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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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Fun on the water…

June 26, 2011 by mike swope

We got concerned that with the 4th just around the corner

we need some practice paddle time before the big


….so we hit the water on Grapevine Lake


               and on Lake Ray Hubbard too……







These are some of the happy renters that get value for

there rental dollar up to 4 hours of water fun for just $25..

        Centennial Event at WRL  1911- 2011

And we made it to the Bathhouse too at WRL, in fact it was

the biggest party that place has seen in about 100 years…

Make that exactly 100 years, as we were there for the

LOVE OF THE LAKE beach party of the century……

We had kayaks ready despite the high wind, but these

folks lay caution to the …”ahem”   wind and paddled

anyway, in fact it was a really nice way to cool off too…


We had kids…..



                             We had Mom’s



                                                   We had couples too…







We also had fun in the Sun along with

the food, the tunes, spin that Ipod Mr. DJ

and the feeling that we made the party from 1911…

Proud of Us and hopefully the folks in 2111 will think hard

before they act, but who knows, maybe they’ll have ……

kayak hover boards by them…..

backtothefuture_hoverboardRIGHT ..MARTY????


Thanks to the Love of the Lake and also to the fantastic

supporters of the group too, the whole weekend was great!


FREE REI kayak

June 23, 2011 by mike swope


is TONIGHT from

7-8 pm in the boat department

of the Dallas REI

REI Dallas

Tonight’s venue is

where to paddle in North Texas

and will include a free

Texas Paddle Trail handout to the

first 25 people attending tonight clinic.

Did I mention FREE???

Also the boat parade is at

WRL this Saturday

If your interested and

Have the $5 dollar cover

you too can paddle the lake in the

parade of boats on Saturday.

For Detailed info



Next Intro Class is

July 2nd

Rockledge Park

Grapevine Lake

See you there!



569 + 26 + 1 =

June 19, 2011 by mike swope



You start with a few kayak, and some assorted gear and equipment too……and if your lucky you get a good river flow of more than 500, in our case it was 596 cubic feet per second of water, cool clean and clear water from about 65 feet below the dam at Lake Lewisville…


Add in some friendly folks , 26 to be exact!!! and you have the recipe for a really fun time on the water with KayakPower…..

We didn’t invent the river trip, we just perfected the fun part of it, and maybe we had some help too….


And before you bomb me with email request or tweet me silly or post on my wall, the answer is no, we don’t have our instructors kiss every client…. this guy was just in the right place at the right time!

good thing the water was cold!!!


And the Gatorade and the cookies, the apples, the bananas and the other snacks too, but just how much time can you spend snacking next to the river…..


apparently a lot…. if you can do both, & you have skills like Jim!    Just fyi he noted the apples we had for snacks…tasted very applely…. …

were THAT good!


When we got done with playing in the water we also got


some un-posed and candid shots of the group….


but we can’t spend all day playing, we had to grease up and get ready for the final push to the take-out….


What???   the sun was very strong on Saturday!!!!!

and what time would be complete without the serious pic??


in fact please feel free to grab any and all of the pictures

FOR FREE from the blog below ……


Don’t miss the fun next month… July’s Eco Tour is

07.16.2011  Paddle wet at 8am to beat the heat in TX!!!

Note the new start time, note the fun above, and ask

yourself this question….


What’s missing from this picture?

Answer:  YOU!



Stop dreaming and start paddling!    with KPC!!!!!


June 16, 2011 by mike swope

This Saturday….9am safety talk 10am paddles wet!


Top 10 reason you should join us….

1.Mild Weather

2.Cool Clean Water

3.Great water flow   waaaay over 500 cfs, think float!

4. Shuttle ride back to LLELA included at not additional $$$

5. No Plesiosaurus’s, zero!

6. Todd will be paddling with us…nuff said!

7. The water is very very wet on Saturdays

8. paddling will help your look good on your resume!

9. Most of the holes in the kayaks are fixed…I think…

10. because we want to have a good time with YOU!!!


Don’t you deserve a good paddling??

RSVP online at

or Call 214 669 1663  

Reservations Required,

trip size limited

call today!

UNT paddles again at LLELA

June 16, 2011 by mike swope

With KPC!! and a little help from Brian…

OK a LOT of help from…..

Brian, & Heather, & Danica & also from Cam too!


We might have got some, and I mean some help…..


from the kids too, I mean they looked ok…….

until I started talking about kayaking and hazards and other

stuff, I ‘m not sure I may have “lost them”……for a few…..


But I can say with a great deal of certainty that the day..

was a great day to paddle, it was clear and mild wind

with a great water flow, in fact it was more of a float today!


Here’s the group shot of the initial kayakers…..


If some look wet, I’m sure I really don’t know how that

ahem…….happened??? I do know it wasn’t due to

splashing, really……trust me!!!!!


Also this second group may look a little moist too…..


They were hot… so, we quickly figured out a way to

“cool “ them down, they seemed to like it!

