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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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LLELA Eco Tour redux

February 27, 2011 by mike swope

Low water report….depending on which kayak your were…

in.  KEY WORD here….”were”………………………………..


Yes some got their “full Value” out of the tour including

Todd P2260068 and Gracie!


It seems the first “rapid” has changed from last month and was a little…sporty!  Moving water is always a challenge but we were able to effect the rescue, unstick the kayak, warm the kayakers and also test the endurance of cold for Todd and Grace …..all at once!

We were fine after the quick warm up and kayak clearing..



and headed on downriver……………………….


Once the sun was out we started felling a little ….



Well you know what happens when you get a bunch of friends together for some kayakpower fun….RIGHT…


As so it was, again a successful trip with the same number at the takeout as we started with!

after all Kayaking is a serious business…………………


just not for us!

Next LLELA Trip  Saturday March 26th  9am Smart Start!


Quintana Surf Report

February 25, 2011 by mike swope


SANY0003It started as a foggy day, not

just any fog…marine fog, but you’d know that if you were

an ACA CK L3 instructor! Kind of like these folks….


And yes the temp was both high and low,

                                    the sky both light and dark

and …foggy very very foggy…….



This was 9:30 am



this was 10:00am


But who cares???                        

                            we had …….


                           we had

2. kayaks

                           and we had…

Mr. Mike Aronoff ITE extraordinaire!




And boy did he teach and did we learn…….


OK………………….. boy did he teach!!!


Thanks Mike, were already looking forward to October!

anyway…… The 17 thru the 22nd we studied hard

paddled harder and some how some way..

we made the grade!!!!!!

Land Pics 038

Some more house pictures….


some more class pictures…..


What the heck…..

Here’s all the pictures!!!



Stop Dreaming

& Start Paddling!

Yikes were out of water…

February 17, 2011 by mike swope

At LLELA so……… we’ve rescheduled to

Next Saturday!!!  Saturday the 26th

So please join us

9am to 10am safety talk….

Paddles wet at 10am sharp!


Also of note……

Were updating our website so please pardon our pages

as they load back and forth between old and new!

Including the rental page too!!!



Lastly we have two March cleanups WRL & Irving

Please join us for these free events !





Be SAFE and Have fun

Paddling with


WRL S4 …..Cleanup

February 12, 2011 by mike swope

Wow what a change in the weather, in case you…

missed it……

Here’s a 360 degree view for your enjoyment…


WRL S4 KayakPower 360


Besides having lots of fun both on the water on on the



CIMG0242We got some really interesting


CIMG0280Bulk trash….



a huge tree……





A railroad tie,

soaked with water it was about 120 lbs…way to go Danny!


CIMG0277 Wanda found a “bolt” or arrow…


and the really really really really really slick mud too!!!!



Jerry and Chris found… some quality Dad and son time!!!


CIMG0283Steve found a monster mash mug..

and once again a boat load of trash too…




I found DAN..awake and…alert!


Karen found some fuel containers a ball and a way cool


HOTSHOT fishing lure, heck maybe she’ll win the BPS fishing challenge in May…who knows???


But hands down the most interesting and by far the largest trash removed from the lake today was from our newest friend and Jedi trash hound Dean….

CIMG0273This little 10 ft. drainage pipe..

Check out Dean next to his “prize”  Wow Dude!


What makes this really cool, he was in a 8 ft. kayak!!!

Cheers to everyone who help the lake say clean and fresh!



Cleanup March 5th in Irving

And March 12 @ WRL

WMI class a big mess…

February 7, 2011 by mike swope

Broken legs, broken arms, shock, burns, and lighting too…


………that was just the morning of the 1st day!!!!!


By the afternoon, we were lacerating bananas and then

steri stripping them back together…unless they had a

avulsion..or worse…an amputation….YIKES!!!!!!



And was Asa (pronounced Osa) from Sweden (I’m not

kidding)….a hard charger….heck yes, this person passed

out because we only got 1 break during Saturday…



But like any good NOLS/WMI instructor.. she did a

complete job of getting them back in class and learning.


We walked outside the classroom and found some people

in need of our medical attention too…..


Lucky for us they were….young, blond and pretty too!

