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LLELA 3 fer…..

August 23, 2011 by mike swope

Ok we know it’s hot… but that’s EXACTLY

why we did LLELA times 3!!!!! 

Because it was hot and the water was NOT!

Friday was a night paddle, just us, some moonlight, the

critters and the fast flow…because of the flow…. the trip

only took 2 hours, and yes we had headlights, bug spray

and Margaritas, oops I mean water along the way……

Here the best pictures from the evening paddle, see if you

can see the very rare and elusive moon moth in the pic…..


You kinda have to squint….

Saturday was a different story, we had some new friends..

along with some old ones too!


And boy (scout) did we have fun!!!             But……hehe


it wasn’t all fun, some of the scouts were working their

kayak merit badge skills as well, hoping to get the Kayak

skills on their BSA master list of really cool things for 2011!


IMAG0678Like the defensive swim





Or my fav…

Texas 2 Step!!!


All in all we had a great time

on the water THANKS to Troop 435 for paddling with KPC!


O, I almost forgot Sunday too, it was a smaller more

ahem….adult crowd…


But………..  just as happy…..


OK almost as happy…..



Really they were ALL from this country!!! Right Wanda??


wasting time on the river

Check out all the vid’s & Pic’s & join us next time for the fun!



August 13, 2011 by mike swope

Sorry with the weather and the wind and the race on Sunday we decided to error on the side of complete SAFETY and reschedule the Full Moon Paddle to next month, if your still interested in the nighttime experience please join us in September, THANKS!


And speaking of the race, We need volunteers….

let me define that term Volunteer…

KPC Volunteer – a person who braves the very early morning hours to drive a long way to help support a PLAYTRI race and get a free T shirt along with a clean crisp dead president, and enjoy some time on the water with a few hundred new friends.



Sometimes we have so much fun we forget

were getting PAID to paddle a kayak! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Were at Holiday Park

on the West side of Benbrook Lake in Fort Worth,

we are paddles wet at 6:30 am and

we’ll be off the water by 9am.

We provide all the gear and equipment and all we ask is

you be on time or better yet you be EARLY, (and No Dan

were not talking about you….)  


Questions Comments or Concerns??


214 669 1663

It started wet

August 13, 2011 by mike swope

The cleanup that is….

but that was the exciting part……


We were really excited because we have not seen rain in 40 plus days and the lakes are a little…….


But that makes it easier to collect the trash anyway so..

We need the rain but… we want the trash gone


Right Steve??  This is the ground pick up that happen just

before her did his water based clean up, too. You Da MAN!

In fact Steve was the only kayak out this am, with the

reschedule time and the weather we had a light turnout..

or what I saw…a lighting turnout, thus the reason is

safety (duh) we stayed OFF the water for this cleanup….

IMAG0626But we really wanted to get

everyone of the water (when we can) so the people above,

yes they will have a priority pass for the September S4,

and thanks to them for the ground work today too!

Crew 852  Y’all ROCK!!

And hey, they were not the only one’s either!!!!!




So thanks to everyone who braved the weather…

and to those of you that came at the regular time too…


for helping us keep WRL CLEAN!!! Again, and Again!!!






Beat the heat

August 12, 2011 by mike swope

For the cleanup NEW TIME THIS SAT ONLY

7:00 AM  – 9:00 AM  we’ll be there early, we hope to see

you there too!



Need some more early morning fun too???

PLAY TRI in Benbrook is having a tri and we need volunteers to help keep the swimmers safe and sound….

It’s early, and it’s Ft Worth too, so yes we handing you

a crisp cool reason to paddle with us as a paid volunteer!

Lake Benbrook  6:30am to 10am  Sunday August 14th


We need at least 8 kayakers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!


LLELA ECO TOUR   August 19-20 and 21st

Cool water cool tour!


Intro 2 …….

August 7, 2011 by mike swope

A great day on the water on Lake Grapevine…….


And a we caught a real break, the temp was never over

105 and we had a sweet little wind that help keep us cool.


We spent some time on the

water learning skills, and

learning to splash too!


We also did our ground work and got learned up.. as well


But with the heat we tried to spend most of our time….


On the water……


                                           …………  or in it!!!!!!

Thanks to both the other boaters, who played nice with us

all day and to Mr. wind for keeping us so much cooler.


You too could be on the water in the middle of

the fun so join us next time and don’t miss out!


And check out all the incriminating evidence below!


Not sure???

August 5, 2011 by mike swope

How to spend your Saturday??


We’ll join us for the Intro 2 Kayaking class at

Rockledge Park in Grapevine and we’ll see how long it

takes to melt a kayak in 106 degree temperature…

We’ll have a soft start at 9:00am call 214 669 1663 for info!


O my it’s August in Texas and guess what…..


ITS HOT AS …………….101…102….103…104…..

and as you already know much hotter than that…..

check out the temp from my truck sensor…it’s about 8

inches from the ground and this reading is from noon Fri.


Do you remember 1980??  looks like that record is going

by by….


Anyway the latest news…HOT of the press, so to speak..


S4 Saturday August 13th WRL @ Jackson Point

SPECIAL TIME  7AM to 9AM so we can be a little cooler!


LLELA Eco Tour Weekend

Friday evening run 6pm till just after dark

Saturday paddles wet early at 8am

and Sunday 8am too, you pick your day, we’ll bring the




And finally…

our first Full Moon Paddle


Saturday August 14th

Lake Ray Hubbard

Eclipse Fitness Rockwall

RSVP Required!!!

$25 per paddler includes Moon!

Paddles wet at 8:15

back at the Eclipse by 10pm


Stay Tuned we still have

More Classes

More Certifications

More Tri’s

More clean up’s

More Tours

More Trips

And more FUN than the other guys!


See you on the water….

LMF report

August 2, 2011 by mike swope

Third times a charm….

or in this case a flashing light and a loud alarm….


That’s 900 plus on it was to over 2000, and o my was it fun to paddle, it hides most of the rocks, and makes the surfing

a bit more sporty…..


Thanks Todd for the video!

And yes this was at the lower flow……


trying to have fun!


Just so you’ll know this area has become very popular

on the first run we had some 60 people at the putin, some

200 already on the river and almost 10 of those people

wearing pfd’s out of that group….

most did however have a pfd’s, sometime two on

the beer cooler…did I mention is this OKLAHOMA???


Despite the fact we were outnumbered, we did have

watercraft that were much more maneuverable and fun to

be in too.

Did we have fun…YES

Will we go again….YES

Here is the best reason to go too…….


This was the 2nd run, the 3rd run we had the river to just

us, no drunk floaters, no wild partyers, just the LMF

900 cfs and your ability to paddle in current!


Remember the White Water Certification Class is

in October, you can be part of the fun too!

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