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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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River & Lake Levels are….

August 6, 2015 by mike swope

Very interesting here in North Texas…..


6 years plus of no


and then 6 weeks of to much water…….


You can check out lake levels at this link


You can check out river flow at this link


here are two (2) of several sites we like, just FYI


Thankfully, we were still able to paddle in support of Tri’s



Thankfully we still able to survey the flooded LLELA area


Yes we found a pour over, yes we surfed it too!


& still make our swim practice support groups happy too…



I guess we should also count our blessings on the S4 too

Hai is a trash master!



You know… paddling can be a lot of hard work!


At least the office view ROCKS!!!!


Second Saturday is this Saturday August 8th 9am !!!!

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