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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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Volunteers NEEDED this Sunday Dec 4th Marathon Course guides

November 28, 2011 by mike swope

Were doing our thing for the Love of the Lake Group

in volunteering for the

White Rock Marathon

as course guides, again this year.


Come out and cheer on the runners and be a part of the fun

too, we’ll even include an official T shirt for your service!


John us at the Starbucks in Casa Linda on Sunday the 4th

bright and early at 7 am sharp, we’ll hand out T’s and maps

and other stuff and make sure your pre briefed for the race.

We have 5 intersections we need help with

and we need you,

we need your friends and your other friends too!!!

1. Matilda right onto Ross

2. Ross left onto Greenville

3. Greenville left onto N Munger

4. N Munger right onto Live Oak

5. Live Oak left onto N Haskell and to the finish.

Click here for the turn by turn directions for the 1/2

By the way…you might want to bring your paddle gear..

advanced weather forecast is for rain and cold wind…

I’m just saying…..

Start December off right and finish the 2011 year strong!

Volunteer with KayakPower, and enjoy!

the curious case of the picnic table and….

November 21, 2011 by mike swope

Riverside dining on the Elm Fork……

It’s starts off as a typical day on the river, lots of fun excitement and adventure awaits us….. (you can read about the Eco Tour on the previous blog!)

We round the corner at the 1/2 mile mark and we find some

riverside dining, hum…….make that “in” river dining!

This Picnic Table  was table part down when I

found it, So I moved it to DSCF1051

hopefully let it start drying

out, I had some plans for

later, to get it back in service

at LLELA, who knows we

may need it next time we camp!


So (after the Eco Tour we..)

we floated back down

river with a couple of kayaks

and flipped the table over on

top of the double kayak, we used it

as a raft to cross the river to the road side….

We had a air team….running surveillance, Thanks Girls!

the water team & the ground team..


The ground team was waiting with the  support

gear….a rope and a truck!DSCF1112


We got the tabled up on edge

table side down and used the horsepower to bring it up on

the ground…..

Check out this action shot!


We recovered the second kayak and got the table on the


truck ready for the short drive back into service at LLELA





So the wayward table is

back in service at LLELA someone is using it today and

they have no idea just what journeys that picnic table has 

been on.. they just know it supports the food and the drinks

and provides a place for the family to be together and have

fun outside.

So next time those rowdy folks that break the rules and get

a little frisky with the furniture at the camp  and start to

think about how to express their style of humor…..




Because you don’t want to mess with TEXAS

and you sure

don’t want to mess with these men either!


Thanks to everyone who said that talk was cheap then

said follow me leadership is a better plan!



LLELA this weekend…

November 16, 2011 by mike swope

That’s correct were headed down river!!!


Looking for that LLELA Eco Tour good time……

Join us this Saturday 9am safety talk…10am Paddles WET

P2260050Don’t fret because you

missed us last time…. put this on your calendar or pda…

Plan for Saturday the 19th “have a BLAST with KPC!”


What do you get for the $50 bucks???


6.8 river miles of fun and interesting things to see and do…

3-4 hours of quality kayak time to work your kayak skills….

Snacks, photos, videos, & shuttle included free on the trip…

No stress, unlimited bad jokes and outdoor fun…..

What’s not to like???

Current river conditions…..293 CFS  or perfect flow..

check it out in real time at this link too….,00060

And don’t be late, were paddles wet at 10am SHARP!

Advanced registration required, please & Thanks!


Remember…YOU could be ….here!!!

2  1  4  6  6  9  1  6  6  3  Cell Text Message Pager

Register online at ….         this link too!


November 12, 2011 by mike swope

Along with S4 we had a work day at WRBC & a FTLOTL

Paddle event at Sunset bay too!  Wow a busy Saturday!


So  the Conrad HS kids showed up to help clean, and that’s exactly what they did too. Most of these kids are new to paddling, and to this country too, so we were excited to spread the word on environmental ethics at the clean up.

They were fast learners too!



Off and on the water!





I think everyone had a good time too???     Duh!

Check out all the pictures below too…..


As for the winners of the contest for trash…..

Congrdulations to Kevin for the cleanup words…

and to Ken for the most trash by weight, Ken being the smart kayaker thought about how to make the most of the weight issue and brought back a full 55 gal drum…..


So some quick math… 55 x’s 8 equal 440 lbs plus …..

Hey it only took 5 of use to get it on shore………….


And yes we could have let the liquid out but… it had a very strong odor and was bright blue in color…wonder where it was going to ……or worse….FROM!!!!!!




As for the WRBC, well…….. Kalynn was out of town on business so we grabbed Kathy and her cool friend Meg,


Marvin and myself did get some work done, mostly brain work but you can see the ladies on the dock in the wind!

We discussed a special and final kayak work day for the club on a less windy day and with Kw too, to finish the steps and make the kayak area 100% for 2012.


For the Love of The Lake 


Volunteer Picnic @ Sunset Bay, OK we’ll admit it…

The bird guy stole some of our thunder, ya think?

