Month: January 2015

  • Was it really January?

    But before we get to the fun….it didn’t quite start out right.. There was this little traffic snafu, ahem about 5 miles of I hope the folks in the accident were OK but the backup was     EPIC!  it put is an hour late to LLELA!!!!! Now back to the fun… and the happy people too…. […]

  • It’s LLELA Time this Saturday

      Join us for the LLELA Fun on   THIS SATURDAY 1.17.2015 We have the safety talk between 9 and 10 then it’s paddles wet at 10am SHARP! And the good news…No price increase for 2015 ! Register online here or call Mike at 214 669 1663!

  • The 1st K P C 2nd Saturday of 2015

    and yes it was a little cold the air was 40 the water was 52 so we didn’t do any rolling on account of the ice hazard Wind effect lake ice to be exact, Our Pier is also under repair so the only ones enjoying that Were the Birds! and despite the lack of things, […]

  • Hot or cold?? we got ya covered for both!

    Did you know the average water temp at Friday’s event is 78 degrees…. (The Pool at TI!) did you know the average water temp at Saturday’s event is estimated to be 53 degrees??? Of course if you add 53 and the air temp of 33 you get 86 or over 34 degrees differential between the […]