Month: January 2019

  • Jan Eco Tour

    And Thanks to ACE for keeping the output above 3395 cfs….we had a fun find your way thru the trees to the Bittern Marsh blinds…that were both above water! It was very cold and super windy…we looked when we got back and saw the winds were 30 mph plus! Boring 7 to 8 seconds then…

  • Wow

    What a kicka** group of volunteers we got! 01 16 2019 updated photos And it was cold and it was windy but we just get er done! Check out all the pics here And feel free to join us net month at Mexico Lindo for the after clean up comfort food!!! Just some…

  • 2nd S

    aturday…evening weather update… This what it looks like currently! I know….amazing! See you in the am! Last last update. 934pm

  • 2nd Sat preview

    Here is the forecasted weather… A little on the cool side…. And a little wind…. And of course gust to 25mph SO….. Dress on layers…plan for colder not warmer And o yes there is a slight change of rain too… So all that being said..if your kayaking as well as cleaning it could be a…

  • Oops

    If you were one of the lucky few that got the TxDl by mistake …. PLEASE I beg your pardon!!! And no it’s not America’s most wanted either! Sometime out tech run us and not the other way around!!! 2nd SATURDAY IS 3 DAYS OUT 😎😎🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