site


and see the race from the water level…..

PA110025 the action on the water…..

PA110034 and the drama of a rescue…


PA100011 but with the support of the Grand Prairie Police, The Coast Guard, and the power boats and jet ski, we help make sure that everyone that entered the water also left the water!!!

And a BIG thanks to Debbie, we love the swag!  THANKS!!!!!

We got soooo trashed Saturday….

October 12, 2009 by mike swope



And thanks to about 35 close friends, we recovered lots and lots of trash, foot ware, milk crates, footballs, trash cans, and the odd tire…still inflated and on the wheel too. Don’t you think Steve looks…tired???

PA090039 The fact that we had so many helpful folks collecting the debris, that floated in from all the rain, we had a really cool High School group, some great college students….

PA090037 of course we had family…..

PA090047 and friends too

PA090048 and despite the trash, despite the cool north wind and the brisk October day, once we were done we felt recharged, about life, about ourselves, about the environment , in fact we felt like…..



inside and out!


See you in November!

Toyota Tri Volunteers NEEDED!! 10-11-09

October 7, 2009 by mike swope


Were helping with the on the water support

for the final race of the Toyota Tri here in Dallas.



You may recall last year we were witness to the winner of all the events collecting his $ 300K check from Toyota, WOW!

This year is a little different, we need our paddlers onsite and ready to

paddle by 6:45am at Lynn Creek Park in Cedar Hill, and another

difference from last year….when were done with the swim part, we

can drive home without delay from the race!!!!!

Here’s the info on Lynn Creek ….

Lynn Creek Park, Grand Prairie, Texas 75052
(972) 237-4569

And the Toyota info too…..


We need several volunteers to help so please join us if you…

Like cash…( a fresh clean $20 bill)

Need a new event T shirt

Like to paddle, and

Enjoy doing more between 6:45 and 9am than most people do all day!

Call Mike for details at 214 669 1663, and THANKS!

It’s cloudy in space….

October 4, 2009 by mike swope

Not really, just in Dallas…….

However due to this we’ll cancel the fullmoon paddle and get reset

for the   November full moon paddle paddle!

Mark your calendar  November 1st  7pm Jackson Point WRL

WRL I2K 10.3.09

October 3, 2009 by mike swope

Yes we paddled in the wind and later in the rain too!

But between the good folks and the good times, we squeezed in some …..



I2K-100309 007-1

Thanks Alma, Blanca, Miguel, Todd, Mike, Grace, Cyrus and Becky!

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