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River Legacy Foundation West Fork Clean UP!

October 27, 2012 by mike swope

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE – New Pictures! Thx Wanda!

Thanks to Alma and the River Legacy Foundation,


In Association with the Arlington Parks and Recreation



and Charles Allen,



and of course your close and personal friends from…



Thanks Trenton, Kelvin, Marvin, Todd, Wanda & Parker


We made a clean river!  YEAH!!!!!



We also need to Thank the river rats of west Arlington too,



better known as the paddling volunteers….



They did the hard work and made it happen….



And least I forget, Thanks to those great ground volunteers



that got the trash, out and up the hill, & out of the river….



As for the water part, it was an exciting launch, we only had


2 swimmers, not that bad for that steep slope, we also

Thank  the first young man into the deep for having the

good sense to live to paddle another day!  Well done Sir!



Also of note…. if you don’t see yourself in the pictures below….




you paddled a lot   LOT faster than I did!!!  Thanks to you!!


We awarded Elizabeth the most vigilant person getting trashed as she was cleaning up the ground at the putin..



We awarded Mr. & Mrs. Edger the largest trasher award, enjoy that giant carabineer!



We thought we might have an awards sweep but alas the guys just couldn’t get that extreme tire to stay on the kayak…it only weighed about 250*lbs.…….go figure

(*The tire was only 100lbs, the rest was mud!)



We had some fun along the trip with the john boat too but,

Capitan Mike was very skilled!


Mike could you do that again next year???  PLEASE!!


Anyway, we made the take out and found our newest friends.. 

the support volunteers that got the trash,

watch out world… they young, strong, smart and really

don’t mind getting trashed!


Check out all the photo’s below…



Sadly the tire didn’t make it out….this time!



W h y   j u s t    k a y a k …..

……w h e n   y o u   c a n  KayakPower!

Trinity River Clean up Coming this WEEKEND!

October 23, 2012 by mike swope

Join Alma, KPC & Arlington Parks at


River Legacy Foundation

this Saturday,


for a 4.2 mile live water cleanup on the

WEST fork of the Trinity River in Arlington!


We need experienced kayakers to join us

space is limited to 12 KPC kayakers

Your welcome to bring your own boat too!


This is a river trip/CLEANUP

Put in   4.2 miles later  take out!

You need Texas paddling skills, a KPC class or

KPC river experience or the equivalent skill set PLEASE!

Location is at the River Legacy Park entrance..

River Legacy Parks’ Canoe Launch
3020 North Collins Street
Arlington, Texas 76006

RLP map 2012

Shuttle to the put in and go get us some trash!

Be back to the take out by 11:30 am,

Hoof it back the main park and enjoy the rest of the

day knowing what good your did!!


Need additional details from the PARK?

  Call Alma 817-223-2310 cell – 817-860-6752 office

Need additional details from KPC??

Call Mike 214 669 1663 or TM or pager!

10 27 2012   9 am –12pm

L L E L A Trip Report

October 21, 2012 by mike swope

It was live and in living color….

And as a bonus we had WATER too!  Thank you ACE!!!!


And guess what?  Steve got some great Photos too,

T H A N K S    Steve!  your great!



A really big THANKS To the ACE who turned the water back ON!!!


See ya Next Month on the 3rd Saturday!


Don’t just Kayak….




W R L 10.13.12

October 14, 2012 by mike swope

I have really enjoyed the numerology of this year, did you?



        We can, we saw…….. we kicked trash;s %^$!


This Sat was actually better than last, it was nice the entire

time, and as a plus the wind was blowing from the SE..

Sorry to our sister groups on at side of the lake, ahem..

I think you have our trash????……



People ask us all the time “does this get old for you?”



That’s a great question, and the fact of the matter is …..

Yes, and you know why too, because it happens to all

of us from time to time.



We want to do the right thing, we strive to do the right

thing and were compelled to do the right things………



It’s to early in the morning




It’s to cold, It’s to windy, It’s to yucky……..

It’s to whatever…..


Here the deal.

It’s an effort to manage a fleet of kayak and canoes, deal with logistics, rally support, and provide live water safety and, cover the incidental expenditures among other things……..…..not so subjective…..DO NOT READ IN $!


And I can’t speak for everyone,

however my reasons are

very simple,


He could.


She could



They could



We could.




What a fantastic world we live in!



and the bonus!

                                      Todd can Paddle




Forgive me that should have been  “Nic” can paddle…..


And thanks to the quick thinking and steadfast planning

+ got about 1/2 a kayak of food for the December delivery

to our local food bank, at Saturdays S4.




You Guys






Next S4 Second Saturday in November 2012

WE NEED FOOD!   Please dress warm too!

Fill a kayak with food….

October 9, 2012 by mike swope

And were using the  Old Town Vapor 10, so it holds a lot!

2012 KPC food drive

Were helping the White Rock Center of Hope during the

this Holiday season, and would like to completely fill this

kayak with food. Join us for some trashing on Saturday

get in a kayak and help feed some of the needy too.

We can’t make the whole world a better place but we

can make our part of it lots better for those in need!


T H A N K    Y O U !!


S4  10.13.12  9am 11am 4100 W Lawther DT @ WRL

And the winner is……

October 8, 2012 by mike swope

You, and you , and you too! for getting up and getting out

with us to do the water safety on Sat and Sun on LRH!


it was an impressive race not just for the conditions but for

the level of competition for this event was off the chain!

The 1st place male was 1 hour and 50 min and change

The 1st place female was just over 2 hours… 2 HOURS!

1500 m swim, 40 K in the saddle and 10K on foot….

WOW and just in case you don’t know…Sarah entered

6 events with Lifetime and won all 6 events too,

Wonder why she didn’t enter or win that 7th one???

She was busy in London!


We had the heard or pod or whatever you call a large group of kayaks… both on Sat for the Swim clinic and for the big race on Sunday too.


there are some amazing stories of personal success

but with out the safety team effort we couldn’t feel as good

Thanks to Randy and the USGC for their expert

seamanship and keeping us safe from other motor craft…



We also have the support of Monica and her Life Guards

they work from the water, from a boat, from a jet ski

and from the kayaks too!




These are a few of the 25 plus LG’s we had in support of

that little morning swim… with 1500+ people in the water


We also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Staci and to

Brad without their support this would have just been a

cold wet morning, but their shining personalities keep us

warm inside while we did battle with the elements outside.


I had a volunteer ask about the weather.. ….

what do we do if the weather is bad, they asked…….

I responded “ there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”

Right Grace?


Hey check out the few pics that were taken, by both Steve and Mike & make plans to join us in 2013 for the next race!


Don’t forget Second Saturday Shoreline Spruceup this Sat

9am to 11am and please please please don’t forget our

2012 KPC food drive

Toyota US Open Water Support 10.7.2012

October 3, 2012 by mike swope

V O L U N T E E R S  N E E D E D !!!


This Sunday you can be on the water

for the final race of the Toyota

US Open Tri on Lake Ray Hubbard


We need about 15- 20 volunteers to man the kayaks and

help the racers  stay on course and get a rest if needed!

We need you there at the Harbor on the lake by 6:30am

The first wave starts exactly at 7:05am


check out this link with directions and a map

If you joined us last year, welcome back

if your new this year, welcome to the fun!

In addition we’ll have the USCG, Dallas Fire Dept

and more marine public safety too!


214 669 1663

or email

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