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Eco Tour

January 23, 2018 by mike swope

January report…water was flowing nice at 369 cfs…the ACE were using the two smaller openings to release too

If you look that a lower cfs but it’s comi my out under a lot of pressure!

But we appreciate the ACE for all they do for us and all water users across the country!

We spoke about the water pressure and the smaller of the release tubes…..that brings use to the erosion issue….yes depending on which water outlet is used has a downstream effect….

But with the bad also comes the good! Like Real Good!

And to our suprise and excitement we found no kayak the entire trip!!!

The 1st rapid is starting to change as the slight increase in flow make the trap box almost runnable at least in the whitewater kayaks!

If you skilled up too…like Steve I think he ran it in his touring yak too…but remember ….when in doubt….always scout!!!!

View from the beach and snack time too….

Update photos and videos to follow!

Eco-Tour rides again

January 16, 2018 by mike swope

This Saturday…and as luck would have it… also looks like the warmest day this week and a zero snow outlook too!

9am check in and safety talk and 10am paddles wet.

We’re hoping we Do Not find any solo kayaks in 2018 and that the last weather event opened up the route and not closed it in more.

Interested??? Your kayak awaits!

New 2018 trash

January 13, 2018 by mike swope

And some hardy souls too as the air temp was 29 with a 10mph wind from the north….burrrrrr. indeed!

But even with those conditions we had a crowd!!!

And if you look close you can see the white caps behind Susan…who was also smart to dress in layers too!

And it never hurts to have some food for energy….and today we were treated to Karen’s awesome hot hatch Chile and chicken  chowder…mm mm good!

In fact it was so spicy good Reddy had to delayer just to chill out!

And yes it was cold on the water too…in fact there were several areas of lake effect ice too

And sadly one of my dreaded fear came true today too…we extracted some rather large trash from the lake

Yup look low and left in this photo…it’s a ride share bike…in fact we pulled 3 as in Three from the water on just our section of shoreline

So how do we get the message out to all 5 of the bike sharing groups….

I’m not sure but after a decade of removing lake trash…I sure hope we figure this out…just a thought…we need less trash…not more!

So that the view early am off 9f Jackson point….below is a view from the far side too out of the wind

Thanks for all our support and volunteers who braved the conditions to help us help the lake!

Join us in February on the 2nd Saturday 9am to 12 noon at Jackson Point!


January 11, 2018 by mike swope

Cold weather alert for the 1st cleanup of 2018.

And don’t forget the north wind too

Dress for success…ie warm and in layers…..yes we’re still trash in both from the shots and from the water!!!

9am hot drinks too!

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