Anyway, you can count the kids in both pictures, I’m

thinking we only had a couple, maybe 3 that we forgot…

Not to worry, we’ll grab them next time we paddle with

our friends at the UNT camps!


By the way if you have a chance to chat with Brain,

ask him if the kids enjoyed the whistles on the bus ride

back to the campus?? I’m guessing YES!!!!


Got a group you need chilled?

or just want your family & friends

to experience the maximum fun

with the minimum effort?? 

Think  KayakPower.Com!!!

214 669 1663

A little water

June 14, 2011 by mike swope

and a new HTC evo….

HTC evo 2011

And thanks to ifixit for the photo too! of what my phone looked like after the very small tear in the plastic of the Sealine water proof bag that lost some of it’s integrity……

Ok most if it’s integrity….


And don’t get me wrong these are great bags, the e series

I think I just folded mine to often and formed a crack..


Anyway if you call me……

Surprise…. you won’t get me …….

till after 3 on Wednesday….. Go Sprint!

That’s when the new phone should get here!

I’m online and ready to email so let your fingers do the

talking, at least till after 3 on Wednesday……


O and by the way…check out the new phone case too..


Now…..I just need the phone!

S4 you’ll never guess what we found…

June 13, 2011 by mike swope

a puppy….


So that’s what I call a clean up!

We thinking of a name for the pup

Rocky, or maybe Lake Dog or

maybe, you have a great name for

the pup???


Currently she is resting at Peggy house in Plano in the nice and cool air conditioning and recovering nicely!


Ahem we also got some less interesting trash from some of

our very own trash hounds too, we got a window, we asked

if he would paddle back out and look for the rest of the

house too, he declined saying a house was too large for

his kayak, we respectfully agreed too!


Thanks to Nettie, Michael, TJ and Peggy for running the

cleanup as we had two events and certainly did not want a

dirty lake, in fact we became an official AAS group from the

Love of the Lake in June of 2003, so this clean up makes

8 years of keeping WRL clean, Thanks of course to our

SUPER COOL and Environmentally minded Volunteers!



Without them…….

we’ll just thank your lucky stars we have them!


Also I like to thank Charito for the great photos of the S4 !!


In fact we were so excited after the cleanup, we had a

KayakPower group lunch at one of our favorite eateries….

It’s kind of a secret so please don’t tell the “none” kayaking,

“none” cleaning type of folks, less they over crowd our fun!



See you next month

at 4100 Jackson Point

on the West side of

Whiterock Lake

at 9am for the …






Friday Planner

June 9, 2011 by mike swope

For you’re your wet fun with KPC…..


So your weekend can


Second Saturday

Shoreline Spruce Up

Jackson Point and White Rock Lake, the website dates

are all updated, and in sync with the meetup site too.

So come on out and get your clean on!  9am –11am

And yes collecting trash is still….free with us!!!


Also if your more of the sporty type…like the

Swim Across America

racers then join us on Lake Ray Hubbard this


Saturday from 7am to 10am at the Harbor in Rockwall.


From Dallas take 30 east

and go to exit 67A Horizon Road exit

and take the first exit that’s a 90 degree right turn

head back toward the water and park in the

Eclipse Fitness parking lot. Walk down to the waters

edge and we’ll help you launch and get placement on the

race course.

We need 16 paid volunteers

so if you would like get paid to paddle

7:00am sharp,

we had a waiting list at the last event!





Contact Mike

Private Intro @ LRH

June 9, 2011 by mike swope

That’s right you could be 1on 1 with a KPC instructor just like L and A did today at the Lake!


And even though the class was private the pictures are…

we’ll lets just say a little more public…….


Both girls braved the wild wind and really large waves to

earn their Intro 2 Kayaking skills at the Harbor today.

We paddle out of Eclipse Fitness in fact were hosting a

concert paddle there tonight too…just FYI

And we really really really like them (Right  Frizz!!!)


Cool sites…. clean water and almost no powerboats

made for a great day on the lake….


Heck we even did rescues in the wind and waves too!


And that means both these girls….


Got Skills!

Thanks Ladies!






Sunday Cleanup @ WRL

June 9, 2011 by mike swope


If you trash it they will come, seems like a bad movie right?’s true, thanks to a sister meet up group we did a

Sunday Clean Up at WRL, and O Boy did we get the trash.

A super big round a of applause for our man above and

below, he paddled the biggest kayak and got the biggest

trash too!  Way to be… my friend!


We all wish we could paddle and

trash like you did!


We also like to thank the group for

showing up with so many folks too!



Because many hands make light works of…..

ridding the lake of Trash!

And thanks to all the folks both in the kayaks…


and on the ground that made this clean up a success!



Don’t talk about helping……..HELP

Don’t wish you could make a difference,  DO IT!

and never, and I mean never….

Stop Dreaming about padding with with KayakPower!



Does your group, company, friends, or association

what to do a environmental cleanup in the greater

North Texas Watershed area?  call 214 669 1663

for detailed info today!

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