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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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Mother Nature loves us again!

April 28, 2011 by mike swope


However the local traffic…………….


                                       ………………….Not so much

But we didn’t fret….HA! I can still remember the weather….

from last week, O my!

Still…. we had fun & got fit flexible and lean…..all at once

At the Eclipse Fitness paddle at Eclipse in Rockwall

Thanks to Mother (see above), and to Dave and Birgit and Jimmy and Patti and Bubba, and Mike, we had a good time…  (maybe NOT that mike guy??)


We used the buoys to set or course and let the ladies set the pace…


I think the camera’s color balance was off on this pic, but it turned out so “COOL BLUE” I just left it alone……..

After three laps and thousand of calories burned….

thousands………………………………we chatted a LOT!

We watched the sun set, or the sunset (?)  hum….

IMAG0045 on what was sure to be the

perfect paddle workout evening….

We’ll see you on T days in May,  at Eclipse Fitness

check out all the pictures below or……

on the blog or the web or catch us on Facebook or LinkedIn

 Next Paddle Tuesday May 3rd  6:30 pm paddles wet!

Thursday Fitness Paddle TONIGHT 6:30

April 28, 2011 by mike swope

With forecasted GREAT weather!!!




68.0 °F

Feels Like 67.7 °F



Sunrise / Set

6:43 AM

8:07 PM


Waning Crescent

At Eclipse 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Join us for a great hour long paddle on lake Ray Hubbard.

General Public  $ 30 Eclipse members and Meetup $ 25

Includes all your gear and equipment too, so RSVP…..

and remember this is the last time to fitness paddle before

England has a new Royal Princess………………….

“god save the water”!!!!


Check us out on

April 26, 2011 by mike swope

WFAA Channel 8 on Good Morning Texas!

Wednesday April 27 sometime between 9 and 10am

We’ll be chatting about the Wind Festival on the 14th

That the link to GMT !



Here’s more info on the Trinity River Wind Festival too….

Trinity River Wind Festival presented by

Reliant Energy

Saturday, May 14 12:00p to 6:00p

at Trammell Crow Lake Park, Dallas, TX

This is a new free event in Dallas to celebrate the beauty and spirit of the wide open spaces along the Trinity River in the heart of this thriving City. Everyone is invited to bring their family and friends to fly a kite, watch the spectacular show kites and enjoy other wind driven toys or crafts.


Did you see us on live TV this morning in Channel 8??

If you did your really sharp eyed and quick, we made

2 (Two) 1 (one) second shots between 9:29am and 9:34am

A complete media domination!

Here’s the link…

Tornado Tuesday ???

April 26, 2011 by mike swope

If you missed the Eclipse Fitness paddle, no worries, we

pushed this on account of the threat of weather not being ….

Ahem… kayak friendly…


We had both a severe thunderstorm warning

& a Tornado Watch for both Dallas & Rockwall county’s

So…we’ll try again on Thursday the 28th  same time too!

Here’s our favorite weather radar link from above ….

Weekend notes from your friends at KPC

April 23, 2011 by mike swope


He’s winning the battle with cancer …..and got a good

report from the Dr., that and the funds that were raised

not only boosted his morale, it also boosted his health 


His surgery is the 27th and hopefully, that will be the start

of his complete recovery, and start him on a destination to

much better health!


RENTAL UPDATEYes I know finally!!!!, the new page is ready to go, hopefully by today, ahem, OK soon……

Not to worry, still the best service and value in town no $$ increase!

Some highlights….

PayPal will soon not accept $$ without 24 hours of time before the rental, if you have an acute rental needs please call us!

No rental when the RED FLAG wind warning is out,

and were also looking closely at the wind forecast for the day as well…

0-8 mph is OK        8-16mph with skill is OK but …….

16-22mph               in NOT OK for beginners

and NO RENTALS 22mph and up         that’s RED FLAG

We like wind websites like……, & also use marinecast on our cell phone

In additional to those changes, we also have a place to

leave important rental info…like

the rental lake,

that location to put in at

and a date

and time…YEAH!!!


4/26   4/28

5/3     5/5

5/9    5/12

Join us on Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30 at Eclipse Fitness for a 1 hours open water fitness paddle with Rockwall native..

Dave Bower and a kayak…workout on LRH!

Questions??  Ring 214 280 6335 for complete details!

Only $30 per person, includes your kayak and gear a drink and energy snack for the paddle.

If your already a member at Eclipse your rate is only $25

and it’s all inclusive too!

This event will occur on Tuesdays & Thursdays and through the month of May at Eclipse, so join us and find out just how much fun you can have in a kayak,

while at the same time gaining….

range of motion


losing weigh

burning calories

better balance

and a free tan too!

Check us out…..your money is not at risk… this class comes complete with the 100% unconditional kayakpower fun guarantee!

Class size is limited, sign up via email or at Eclipse.