You can see the swam of guys ready to help above!!!!!


By the end of the day we had earned our stripes….

so to speak………..


and just in case you thin you know more than we do…..

You’ll have to speak with DAN…………..



And he might not be as flexible as you think……….

So….if you not praying that the KPC crew won’t be in your

class next time…..


or you do need a banana cut, and cut deep and



Think of us, you friendly,

and well trained

kayaking fun group!



Thanks Asa & and Thanks KY


        Next KPC WMI WFR CLASS FALL 2011

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

snow kayaking anyone?

February 7, 2011 by mike swope

OK we all love to play in the snow….right

In North Texas SNOW is something of a novelty but

anytime we get enough we love a ride down Flagpole Hill..

In a kayak!

Snapshot 2 (2-7-2011 11-31 AM)

A big THANK YOU to Bud Gillette and his photographer

for making Austin a video star too!


Austin’s Winter Kayaking …

Here a link too, to the full professionally edited video!


Snapshot 4 (2-7-2011 11-32 AM)b

I also found out that snow has different density’s too, this snow was a 20 to 1 ratio so it was sticky…so another Big
Thanks to the other Dad’s that gave us a shove!

Snapshot 3 (2-7-2011 11-32 AM)a

Remember if it snow’s this Wednesday, we’ll see you there!


For some unknown reason we couldn’t get

Grace or Jackie

………in the kayak????


Can you help?

February 1, 2011 by mike swope

HELP A HERO-  by Michael Swope II

Request for $10 Support for Jay Francis – Please Read and Pass It On

Many of you know Jay Francis as a wonderful fun guy who proudly served his country (US Army Ranger) What most of you don’t know is the challenge that the Francis family now face, these issues will put all of Jay’s training to the ultimate test.

Jay served 8 years in the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division out of Fort Hood. He holds the rank of Staff Sargent and is currently on in-active reserve status. Jay did 2 tours in Iraq where in addition to other commendations he received a Purple Heart. Following his 2nd tour, Jay moved to Dallas and over the course of the last 2 years, has become not only my best friend & part of my family, but Austin’s (my special needs little brother) larger than life caregiver. Jay and fiancé, Janet, have a son, Jaycob, 21 months and a baby girl due in March. Always the over achiever Jay has continued to pursue his college education and is about a semester away from finishing a Chemical Engineering Degree.

Within the last 2 months Jay has been diagnosed with Stage 2 Melanoma as a result of his service in Iraq, fighting for our freedom. While awaiting test results Jay developed flu like symptoms, following more tests the doctors discovered Jay had developed Type 2 Diabetes & hypertension which complicates how the cancer is treated. Thankfully, the VA sent Jay to the experts at UT Southwestern who have begun treating the cancer with immunotherapy which uses the body’s immune system to reject the cancer. This treatment will reduce the number of cancerous spots that will have to be surgically removed. The doctor’s were pleased with the immunotherapy results following the first week of treatment, however, this treatment makes it difficult to control the diabetes. Depending on how Jay’s body responds, the plan is to continue the immunotherapy for another month.

We are so excited that the immunotherapy is working; however, the result has left Jay extremely weak, unable to work and provide for his family which for this proud Ranger is worse than being shot in Iraq.

As Jay’s “Texas” family, my parents and I have struggled with "what can we do to help?” We thought we would ask our family, friends and strangers to show support for this humble hero and the hardship he is now enduring from his selfless sacrifice protecting our freedom by donating just $10 to support the Francis family. If you can not support financially then a card or note of support would be a gift in itself in their time of need. Please send cards to Jay Francis c/o Michael Swope, 11064 Delford Circle, Dallas, TX 75228. To receive updates on Jay’s progress, please send your email address to

With your help we can show the Francis family the support and gratitude we have for our Hero. Donations should be sent to:

John J Francis

c/o Bank of Texas

6215 Hillcrest Ave.

Dallas, TX 75205

There is so much to be thankful for; the cancer was found early and Jay is receiving treatment from one of the best hospitals in the country. The VA will cover 60% of the expenses for Jay’s treatment and is reviewing the case for disability support. Your prayers and $10 gift will greatly help this American Hero fight this new enemy.

Thank you for reading this and passing it on, and God Bless.


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