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Eco Tour

August 19, 2019 by mike swope

Hot hot hot river report.

The good news there was

321 cfs river flow….

Water from 60 feet deep is nice and cool too!

Temp measured 76 at the put in…very nice!

It’s still getting used to all the missing shoreline trees from the last flood.

At least the wildlife is still hanging out!

This is the drop….yes I said drop….at the 1st “rapid” past the RR bridge.

You can run it right if you can steer really really well you have to make about 3 moves in the current to go thru without a broach!

As you can see at this level there are a lot of brush piles and solo trees that will make you steer.

But we had the river unto ourselves!

The shale beech was well exposed and made for a nice slow float too!

Did I mention the water was cool clean and clear?

We saw tons of birds and lots of reptiles and some amphibians too but no large mammals…..just their tracks

In fact we hope to see you with us in October for the Eco Tour…who knows

It might still be warm enough to swim them too!

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Paddle Safe


LLELA Eco Tour

August 16, 2019 by mike swope

Saturday August 17th

Paddles wet 10am sharp!

Water flow 351cfs

Air temp high 90s

Water temp mid 70s

Fun factor….Very High!

A little bit of

August 11, 2019 by mike swope

Trash to start your Saturday….

An because it’s all over we will help you take out all over too!

We had an interesting start…with the races..

You have to sneak in and around the DPD…they are vigilant to say the least…

Once we de geared and got ready to get trashed

We had some of our early bird volunteers link up…

I am always impressed that some folks can get up early and get trashed with us!!

While Wes and Cecelia enjoyed the views…the race and some breakfest…

We finally had some clever folks find a way into the park…

And look…they have their own paddle gear…

And speaking of which..if you had to wait for a kayak we appreciate you waiting. When I looked Friday evening….meetup showed 7 total

when I woke up on Saturday we had 24…after we had loaded up!


We really appreciate all the family’s and solos too that join us for the S4.

We tell people we have the best volunteers on the planet and we mean it!

I think most people want to do the right thing but it takes a special person to follow thru and actually Do It!

We welcomed some new volunteers to our cleanup

And welcomed some that were new to kayaking too!

We doubled up in singles

And singled up in singles too…

See…. it really is fun for the whole family!

We never know what trash or treasure we will find out lurking in the water…

Or in this case what’s actually inside ….

the case

You don’t have to fear our trash warriors…

unless your mess with Texas kayakers on 2nd Sat.

In case I did not mention it…we doubled from doubles too!

And sometimes we trippled!


Thanks to Lincoln and his family too for the water and ground cleaning up and the load out assist…classy move you guys!

Not bad for a hot Saturday in August…

Steve actually got the final piece of trash for the day too! Way to go Bro!

Thanks to Steve for supporting us and


To motorcycle Marvin too for his Support on and off the water and at the warehouse!!

We will have a dry ground only cleanup in September…unless you bring you own boat….

But we will return to Jackson Point in October with an on the water cleanup from kaysks too.

Paddle Safe Paddle Often!

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T minus 1 day

August 9, 2019 by mike swope

To the





So grab the kids….get the pets….put your fun face on and join us at the lake!

9am to 12 noon

4100 W Lawther Dr

On the west side of WRL

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