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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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November 19, 2017 by mike swope

Awesome weather and cloud sky patterns….of course…but we also found…

Another kayak stuck in railroad tree rapid…this was a pelican so if you misplaced you boat…along with some gear…please contact us!!!!

It was also a very good bird day too…alas the Bald Eagle was not seen….we did see the Ospery..the Red Tail..the Ferris hawk..Great blues …white herons King Fishers..Cardinals Wrens gulls and more…..

Looking for that trail above shale beach…..

And at least one standing ovation!!!!

See y’all on Dec 16th…final 2017 trip!

Eco Tour report

November 19, 2017 by mike swope

You will never guess what we found….


Good times?  Well ….yes but we also found…..

Moving water…yes..but we also found
To be continued……….

LLELA trip

November 14, 2017 by mike swope

aka the eco tour ia this Saturday

November 18th 9am safety talk

10 am Paddles wet!!!!

See the leaf colors of fall from you kayak….

Or kick back at the beach and chill….



November 11, 2017 by mike swope

And Llela was a fantastic combination……great weather….great water and great people too

And just like last week the flow was about 300cfs so we had a good idea of where the fun was.

At the confluence with the actual river channel we were lucky enough to see the bald eagle….special day!

The 1st rapid and drop was again a lot of fun and sadly no one had a full value trip at that 1st feature!

We also could not get the ascend kayak out…it was too water we will try again next week.

We were also luck and got to see…great blue herons….kingfishers…the is part and more in addition to the eagle!

We after a brief respite and some oreos….we headed downstream..

For the group pboto…

Check out all the photos here too

Thanks TXSER for all you do too!!!!

2nd Sat

November 11, 2017 by mike swope

Photo link…
Thanks to all!


November 11, 2017 by mike swope

The.    Golden Duck Award

We humbley accept this prestigious award from our mentor and friends at FTLOTL!.

We accept for every volunteer that showed up in the 
Hot cold wet dry dark light rain storm ice hurricane and all the other not perfect for paddling days to help us help planet earth.

Besides a ton of trash we also found treasues…yes one man’s trash rings true…be we also found inspiration in each other and a common goal and and infections enthusiasm to be a part of something bigger than self and helping each other along the way.

Sadly I fear that long after we leave there will always be a threat from us ourselves a selfinflicted wound to our natural resources …..but I also hold out hope…hope that someday we can all go out and not find any trash and just enjoy nature fellowship and being us individual and together!
Thank you

Thank You


2nd Saturday Plus

November 7, 2017 by mike swope

The annual FTLOTL picnic at Flagpole Hill is this Saturday!!!

So please feel free to join us for some trash and also for some 

fellowship…food…and fun at Flagpole Hill too!

8100 Doran Circle D T 75238..

1030am to 1am. At the pavilion 

Questions call Mike or 

FTLOTL at 972 622 7783

Sunday LLELA

November 6, 2017 by mike swope

Suprise..actually 3 of them….in the form of 3 lonely kayaks…with out their kayakers….yikes. hope your OK

 and please contact us and we will help you get your gear back….really!

The other suprise….the fantastic weather and the fantastic people!

It was a perfect day and boy o boy…did we have a BIG time!!!

We got some quality kayak time in a kayak and despite the fact some were new to the sport…all had a good time…

And although the air was warm the water was still cold so despite the willingness we decided to pass on the float and stick with the boats….

So we had a snack…hit the final.leg and stopped for our beauty shot…

And just in case your keeping score it was 308 cfs all day….now you know!


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