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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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S4 and where did all the good trash go??

November 24, 2009 by mike swope

P1010003 It was a cool breeze from the south east, but it still felt cold in the wind, but we get trashed in wet or cold in hot or storm, we get the trash OUT of the lake!


Thanks too to the SMU group for making it out of bed, off campus and out to the lake after a all night partying  opps I mean studying session!!


Also thanks to the Young Sierrians and Eduardo for representing….

P1010010 We also enjoyed our “regulars” too and hope everyone with join us on


December 12 at 9:00am for the final 2009 cleanup at the lake!

North Texas EXPO!

November 24, 2009 by mike swope

Wow what an event, we had kids, we had family’s we had fun and we had…


You can check out all the pictures from the expo at…


WWW.KPCPHOTOS.COM    click on Expo

P1010011 and we also had food, and scuba, and shooting sports and lots of other exciting activities for everyone.


We had planned on about 500 folks over the 8 hour event, but with the good weather and the TV and radio ads we has a few more…..


Say…closer to 2500 over the entire event, so needless to say….

We got slammed!  But we had fun, the kids and the family’s had fun..





And could you say no to this face????

P1010067 Heck NO!


Or to this one either…








So a BIG Thanks to both ladies for their invitation, support and help,

Were looking forward to the 2010 North Texas Expo!!

More Mud??

November 22, 2009 by mike swope

You bet, this time it was Brian and Rick at the mud run, I know I know ……

it’s a dirty job but…. someone’s got to race it!


Mud Run '09 005 And Yes….


That’s the before picture!!!

Mud Run '09 008 You run, you swing…..

Mud Run '09 012 You climb and you have fun with

all the other dirty folks, and yes both our guys set a personal best time

…..however several slippery other did the course in under and hour!!


No worries guys, lots of winter mud training and you’ll be ready for 2010!

BSA 425 takes Tyler St park by force!!

November 20, 2009 by mike swope

Well…maybe not by force but by water at least….



Perfect weather lots of scouts and thankfully, lots of supportive parents too!



We talked




We paddled



and we played…


I can hardly wait till next time!!


Thank you troop 425!  check out all you photos at!

UNT Eco Artist experience Lake LLELA

November 20, 2009 by mike swope

We’ll ACE thought a little water in the Elm fork would be a good thing, so you can see from this pic, 4000 plus cfs make our river into a lake, i.e…..LAKE LLELA!!!!

PB060034 We did the big loop and paddled the actual historic elm fork river channel too, it was a lot of fun and as a little extra we got a very close look at the horned eared owl…







We also go to paddle “over” the board walk and get an up close and personal tour of the island camp sites on the back side of LLELA, ant takers????



Of course we had to do the group photo thing too!




Stay tuned for the art show that this trip inspired at the UNT Campus 2010

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