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What do you get with Chi Phi and WRL?

January 24, 2010 by mike swope

Let see, the spirit of teamwork???

P1130001 The ability to clean the lake from

a kayak, on a rainy cold overcast winter day??

P1130005 Or the ground crew, who  despite the wind and the crowd, (read in cute girls) still got after it for the group…….







Well…that’s exactly what you get when you have a Frat from UTD, a group of young go getters that has concerns for the environment and are willing to walk the walk, and not just talk!

These guys showed you can have lots of fun while out with your buddies

P1130031 keeping the lake litter free, and at the same time, and without words expressing just how you feel at people who litter…




Thanks to all the good guys at CHI PHI for their help and support!

Next Public Clean up is February 13th 9am Jackson Pt WRL!

What Ice??

January 11, 2010 by mike swope


It was 20.2 degrees air temp and 31 degrees water temp so……

Thanks to Marvin, Steve, Brian Todd, and Grace ice covered WRL is a cleaner place. Colder maybe but cleaner for sure!  It hard to tell from this picture but the guys had to be ice breakers in the kayaks for this shot!

When we say kayaking is cool WE mean it!

Our next Second Saturday Shoreline Spruce up  February 13th 9am!!

Weather Alert for S4 01.09.10

January 8, 2010 by mike swope



SATURDAY JANUARY 9th  9am-11am

Wind forecast……………  Cold

Air Temp forecast……….  Cold

Water Temp forecast…… Cold

The kayaks are ready, the trash is ready, the weather is……well……

the trash is ready anyway….,,   Dress for success and we’ll see you there!!!


PS Free Starbucks gift cards

THIS Saturday only!!!

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