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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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Marine Safety Training Class

October 25, 2013 by mike swope

THIS SUNDAY and the sweet part…..

It’s FREE to the first 10 people who sign up!



Join us at the HEARD Museum 8am 10.27.2013

Heard Museum
1 Nature Place
McKinney, Texas 75069

Directions and a Map click here

Bring your lunch and get in the know about what good powerboat operators know, it will make you a better kayaker too!


this is targeted to open water rules of Nav &

other common USCG rules and regulations

This is our only NON Paddling class we hold!


This class starts promptly at 8am and will be go to 4:30pm

To RSVP your free spot in class

Please Text or Email

your name & contact email to


2145 669 1663


Specific Class Questions??

Contact your safety instructor direct

Commander Tim Dorsey

214 505 7722

Option # 2

Special driving info from  CTD!!!

Tell your folks that Hwy 5 (Greenville Avenue) is closed at the rail road overpass north of Stacy Road. So they can exit (NB) and take 121 over to Hwy 5 or exit at Stacy Road and go east until it dead ends at FM 1378 and turn left and follow it to the Heard.







Shirts are back!!!!

11.1.13  Still just 20 bucks!

orders yours today!

going with the flow

October 19, 2013 by mike swope

At LLELA !                 UPDATE NEW PHOTOS 10/20/13


It was a perfect day on the water, cool temps, good flow and great friends to enjoy it with !


We had a spot of low water to start but we pushed over

& kept the bow pointed downstream….



The beach break was shorter than normal….as you might

guess no one went for a quick dip…maybe due to the air 

temp or maybe they were waiting for the really cold h2o?


Anyway…a little follow the leader and some tree tag…


we were able to keep some sort of river sanity……NOT!


OK a little but not much…..Right ???


Hey if we missed you this trip, don’t fret…were going again



Check em all out……



Thanks KJ for these too!




See ya on the RIVER!!!!!



Photo update & LLELA alert…

October 15, 2013 by mike swope

A big THANKS to Bubba for sending us his pictures of the Texas Special Olympics kayaking and the Toyota too

Check em o u t …………….




Well…it looks like we will have water and somewhat


cooler weather too….finally!!!!

101913 WM

The overnight low currently is predicted to be

in the middle 50’s with the high predicted to be

in the middle 70’s so…it’s always cooler on or near

the water so PLEASE dress for success..

Dress in layers

Dress for colder NOT warmer conditions

have back up clothes


and yes we bring extra clothing and gear

however we don’t always have your size or color!


Safety, snacks and gear up is from 9am to 9:59am

Were paddles wet at 10am SHARP!


See you on the River!


Getting the trash out….

October 13, 2013 by mike swope


It may not look like a lot, but you have to consider the number of people and the number of time’s, and you might not be the only one to do so too…..

Our Volunteers have been awarded a Texas Capital Flag from our Representative Ken Sheets due to our years of service with the For the Love of the Lake group last Sat.


The WOOHOO! is for you, the best volunteers in the world!




and we also welcomed our newest member of the grocery


cart club, a very exclusive club only open to our group!









Make your plans today  for the fun of getting trashed with




November 9th 2013

See Ya on the water!

Denton MHMR rides again ….

October 13, 2013 by mike swope

This time W I T H water!!!  WOOHOO!!


375 cfs and going up

This is from the small openings too…..W O W!!!


A shot from above ……





…………………………..and some shots from below


We taking the Denton MHMR out a couple of additional times this year and need to volunteers to paddle with some

special people, if you feel you have what it takes then we

want your help! Contact us for trip specifics and THANKS!



Toyota Tri report …..

October 12, 2013 by mike swope

O a tale of two tri’s, it seems the Saturday swim support always has a certain …..hum how to say it….challenge to it


slight north wind…

But if the pros want to swim, guess what..the pro’s swim!

             and guess who lets them swim??


you guessed right!

So you go to bed on Saturday with a very low water lake

and it rains all night long and your thinking wow that’s great

we get that needed water and then you look again on



Sunday and you see the lake went up exactly……0 inches


and your like  really   please let the rain come again,

PLEASE we need the water really badly ……..


                    at least it makes a pretty picture!



those were the Oly photos, check out the N2 photos below


I’m not so sure the 8mp camera on the phone I so bad…


Also & just FYI to give you some perspective on the race

We started racing about


with the men pro’s the first man was through with the swim about 22 mins later or about

7:50am  that right…


We actually cheered the last swimmer on course or LSOC

out of the water about

9:28 am

from the sprint course…..

or 1/2 the distance of the pro swim… at that time about 3

of the pros were finished with the bike and the run leg of

the course as well.

                You just thought YOU were fast!


Make you calendar and join us in 2014 for the

Lifetime Toyota Triathlon

at the Harbor on beautiful Lake Ray Hubbard!


KPC TSO Kayaking

October 11, 2013 by mike swope

Texas Special Olympics Kayaking …..

And the winners are……






Thanks to Teri for the great winning shots too!


And who are the real winners, It the kids…but it felt like I was because of so many special people, it’s a humbling experience, and

one I look forward to for 2014!


Check out the photos from the race director..


Also check out these great shots from Steve too!



Be sure to put us on your fall 2014 calendar too!

Volunteers Needed!

October 4, 2013 by mike swope

SO 2013

Texas Special Olympics


Saturday October 5th 8am to 11 am

John Paul Jones Park Garland Texas

4099 Zion Road Garland Texas 75043

We need support on the water!



Toyota Triathlon Swim Safety Support

Saturday  12:30 to 2 pm


Sunday 6am to 11am

The Harbor In Rockwall

2055 Summer Lee Rockwall Texas 75032

behind the Hilton Hotel

see this world class event from the start in a kayak and

get the official T shirt too!


Thanks for your support!

Playtri Stonebridge Special O & Toyota too…

October 3, 2013 by mike swope

We got a early jump on the water at Stonebridge, and thankfully for the rain last week…..

                          it was once again full of water!


      Check out the less than 1500 photos below!


We also hosting the

Texas Special Olympics Kayaking

on Lake Ray Hubbard this Saturday

from 8am to about 12 noon at

John Paul Jones Park

4099 Zion Rd, Garland, TX 75043

We love to have some on the water volunteers to help too!

If you would be interested in helping with this event

Please join us at the park at 8 am on Saturday

October 5th 2013

Race course is 200m and 500m

single and unlimited class

Contact MIKE for more details…


And the 2013 Toyota Tri Dallas is this weekend to

also at lake Ray Hubbard but on the other

side of the lake in front of the Hilton Hotel.



Lots of on the water volunteers to help

provide water safety and support.

With the government shutdown, we have lost

the USCGA and their fleet too is in stand down.

We need Volunteers !!





Hats Tango Dos….

October 1, 2013 by mike swope


I want you to think about the skill required to handle a drop

and still have the presence of mind to be able to wave HI!


and speaking of mind, we didn’t mind hanging out …..


Cooling off, just chillaxing and getting our WW on……


                                 we just go with the flow…….




OK I’m out of clichés (thankfully)   

so here it is………….


Groovy people…



                                                            Cool River…



adjective \ˈȯ-səm\

: causing feelings of fear and wonder : causing feelings of awe

: extremely good



and as a little extra too….Steve’s photos are below!!



Thanks to all the Dad’s and all the Daughters and

                       to all the Dad’s and the Son’s too!

I talk about how easy we make learning to kayak that if you could dance the Macarena you can easily kayak with us!


see !

See ya on the RIVER!

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