June were hosting a coastal instructor class at LRH

Est. cost of the class $ 489 4 days of class    details TBD

July were hosting a river instructor at LLELA

Est. cost is $ 439  3 days of class                  details TBD

September were hosting a coastal instructor call in

Corpus Christy  5 days of class

Est. cost is $ 529                                         details TBD

October were hosting a WW class and River Safety class

Est. cost of $569 for both certifications          details TBD

All classes with include your ACA instructor dues paid by KPC along with your SEI dues, so when you complete the class your 100% ready to instruct for your aca certification!


Were expanding our concert paddles to bigger and better for you, including The Harbor concert series at LRH.  check back for complete details on dates and times to join us!

Full Moon Paddles Coming soon!

And much more, class, cleanups, Tri races, adventures races, tours, trips and events for 2011!

Hope to see you on the water, SOON!!!!

Eco Tour Update & Thanks Gary

April 18, 2011 by mike swope

I just got the video and wanted to get it online too….



So you thought Gary was just paddling along, we’ll……

guess again, he’s a professional videographer too,

and a darn good one…at that!


Besides being a kayaker, a videographer, and a licensed

bartender… (no I’m not kidding) he also produces and

edits our films, both for trips and for instruction too.


New professional video work???  Call GARY, today!

Thanks again…Gary!!!



Eclipse Fitness

April 18, 2011 by mike swope


OK, we’ll admit, a 30 mile an hour wind can be a little….

sporty for kayaking, but we never the less had a fun filled

time on Lake Ray Hubbard despite the strong blow….

P4170155The Harbor is always a cool

backdrop, and you get to see so many interesting

people, and they get to see you too!


Thankfully their area offered a great windbreak, and also

Thanks to the Seawolf for not parking on top of us!


And despite the wind, the

waves, the Seawolf and the

other 29 things that can

distract you….


We still got skills to the clients, and they got some quality

water time… in level 4 conditions……not bad for a QSK!



And coming the last week in April….

Fitness Paddling

Want that full body workout,

that’s not boring???

Tuesday the 26th

6:30 pm @ Eclipse 

1 hour on the water, with an instructor

just $25 per paddler, all inclusive ….

Sorry non Eclipse members

pay $ 5 bucks more!!!

and again …

Thursday the 28th

6:30 pm  @ Eclipse

Join the fun,

get fit,

lose weight



We paddle again at KING TUT with Play Tri

April 18, 2011 by mike swope

You know PLAY TRI as the best tri sponsor in N Texas,

We know them as an April paddle party at Stonebridge…


We post these photos of the sunrise for the racers, as they

are swimming at the time they done get to see the same

incredible break of dawn that we do from a kayak…..

Here’s a better perspective from the water…….


Tri’s are hard work for both the racers and PLAY TRI..

P4170082 Up at 3am to get everything

set up and ready to race….including us with the kayaks!


And this year we had some extra fun….. hand loading a

jet ski….P4170084

See that look of concern from the helpers, yes those weigh

a LOT!!!! Thanks to everyone who gave us a hand, too!

Congrats to the winner of the swim race….


You almost swam past the lead kayak too….

Good job for all the kayakers and the rescues too…..



& also to Victoria for completing the swim on her 1st race

A complete success for and from Play Tri and KPC!


Special thanks for Vince and Will, lifeguards & kayakers!


See you at the next Play Tri Race too!

LLELA ECO TOUR trip report

April 18, 2011 by mike swope

Some more exciting news….we confirmed the river otter on

this trip, we saw two new beavers….and the big news…

P9170043Join us on the 10th of May for

the official TPW paddle trails opening at the beaver pond at

LLELA!!!!!  Thanks to Ken, Richard, Lisa, Virginia and more

for the hard work to get this trail approved with the TPW!

Did we mention that we have a alligator in the pond????


P9170038It was a lazy day on the river

with almost perfect conditions, a north wind and good flow

made for some great times on the water…


It was a little relaxed for

some, ahem for others ….

well, it’s all good….



if you look close you’ll see the Nerodia erythrogaster flavigaster

better know to us as the yellow bellied water snake….

So the birds, the mammals and the reptiles too…..


Just another fun day, paddling with KPC!



We were also paddling with some young environmental

science students from a UNT camp, who were taking water

samples, measuring temps, and documenting the river,

Thanks you guys!!


So why take a regular river trip


When you could be paddling with




And be sure to check out all the crazy photo fun below….


Join us in May

on Saturday the 28th

9am safety talk

10am paddles wet!

Weekend weather

April 15, 2011 by mike swope



The predicted weather is for clear sky’s and mild temp with,  with…. mild wind too!


Saturday is the Eco Tour

10am paddle wet  $50 per paddler



Sunday we’ll pay you at the

PlayTri in Stonebridge,

so if you’d like to get paid to paddle

Join us at the water 6:50am SHARP!

And if that’s too early…



Were at Eclipse Fitness

Lake Ray Hubbard for a Quick Start

from 1-3pm


So what are you waiting for?

Come on ….lets kayak!

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