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Stop Dreaming…Start Paddling
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Swim Across America

June 10, 2012 by mike swope

Making waves to fight cancer, literally in fact,

and what a great cause too!


It’s a lot like a tri except the racers only swim, and have fun


We get our volunteers together and talk about the course,

talk about the different lengths of races and of course…

talk about why we enjoy paddling so much we get up


at the crack of dawn to go paddle with friends old and new!


Here’s one the “rabbit’s” leading the swimmers around the

course, there were 3 different distance to the race, 1/2

mile, 1 mile and for the really adventurous….2 miles!

So we had 3 different rabbits to lead the swimmers on the

different courses.


This is what the first start wave looked like…from the water



we had a close eye on the swimmers and with the support

of the Coast Guard and the Dallas Fire Department too!



Can you tell who had their coffee and who did not??

Check out all the racy swim photos and of course

the group photo too………………….enjoy!




Join us on at the TollTag Tri in Lewisville next Sunday!

Chicks RULE!!!

June 5, 2012 by mike swope

At least this Saturday they do!!!….. Check it out




So got your girly stuff together and get ready

Saturday the 9th of June Lake Ray Hubbard

John Paul Jones Park  Across the highway from Bass Pro


9am-3pm, only a few spots left so call or email today!

CALL GRACE for complete details

214 563 7057  Cell or TM!

register online here

If at 1st you don’t succeed…….

June 5, 2012 by mike swope

                                    UPDATE NEW PHOTOS!

Tri Tri Tri    PlayTri again, yes it was the Playtri Festival…

Can you say 19 swim events in 3 days….I can  WOW!


And you know every single swimmer and every single kayaker for the entire 3 days gets out at the steps, and for 3 days these steps never fail to either group, and why do they not fail…. you ask??


Because behind every LCPT event our friend makes the steps with pride and skill so some 600 plus users and go up and down, into and out of the water safely, Thank You my Friend!


We also get some love from the men in blue…..and

gold….and safety orange, and   o well you get the idea!


Randy and Mike were on the Ski’s and their buds were

backing them up on the big party oops I mean CG flagship!


Thanks to all these guys for making our job a little easier!

and least we forget… these guys & gals  fun…..easier too!


Steve got some really cool shots on Saturday, well post

them all but here’s a preview…..




Thanks Steve!  you photos always ROCK us!

And not to worry we’ll post all the photos for all 3 days..


So can your trained eye tell the difference between a

1. highly skilled kayaker


2. highly skilled lifeguard?

We’ll it’s hard because the Lifeguards are highly trained in

both lifeguarding and water safety kayaking too!

Here’s a hint we also DO NOT require them to wear PFD’s

Why?  because they may be required to enter the water

and swim to a person in need, and you can do that faster

without a vest, just in case you were wondering…….



These events start early…

very early, and no we don’t

sleep at the event…




I wonder where we could do that???




Anyway there is a real cool benefit to being up and on the

water early in the am….


Not bad eh… perfect weather for a race, and kayaking too!



Thanks to all the volunteers that brave the elements, fight

the crowds, walk a mile to the water and then…help keep

everyone safe too….


Checkout all the photos, there’s a few… and remember to

join us for the next water safety event


Swim Across America next Saturday at Lake Ray Hubbard!




I told you there were a lot of pictures….. a whole lot!

You might not know my perception of jet ski’s  but it has not

been always …ahem….favorable…. unless   of course

it’s at the hands of a experienced Coast Guard professional


In case you don’t want to watch the entire video…

the answer is NO!

Special thanks to the CG

for getting that last filling in my teeth out
& for the total and complete sinus flush too!

I love kayaking more everyday!

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