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LLELA Jan 2013

January 20, 2013 by mike swope

In Video…















& in pictures too….




It was a small group but January is always like that….

Sorry we missed you!  Hope to see you soon!

LLELA This Saturday!

January 18, 2013 by mike swope

Join us at LLELA   9to 10 safety talk

10am paddles wet!   RSVP PLEASE!



Lewisville Intro 2 Kayaking class in association with the

Lewisville Park & Recreation Department

Join us and learn to kayak

   Feb 15th    3pm paddles wet

    Feb 17th    11am paddles wet

 March 15th  3pm paddles wet

March 17th  11am paddles wet

March 17th   3pm paddles wet

April 19th  5pm paddles wet

April 21st  11am paddles wet

April 21st   3 pm paddles wet

May 17th 5pm paddles wet

May 19th 11am paddles wet

May 19th 3pm paddles wet

Click here to register on the Lewisville

Park site,

Yes you have to register with them, its

easy the registration is free and looks like this…

Please complete the following information about your household:

Id Password *
Re-Type to Confirm Password *
We will ask you these 2 Security/Challenge Questions if you forget your Password:

Mother’s Maiden Name? *

Pet’s Name? *

Head of Household Information

Name of Primary Guardian (First) *
(Last) *

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) *
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Gender *
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School Grade or  highest grade completed 

Name of Secondary Guardian (First)

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Primary Email Address *

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Emergency Contact Information

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Contact Phone w/ area code

Other Information

How did you hear about this site?

Would you care to be contacted via Email by us?
No    Yes

Would you care to participate in Promotions or Contests?
No    Yes

You MUST register with the park Dept. for this class!

Paddle location is Railroad Park Lewisville Texas

Please & Thanks!

January S4 WRL

January 13, 2013 by mike swope

P1120059 - Copy

We had a little fog to start…


Thanks to Steve for these cool shots of that fog!

P1120065 - Copy


Also Thanks to Nathan for being our 1st





S4 paddler for 2013!

P1120083 - Copy

Your official S4 T shirt is in the mail, wear it proudly!

you earned it!


We did a ground and a water cleanup this month…

You see after a big rain you get a lot of the stuff we

like …up close and easy to get too……





We had to go wrangle a couple of kayaks back in…



Not because of them, but on account of the rain….



It looks like those fog pictures but alas …. it’s 3d fog




But rain or shine we get the trash and have the fun too!



Check us out


Second Saturday in February

02   12     2013    

9am   11am   

4100 West Lawther



WRL Cleanup is This Saturday!

January 9, 2013 by mike swope

That’s Right

SATURDAY January 12th 9am

4100 West Lawther Drive


In Fact…

Mark your calendar for all the 2013 cleanups

2/9  3/9  4/13  5/11  6/8  7/13  8/10  9/14

10/12  11/9 and Saturday December 14th


This is the Second Saturday Shoreline Spruceup

in association with our Friends at

For the Love of the Lake!


You might also considering join us for some other

Water Way cleanups too, like

Keep Irving Beautiful   Elm Fork of the Trinity River

Two (2) events this year!!!

Keep Lewisville Beautiful   Elm Fork of the Trinity River

We also have an adopt a shoreline on Grapevine Lake

And we’ll be cleaning out there too, with

Keep Grapevine Beautiful about 4 time in this coming year

And just in case your more of a West Fork fan, join us &

Keep Arlington Beautiful and the River Legacy Foundation!


We believe in and practice Leave No Trace, in fact we will

host them again in 2013 too! ……..

We put our anti littering philosophy where our paddle is!


                       We’ll see you this Saturday!


ps we have a little surprise announcement for Saturday too!……………stay tuned

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2013 is here…

January 1, 2013 by mike swope

and were paddling ………………


brisk is the paddling term


Hi of 43 degrees wind from the North 10 to 20 mph

and were …


headed up White Rock Creek, as you know it rained the

last couple of days so the side creeks were floatable…..

Yea!   we got farther to the west than

we have all last year………………..


We spotted some interesting high water marks too…


Upper right hand corner of pic…see the traffic barrel…..

it was 5 feet above us!



we also found some people fishing with a gill net strung

on from one side of the creek completely to the other side,

we were about to cut it when we discovered they we

launching a raft to recover their net…………..

gill net 2013

Just in case your wondering… gills nets remain illegal

in all freshwater in Texas in 2013 , just FYI…


On the bright side we got a close up look at the new

infrastructure that includes the bridge…oops bridges…


Not a bad camera angle…. you think??



Anyway…back at the creek we also discovered…..


Trash, yup you guessed it, it made us wonder…..

With all the equipment and money and man hours being

spent on the bridges, was any money allocated to help

resolve any of the past, current or future trash problems

with White Rock Creek??



Despite the challenges we face in learning to live in

harmony with each other and the our environment,

Paddling still provides the best form of recreation….

for the soul!



Don’t let the year slip past you! Join us and get a soul

R E C H A R G E !!!


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