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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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Final TRI for 2015

October 20, 2015 by mike swope


AS you know it starts off in the wee hour of the morning


boat drop off at the Harbor in Rockwall, and yes the lake

is a little down from a month or two ago, but still plenty of


H2O for us and for the racers to swim in.


About the time were unloading is just as Mr. Sunshine says

Good Morning! And you can see the Happy look on our

faces too!


And Yes that is Coffee, fully leaded too!


A Big 2015 THANKS to Monica and all her

awesome lifeguards!!!


And A Big Thank to our other volunteers too

THANKS Mary and Thanks to Randy for the support!


And least we forget a big THANKS to the USCGA too

Randy, Mike, Fred and all the men and woman who

help and support the Tri’s on the water and the ground!


Also we like to Thank the Dallas Fire Dept and St 39

Those guys have this really cool boat, and Thankfully

we didn’t need to use it all year!


And what was the funnest part for me you ask?

Was it helping swimmers make the finish line?  Or rooting

for the parents racing with there special needs children, or

perhaps seeing the joy of the 1st time finishers??  Well….


Its really all those and the kids that race…..

they are devoid of any expectations and

race for the joy of racing,

we should all take note!

2016 is approaching soon, get your tri

paddling safety skills


Thanks to all the Race and production companies

that allow KayakPower.Com

to be a small part of their success!


LLELA the trip report inside the Trip Report

October 19, 2015 by mike swope

Looks peaceful enough, ah???


Well that’s because it’s the take out!!!


Look what we found…..


destroyed signs…..


Tree Falls


Very large pipes


and evidence of lots of very powerful water making the

channel over….again!


Besides all the changes to the streambed, we have some

new and interesting strainers and tree rapids at LLELA

including a river crux that requires a skillset to navigate!

more on that later!!!!




Check out these faces and see the steely resolve,


That’s how we roll!



Or Check out all the photos from the trip below,


and remember I you see a photo you don’t like….

just click this link for the pay per “not view” form


Just $9.99 and that photo or photos…..goes AWAY!!!!

No if’s and’s or ….



Of course you know were just kidding, LOL!!!!

Limited time offer some exclusions may apply! Actual cost is more!

Ok you you want to run the river without us

& not get wet!

Better study the “inside” report below!!!


LLELA Eco Tour Launch @ 375 CFM

Easy to float through the shallow section with river left being the deepest and lines you up well with the mini drop and the mini rapid, run the standing wave right down the middle, and if need to stop,  there is a big eddy on river left just after the tree,

RM 1

1st split you can take right or left, left being deeper near the left bank and the only heads up is the drain pipe you may need to avoid, the right is through shallow water and needs to be in center channel or the tree overhang with get you. Both sides converge back to a single channel that starts a left S turn, once inside this turn you need to be in the center channel as the current will slide you to river right and line you up with the overhanging tree strainer, once thru the S turn the current will again push you river left to the next tree strainer, stay center and you will be A OK.

Longer straight channel gives way to a hard right turn and again splits, currently is better to take the shallow left and perhaps have to get out ,instead of the tree blocking 90 of the channel to the right, however we did clear that tree so if you can steer in current you have a right run past the tree.

After that it’s a clear thru the  S turn to the RR bridge and the confluence of the Actual Elm Fork Channel.

RM 2

Just after the RR bridge the wires have been pulled low to the water stay more left for more line clearance. Once past that the current will pick up are the river narrows and you encounter the 1 of several tree strainers that occupy 95% of the river, the best run is river left right next to the root ball of a large tree, you can run river right however you will need to avoid all the high, low and in river branch’s while turning to the left, right after that a single tree blocks 95 % of the flow and pushes it left, again left is the preferred run. After that you can move back more river right and avoid the other in river trees several opening exist just remember to steer!


Cab you see Ken standing on the root ball?

The circa1800 bridge support on river left has been washed out, if you look right the other bridge support is still standing.


Old Bridge support

Several other trees exist if you unsure about the way through, slow down and scout 1st.

2nd major tree rapid, however this one is more tricky as you have to maneuver your kayak in the current to avoid being washed into the strainer in a broach position!!

This is a narrow river right run with a dynamic move back to the left just past a downed tree and paddle hard thru the current line to more slack water. These is a tree that got washed into the river standing up, it divides the entrance to this and you want it on you right side, as you past the tree set you ferry angle (point the kayak nose 90* left) to go in just behind the downed tree, steer this one straight and the current will shoot you thru without a single stroke, under steer on this and you will need to hit the jets and paddle for effect or you will hit the tree in a broach position just out of the major current.


We actually open this up some more so that the tree will not knock you out father down if your late with your strokes.

Again after this several new tree and some news river cuts into the main channel from both sides.


RM 3

Lots and Lots of new trees in the river and almost all of these look like 100% blockages from upstream, however when you float in close all had opening in them that we plenty wide for human powered craft, i.e., your kayak.

Some were inside the main current but you did NOT need a maneuver stroke, some were outside the main current too.


RM 4

Did I mention Trees in the river along with a giant drain pipe, most likely from the landfill judging from the size 20 inch in diameter and the length 25 foot or more, some was under water making it hard to judge.


RM 5

Can you guess??  More trees and lots of bank scouring from both sides of the river, we also noticed some new flood inflows 20 feet or more across that had eroded lots of bank with the flow too. The shale beach is scraped clean of any plants up to about 10 feet, the channel also washed out the head section of the shale beach and started a new island, the path to the methane recovery plant is completely overgrown and un hike able so far….the tree rapid that was at the end of the beach is almost completely gone.


RM 6

Normal river channel with the exception of …

Yup you guessed it  trees in the channel and erosion and stripped vegetation along both sides of the river. This area is actually the least damaged section of the 6 mile run


LLELA Eco Tour Put Out (Thanks Julies!!!)


Nothing new but additional human trash, and did I mention

some in the works for the take out, coming soon!!!

Map Markers



Geo Locations N W

is the 1st be group of trees in the river channel W

is the 2nd group with the main current running thru the trees


Paddle Smart and Paddle Safe!


October 14, 2015 by mike swope








9am Safety Talk

10am Paddles WET


This will be an

adventure to

clearing a path for

future trips too!

Hope to see you there!

Reporting on S4 in the October month…

October 10, 2015 by mike swope

O M G it was unreal out today, clean sky’s and slight wind

it made it a dog day on the water!!!!





We had some new friends and some old friends!!!




And we all GOT TRASHED Too!!!!






Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers for the hard work

and remember…

Our gratitude is not based on the amount of trash you get


HOWEVER we do have a winner for October….


Way to go Tomas you trashed T shirt is on it way,

Please wear it proud, you earned it…..


and least you think we not watching very close….

check out this young mans hardy attempt at # 1



I’m not 100% sure that Mom didn’t help a little…..

either way makes a great picture don’t you think!!!


And speaking of …..Check out all the

kwel kayak kleaning

photos below



Yup…Thanks to all those people……..



———————————–on the ground



or on in the water…………………………..

your lake was this much cleaner!


Seeeeeeeee Yaaaaaaaaaaaall Neeeeeeeext Month!


November 14th 2015 9am Jackson Point WRL

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