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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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Certification Class

July 25, 2011 by mike swope

A Super Success!  Thanks to ….


Ken, Lisa, Steve, Wanda, Ken, Erin, Gary, Richard & Diane

Way to go!!!!!!

These brave folks did what it took to go all the way!

They are now proud members of the ACA Instructors family

and will be paddling professionally in and around the local

area, so if you see them be sure and congratulate them!


The classroom was provided

by the friendly folks at LLELA

and had several great

features that were a benefit

to learning, but none more important than air conditioning!!!

We got outside and used the cool waters of Lake Lewisville

for water training…P7230027

And just in case your not sure

yes it was hot in the sun and

on the water too, but as I’m

always saying…anything

worth working hard for will add value to your skills, and

kayaking is no exception to that, teaching and learning is

hard work and doing it right the first time is important!


An this might look like a lecture    but it’s really interactive


See!!!  Kayaking is a lot of touching and doing too!


The ACA’s certification is two parts an IDW and ICE

for the Instructor Development Workshop sometimes we

hold their hands……..literally!        Right Ken……


Once we complete the

basic’s on the ground, we

move to the water, and see

how we do with the more

dynamic environment, what we call …“live water”!!!


And sure we take breaks and eat and drink and drink and drink too…..

Just a quick note about Hickory Creek Park, it is NOT a

pay and leave park, please be prepared to pay at each

entrance! They also have a senior discount too if your 62

or over….  Just FYI!!!

And a quick shout out to our coast guard friends… yes we

understand the buoys what say… NO BOATS also mean

no kayaks too. And if you need a Park Ranger at the park

for a non emergency call   Ranger Pringle at 214 850 2112

he’s a good man! Thanks Ranger Pringle!!!


So if you got what it takes join us at the next cert class in

October and you too could be among the professional

paddlers that have a passion for the outdoors and act on

that passion so more people can paddle safe and smart!


Eco Tour….Sunday Edition

July 19, 2011 by mike swope

Lets start with a movie…shall we…………..


Hot day with cool water!

for the special Sunday edition we had almost as good of

water flow as we did on Saturday the high 500’s so it was

a float and a paddle but ………mostly a float!!!


except at the trees where the current was …sporty!!


So down the river we went….



with good flow and a slightly smaller group we made

good time getting to the beach, and ……

getting in the water was a big  splash

with the entire group…

                          some more than others…


If you watched the video above you’ll know who this is!!!


I think this is my favorite photo from the Sunday tour……

You can also check out the other pic’s and make your

choice of best of tour photo too!


Eco Tour Saturday Edition

July 19, 2011 by mike swope


With such a small group it was hard to paddle up to each person, kind of get to know them and then splash them really really good,

but you know Me…I tried hard too….



But I also had some heady splash back, but I won’t name

names…will I ????

Anyway, we had great water flow 626, yup……

you read that right!!

The best flow of the year, and made for some interesting

moving water moves in the kayak too….but no one flipped..



Trust me…….



No one! but we did get wet…




And why not the water temp was about 75 which felt like

about 50 cooler than the air temp….OK maybe 30….

I’m also not sure how much wildlife was observed….

unless you count the kayakers…that is…


                         ENJOY THIS VIDEO


can you tell which direction the river flows???

           so why not check out your photos below??


Have you seen Anne?

July 18, 2011 by mike swope

We missed her at the lake …..


with the kids……and the


But we did find…..

                                             Elizabeth Megan &  Lauren

And a few kids too!


So you know what took place next………..right…….


We got wet and we had fun with our new young friends..


And I could tell you all the new skills we taught, or about

the water safety we learned or even about how to use a

whistle to signal for help, be who wants to read about it

when you can just enjoy the on the water pictures below

or Mike Gibson’s Professional photos online at

             Thanks Mike!!!


A special thanks to…..

Anne and get well wishes to her spouse too, from KPC!

To Hot…

July 14, 2011 by mike swope

To Handle?  Remember this weekend ‘ECO Tour is an early put in…….

8:00 am paddles wet on both Saturday and Sunday too!


Come play beat the heat with us on a kayak!

And you can register online or just give us a call 214 669 1663



Kayak Certification Class


$ 389.00

includes ACA Fees and Dues

Contact Mike for details

214 669 1663



July 10, 2011 by mike swope

If you joined us for the cleanup, we’d like to THANK YOU!


As you know were here with the “For the Love of the Lake” group and the clean up of WRL, but were also in support of the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, and the new leadership of this district and of course the “boots on the ground” of our working DPARD friends too!


We had a great group of folks that paddled and got trashed….. or got the lake un-trashed as it were…..


And of course any of the bags or other debris we remove

Our buddy Mr. R must remove……. too!!!


In fact he’s so fast at just that….

It makes it look like we did not collect

some 50 bags of trash and recycle

along with some wood and lots and lots

plastic and styrofoam too!



The kids helped ……..

And so did the kids at heart too!


We even had our friends from VC 842 join us for both,

a shoreline clean up and a water clean up on Saturday…..


So if your concerns are environmental and you like to paddle while your saving the earth…. please bring the



Bring the friends…


We’ll grab the yaks and we’ll all grab the trash!



