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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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LLELA Promo video

November 24, 2010 by mike swope

And our new production company too…check it out…


Fall 2010 LLELA Eco-Tour

Need your business on video with sound, transitions, and

graphics?  We’ll then your in luck, give Gary a call

or look him up on the web at ….…


Affirmed Legal Video 

 214 649 6313


Toyota T’s from the LRH Tri

November 23, 2010 by mike swope

Don’t forget if you were one of the brave and stalwart

paddlers from the Toyota please collect your t shirt….


Not only is it a cool shirt it’s also an outdoor performance T!


And also a big shout out to Debbie, with Lifetime Fitness,


who helps us, help the racers during the event and also

   gets us the waaaaaaay cool swag too!   Debbie…




Snakes alive….

November 21, 2010 by mike swope

PB200148 It’s a Texas yellow belly water snake, and just like the start to our day…it was a little cold, and slow!

We got started early as the mamas and papas song was in my head, “all the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray”…..


The water was a little cool….just trust me on this…..right Vic!!



the only distress we had was the flow

well…. it was…


low.. only running 178 so we got a good look at al the bottom stuff we almost

never see….

photo(13) And as the river flowed on and we paddled down the sun was out and the day turned out to be fantastic, windy but warm & we had the entire river to just us!

photo(11) so we took our time had some fun and were

already looking forward to Decembers run too…


Here are all the pictures….


PS, yes we left the snake on the river….right Todd?? and we always DO!


Next Eco Tour and the the final tour for 2010  12.18.2010  BE THERE!

It’s LLELA Time!

November 19, 2010 by mike swope

This Saturday  11.20.2010


Paddles wet 9:00 am
(be early if your new to kayaking)

This is the fall color trip, so please be on time!


                or you could miss the fun launch…


or the fun stop….





Or the really really fun…takeout too……



so don’t miss out on the fun time and cool colors!

Click here to register online or just show up!

Trash II the windy wrap up…

November 14, 2010 by mike swope

PB130073It might not look it from these pics, but the wind was screaming….steady to 16 and gust over 25mph, but did that stop our volunteers?

NO Way!

PB130081 PB130085

We hit the lee side of the wind and did some serious

From the water…..

PB130100And the land…too!

On a cold November day we had over 20 volunteers

for KayakPower, and Thanks to them…


We got the lake clean of trash….


And found some treasure too…



Lastly and not leastly….

THANKS STEVE for a record haul of trash on your kayak!


Needless to say, Steve won First Place in the 

“I got my more than my body weight in trash”

November event!!




Click the Album for all the photos!



    NEXT CLEANUP 12.11.10  BE THERE!!!!

S4 SSSS Second Saturday Shoreline Spruceup

November 12, 2010 by mike swope

Ah a rose …oops make that trash… by any other name……

No mater what you call it… it ….is This Saturday  November 13th

4100 West Lawther  at Jackson Point………….


We get trashed rain or shine, wind or no wind, sleet, snow, flaming hail,

earthquake, floods, tsunami, drought, locust, stampede and most everything

else too!

P9110166 You show up, we gear you up.. the lake gets

clean……again, just last last month, and just like the month before all the

way back to 2002. We came, we saw, we cleaned, we paddled!

And we’ll do it again in December too       S4  12.11.10


Toyota T’s are here  if your paddle LRH see us Sat for your shirt!


Questions………. comments…….. or concerns… 214 669 1663  

BSA Pack 425 Tyler State Park

November 9, 2010 by mike swope

Wow what fun we had again with the kids and the adults too!

PB060030 And thanks to you know who….. the weather was PERFECT!!


The kayaks were ready so all we needed was some time and some young men and women to paddle and learn.


O my did we ever get what we wanted!!!!


A BIG Thanks to

Ken and Erin for the warm hospitality, again!!!!



Check out all the photos above in the album too…..

Caddo Lake

November 9, 2010 by mike swope

And our newest friends……

Texas Society for Ecological Restoration or


SER….this is what we awoke to on Friday at the lake…


  Check out all the cool photos…including the eagle, below

Or check out their website at this link…

Fun in the Sun & more….

November 9, 2010 by mike swope

OK this Tuesday the 9th were

Talking Kayaks and Santa,

that’s right..

Santa …



at REI Dallas in the boat dept 7:00pm (Free Clinic)

Check us out this Saturday for the Cleanup too!

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