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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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Tri Daily

June 30, 2012 by mike swope

The GL swim and bike training went off with a hitch….


No the camera is not bad…… this was shot thru the water proof bag!


That’s Mike getting them swim ready!


And you guessed it… this is their swim!!

See ya next Saturday at Sand Bass Point!

DA&BG kids at WRL

June 29, 2012 by mike swope


                                                                                Kens Photos!

…it was touch and go, as we could not remember the

weather ever treating us this good, on shore wind and

just enough clouds to feel cool in Big D on the almost last

day of June…….



ready or not ….. here we go!


what’s my name?

in case your wondering… I had NO chance of remembering





Yup…. we got the self pics too!


and the beauty shoots too!

Thanks to these ladies…



We rock the waters of WRL!!!



                 check out most of the photos’ too…..







stampede the water….

June 25, 2012 by mike swope

   UPDATE   New Pic, Thx Ken!

With tri racers in Fort Worth with Play Tri and KPC!



Looks a little like a stampede …… right!

this is what it looked like when we got there on Sunday …



Thanks to the volunteers and to the Life Guards & CG that

spent the wee hours of the early am in a vehicle to be at

the waters edge by 6am and make sure the course was

set and ready for the racers!

IMG_1297 (2)IMG_1302

They/We/ …   make it look easy, but it’s not really…

you need some specific skills both in a kayak……


and on a paddle board too!


Check out all the photos, and

special thanks to KW for shooting it up!




Remember you can catch with us on the webpage


the blog

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or Facebook

and yes if you like us…we’ll like you back too!


And remember don’t just kayak

Kayak POWER!

C&C hits the waves

June 23, 2012 by mike swope

…at Lake Ray Hubbard……


What a fun group of…


Summer Associates…….


and now…summer associates…paddlers!!!!


They did it KPC style, with 3 different type of kayaks



SUP   way to go girl! JM rocking the board!!!!!

Crazy Skills……..word………..



Gear up           and it is Texas so       Grease up…


And go!


        Check out all the photos in the area below…


Lastly check out this before and after shot……


I told them next time not to be so serious….paddling is




……………….with KPC!

                                                 Thanks everyone!




June 23, 2012 by mike swope

Open water swim training  Grapevine lake……..

Do you know Mike??P6230103

He’s the swim coach and mastermind behind Tridaily.

This morning class was also attended by a really cool…




Yup that’s right it keep the sun off us until about 830am,

That was nice too!


That’s just another reason were up early at at the paddle!

Check out this too…


in fact check out all the pictures below….

And if you’re a student of today training please checkout

this close up view of your last lap today at the lake…….


Remember next Saturday, same lake same time!


Railroad + Lewisville = ???

June 18, 2012 by mike swope

Triathlon, and Playtri     TRI in fact!


And check this out…. the fountains were on for the race,

water going up 40 + feet in the air…. way cool!



So we got our rabbit..

thanks Dave!



we got the racers…..


Thanks Racers!!!


and we had some fun!



Did you know ……out of all the swimmers we only had to

help one very very nice young lady….



And yes this is a “feel good” blog….


she did finish the race!


It was her first time………were so proud!!!


Check out the team that keeps em safe on the water……


       Are you a highly skilled lifeguard or kayaker??


We want you on the the next race !!!!


Here are the photo set, sorry its on the smaller side..



Next Race Benbrook Lake June 24th!

See ya on the water!

Eco tour happiness….

June 16, 2012 by mike swope



                                                    Pictures from KEN!   Thanks KEN!!

Is more than 80 cfs from the  U S Army Corps of Eng.!!!!!



don’t think of it as a drag….(thanks USACE!)

think of it as….

                    Kayhiking, ……. go look that one up!


We did make it to the deeper part of the river just past

the RR bridge, and that was nice……



check out those crazy balance skills from Isabella too!



and besides being a great rabbit Pete is also a cool dude!


Thanks for bringing the kin folk too, he’s a hardy man!

we did some goofing off in the water….


and then got a quick photo too….


and one on the water too, with Gary showing off…….again!


Check em all out too…..Thanks to Steve to for his great

shots as well!



Join us next month for the fun!

UNT kids rule the waves!

June 16, 2012 by mike swope

the kayaks……….well… least the water was cool!





Thanks to the following……….


we were able to squeeze out some fun!!


And say hello to the ring leader of the group too!

in fact check out all the fun photos of our trip…..


Time Change S4

June 10, 2012 by mike swope

OK OK it was my bad, we updated the time on the calendar and it should have changed the blogs and the other sites too but it did not……..I’m sorry if we missed you!

We got back from the other 2 gigs and to the lake about

12:30 and we had a crew ready to go, in fact we got them on the water asap….


in fact we were in such a hurry…… we did a kayaking waiver signing….our first in fact…


Thanks   TRACY!  you ROCK!


We got our Adventure crew from Conrad HS out and they

well……got trashed, those darn high school kids!



and check this out………they have    s t y l e      too!!!




O U T S T A N D I N G !!!!

We had the Girly’s out too!

and the GS Mom’s as well

they were a little reserved…..



but we were finally able to break them out the their shell…


bunny ears never hurt to lighten the mood either!


And now the awards….

The biggest trash award….. a car part!

P6090440When you get something that

as large as your kayak you know you done good!

And the smallest trash…..P6090441

No this is a set up for the photo, this is his water , he had a

huge bag of trash as did everyone……..yeah!


                               S E E!!!

Check out your trash photo and all the photos too!



Thanks to all the volunteers we look forward to

see you on the Second Saturday in July too!!!





We Race We Support We Teach We Clean We have FUN!

Girls only I2K

June 10, 2012 by mike swope

It was a ladies only event, at LRH and JPJ park and the

water and the weather were perfect!

_6092200 (2)this part of LRH is interesting

as the new bridge is impressive from the water, and the

winds blow from the southeast, the water is very calm!


the ladies did great as did our women instructors, Thanks

Grace, Nettie and Karen!

I think the class had fun too!  Right Ladies!




We don’t have all our pictures back yet from the 3 different

camera so you’ll have to check back for the photo updates!


Join us for the next GIRLS ONLY CLASS IN JULY!!!!

                                          Open-mouthed smile

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