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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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Saturday in San Marcos

September 18, 2016 by mike swope

With Hats and the Dads and Daughters.

Ava and Sparky getting ready for Cottonseed Rapid… 1st time kayakers they both did OUTSTANDING jobs with the boat and the blade!

You know we had to have a group oic too..right??

Lots of changes in the river and the thr rapids but we still had a big time!

Rope work and crossing in swift water.

O did i mention the tubers??? We must have had several hundred new friends on the river this weekend!

And a special Thanks to  Sam and Kurt for leading the Hats fun and also a shoutbout to Jeff to get well soon too!

More S4 pics

September 12, 2016 by mike swope

Here are more photos of the fun!

Thanks again to the super volunters that make the KPC shoreline and ground look the best for the FTLOTL!

2nd Saturday

September 10, 2016 by mike swope

Its started like a cold wet and rainy Saturday….very overcast and spitting rain…..

But we out waited mother this Sat…..

No not that Mom….Mother Nature!!!

You can see the clouds lifting and we had a beautiful day to get traahed.

And get trashed we did!  Thanks to the 

Greatest Paddling Volunteers 

on the water!!!

You can have a ball with us!

Get framed…..

Sell your kayak. (Not sell mine please!)

Get more trash….

And become THE trash warrior!!!

And you never know just how the lake will say THANK YOU too!!! Yeah Pam!

Thanka Ground Team too!

And our wee team too…dont laugh…

He has a fast kayak!

We appreciate your hard work and just showing up too…

Hope to see you in October 

Saturday the 8th 9am to 12 noon!

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