His hawk was uber cool and was really ready to fly.

We did manage to get a kayak on the water…..


So thanks to Steve’s grandson.

We did NOT go dry at this event!


So we made the east side twice today, and the west side once, gosh, I can hardly wait till Sunday!


Join us for the December S4 where we give away lots of year end swag too!

Clean Up

November 11, 2011 by mike swope



That’s right it’s this weekend and guess what……

where in town

& ready to clean from a KPC kayak too!


so your in luck,                  it looks like….

1. it’s the Second Saturday of the month….

2. We’ll have Great weekend weather!!!

3. the kayaks are joining us!

3. Time to get out an clean the lake and paddle for free!!!


JOIN us for the 2nd to last clean up of 2011

Live at Jackson Point on the west side of Whiterock Lake.

Clean up time from 9am to 11 am free paddle till 12 noon!


Two (2) prizes for Saturday…

1. for the 1st person that comes up to me an says…..

Surprised smile my the lake is dirty I’d sure like to clean it up!

    must be said during the clean up hours!

2. the largest amount of trash by weight.


Cool prizes too!


questions comments or concerns?

214 669 1663





November 8, 2011 by mike swope

That’s kayak code for Tyler St Park and Intro2Kayaking


Really nice weather and 

really nice people make for a

fun day on the water !

Doing exactly what

we love to do..Teach others the unbridled joy of paddling…


We talk about gear….. We talk about pfd’s…….

We talk about paddles…….We talk about kayaks…..

We do knock knock jokes too……….

Will you remember me in an hour?
Will you remember me in a day?

Will you remember me in a week?


Will you remember me in a month?


Will you remember me in a year?

I think you won’t.
Yes, I will.

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?

See? You’ve forgotten me already!


I didn’t say good..knock knock jokes!!


so were off to the water after the “humor” part of the blog..


and had a blast!


check out all the photos below along with the videos too!



Come play with us!


Join us on Whiterock Lake for the cleanup next weekend!

LLELA the following  weekend, and then it’s Turkey Day!

Tyler State Park

November 8, 2011 by mike swope

With our friends from BSA pack 425 and the clear water of Tyler State Park, but it was a little…..low…



This is our 6th year to meet the pack and have fun on the water with this high quality group of folks, and we love it!


Were thinking the kids have some fun too……



And just cuz… we let the adults have a little too……



And for a little new wrinkle…. we had the SUP’s too


Sup stand (ha-ha) for Stand Up Paddling, and they

can be lots of fun too!




And yes they we saying……  “GIRL POWER!!!!!


If your part of the pack we have a Hi-Def

dvd for your family, we’ll gladly send to you…or

you can grab any of the photos below of this site too..


Remember to get your group on the water all you have to

do is give us a call and we schedule your water fun too!

Thanks Guy and BSA 425 for paddling with KPC!!!


November 4, 2011 by mike swope

Big Thanks to the American Whitewater for leading the way on this deconstruction of a Dam, check out this video and see what happens when you pull the plug…so to speak!


Good by Lake Hello RIVER!

Just a reminder were in Tyler this weekend,

for the Intro class



and the BSA 425 fall campout, so please join us in

East Texas or we’ll see you next week in Dallas!



Stop Dreaming and START PADDLING!

Sunday LLELA Run for

November 1, 2011 by mike swope

REI, do you know what REI stands for??


Really Fun Employees Interested in Kayaking?


So if your were on this trip….you are an employee of REI and work (I use that term loosely) at the Dallas store,

I have a trivia question for you…..

The first person to hit me with a correct email

WINS a brand new Seal Line waterproof cell phone bag!!!!!

here it is..

What year did REI Store # 45 open it’s doors?

Good Luck!


So back at the river and LLELA..

Check out these folks…






totally unscripted photos too!               Trust Me!

An what better than just these photos???   How about

All the photos below too, just click the link, then use your

REI employee number as your user name and your

16 digit credit card # as your password…….

We’ll get the x date and v code later    Smile


NEXT INTRO CLASS 11/5/2011 Tyler State PARK

Did you know Active REI employees get 50% KPC

Kayak Instruction Classes??

Foggy Foggy …day?

November 1, 2011 by mike swope

this is what  Saturday morning at LLELA look liked…..


That’s looking east over the water into the woods,,,




Yes it was inversion fog so it was gone by 945….


So we hit the river!!!


Part of the trip was to give Gray (the son) and Bob

(the Dad) some double time in a kayak so Gray could

scout locations for his Eagle Scout project, river safety

signs, and we were happy to help with that!!!


Dave showed off the proper LLELA kayak posture…


Wanda gave our newest Liquid Logic kayak a spin!


And Michael did….well he did what he does best…..


Randy proved you can have a cell phone on the river

& NOT destroy it with water ( Don’t ask me how!!!)


And Jena just looked good in her Red PFD…& Kayak

You know what they say about style right!


Check out all the photo’s below and join us in December

on the 3rd Saturday for more LLELA fun!



NEXT INTRO CLASS 11/05/2011 Tyler State Park

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