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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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Eco Tour

November 18, 2018 by mike swope

Flood paddle review…

Yes with the release above 4200 cfs LLELA remained in flood mode for us.

We launched from the pavallion and did the trails south to the confluence with the Elm Fork.

Once across we paddled over to the Bitten Marsh and checked out the blinds to see just how much was above water….

We were treated to some awesome birding as the birds look for the fish dazed from the ride thru the dam discharge…and they group up just past the outflow.

It’s that time of year too that were treated to the fall color change of the trees and their leaves…the yellows the gold and the reds too.

Thanks to Steve for the great pics too

Hope to see you in December for the final Eco Tour of 2018.

We came we saw we kicked its….

November 11, 2018 by mike swope


So even with the cold and yes it was 35 degrees at 8:15am at Jackson Point…we still have the most awesome volunteers!!!!

Who worked the water and the

Ground…and just so you know were the last of the floating clean up groups that has shore cleaning volunteers too!.

And when I say we worked our can off…well we ready did!


And where would we be without a management group….lead by Mr Clooney and his personal advisors!!!!

We appreciate all those that didn’t hit the snooze alarm….grabbed their layers..and got trashed with us!

And we were amazed with both the amount and diversity of lake trash we got this month!

Hope to see you in December on the 8th 9am 4100 West Lawther at Jackson Point on White Rock lake!

All the photos are here too…

S4 11 2018

And yes it was a dog gone good time!

Cold Weather ALERT

November 9, 2018 by mike swope

The forecast is near freezing

So please dress for success !!!!

Here is the wind and the wind gusts too.

See you at the lake!

Clean up is almost

November 6, 2018 by mike swope

Upon us. This SaturdayNovember 10th 9am.And while we hope we dont get rained out like last month…they are predicting cold air temps!So please dress for success!Hope to see you there!

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