Month: March 2017

  • Lovely LLELA & ACA Certs

    In fact it so lovely that were hosting an ACA river kayak certification class this weekend Ftiday March 31st  6pm to 9pm meet and greet. Saturday April 1st 9am to 6pm Instructor development  workshop Sunday April 2nd and am to 3pm Instructor certification exam. Interested paddles contact Mike for additioal details. 2017 FEE $299.00 …

  • Tri NOW & DFW Triclub

    They came… They saw…. They swam… Check out the wide shoot…. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED  EARLY MORNING  NEXT FEW SATURDAYS.. HERE IS WHAT YOU GET  TO START YOUR DAY TOO Contact Mike @ 214 669 1663

  • NBC & the West Fork

    They wanted some one that could kayak in the dark….. Well not completely in the dark…come on ths is TV!  And our new friend above in the Necky. Grant Johnston from the network as their A team weatherman. And we checked in with the Studio 4 times from 6 am to 7am. Heck they shot…