Check out all the trashy photo’s below or join us in August

8.12.2011 and be part of the success…your success!!!


Stop Dreaming and Start Paddling!

Clean up this Saturday

July 8, 2011 by mike swope


Sat 9am

Jackson Point


Get trashed



Join us from 9am to 11am

for the Second Saturday Shoreline Spruce Up

you collect trash from the shore or a kayak

them you get to go goof off in a kayak for free!


Check out the website for

a map and directions

New Paddlers Welcome!




Kayak Certification Class


$ 389.00

includes ACA Fees and Dues

Contact Mike for details

214 669 1663

Happy 50th B-Day to the

July 6, 2011 by mike swope


And … keeping with last years tradition…..

The IRON BUTT II was the 4th of July weekend…

The brain child of this man….


Yes this is how his brain works, and thankfully

for the club…

it works for us!!!  


As you may remember the IB II is a test not only of the

physical extreme, but the mental extreme as well…..

you as a competitor must complete in three water based events, that include….

sailing a two man sailboat,


sailing a solo sailboat…

and as the final water based event…..

You must kayak a short 3 miles course!!!!!



A colorful fleet was assembled and the competitors were

briefed and the race was started promptly at 5:26pm-cdst.

A quick note.. were not aware of any other 3 water event tri that uses all human or wind powered craft, and would love to know if you have every heard of any “tri” style races like this ???


The kayaking is the final leg of the event…

and as expected

some of the sailors were fast…

very fast in the sail boats……


This was the KAYAKING leg start buoy,

and the course (3 miler) might have ……….

paddled a little short this race, but I can assure you the 105

degree temperature had nothing to do with….

how ling the course was set up, but……………

just in case your wondering the temperature inside the

_ _ _ _ cooler, where we keep the drinks cold was closer

to 55 degrees!  Ah…. the joys of ice!


Any way….  the racers screamed on and hit the water as

hard as you can with a paddle and to the finishers and 

all of the competitors


YOU did a great job of ….


Having Fun

Hanging Out

Sharing food and drinks with friends

Listening to the band &

Watching fireworks at the lake….


                          Gosh, how’d you spend the 4th??


Happy Holiday from KayakPower!



S4 – Sat July 9th 9am 11am

FREE Paddling

Intro to Kayaking

July 4, 2011 by mike swope

Should have been renamed as Intro to Heat and how to

prevent heat related illness….. OK maybe I’m just a little

over the top on this but boy was it hot!


We had lots of water and tea and fruit and more water and

more snacks and more water, and that was before we

even got into a kayak!


We managed to get through the ground part of the

instruction and no one passed out … from the heat!


So we made it to the water, and if your not aware….

while in a kayak and on the water you get the sun direct and then you get the sun again, in the reflection from the water, thank goodness for the even slight wind………


And the water in the ice chest and the tea and the fruit…

Do you  see a pattern????


And just to address and repeating issue we get…

No we don’t lecture till the students are blue in the face…

We Lecture till the instructors are blue in the lips!


No really…. it’s the zinc but just with a cool new color,

kind of reminds you of water..doesn’t it!

Anyway, we got the skills done …..


And moved on to the rescues….



Where we train

on dry ground first,

before we head to the water..and go ahead and test these

guys, I personally guarantee they all can exit a skirt, almost

as fast as they can hydrate too!

Did I mention to drink water???  Just checking….

and speaking of checking, checkout the photo’s below…


Thanks to all who paddled with us at the lake and

remember this very nice lady in smiling


Not because….

She got out without falling….

She and her family get a FREE rental included w/class

She and her family can join us again anytime for free

She’s smiling because….

besides learning about kayaks and kayaking,

besides being safe, besides being well hydrated

and learning……

She had fun with KayakPower!!!

Join us for the fun, next time, and you too can

Stop Dreaming and Start Paddling!

Inter City Youth get paddled

July 4, 2011 by mike swope

With KPC and the Dallas Arboretum…….


It was a lovely day at the lake with the Filter building in the foreground and the Dallas skyline in the background, and very warm July 1st awaited the kids…


We hit the water and practiced all the new found ground skills we learned …Even if you are a young adult, you need to know how to make your kayak…

go…stop…turn right…turn left and most importantly..

How to vogue for the camera while showing off your skills!


Your crazy kayaking skills!


We had fun seeing if we could get the group together


And we did, and we also did it in record time too……

Just under 2 hours!!!!!!!!!  Just kidding of course……..

That’s not a record!


O and for something really cool…

I shot this picture of these “hot” chicks on the safety boat


then I also shot Ann, the fearless leader for the group…



And you guessed it…


She was shooting the safety boat too!



I guess it’s just something

about a bright orange kayak on the water on a sunny day…

I wonder if these guys took a picture too??


Thanks to the kids and thanks to Ann too, and a special

Thanks to Mike Gibson, ( see in the background, 2 instant

small printers and inside the cab, a full size printer too, 3

printers on site…WOW!


for the mobile printing, as each kids went home with a color

8×11 group photo shot,

Mike you rock on the water and behind the camera too!

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