Month: September 2021

  • Hats & San Marcos

    Yes its that time of year and were on the river with High Adventure Treks 6.8 miles of Texas whitewater fun We run them all…Toms Sneaky rapid, Old Mill, the Chute, Broken Bone, and the Big one Cotten Seed rapid Check out all the photos

  • 2nd Sat Sep 10 21

    Thanks to Mr Marvin He turned this…. To this….. Keeping us in the fun game of how much trash can you find and collect. Looks like we found a way to play and win…with a little help from our friends Check out all the photos at And YES….the October 9th 2nd Sat clean up…

  • USCA

    United States Canoe Association Awesome job done by Joy and Bob to nurse this class through to the finish Winning awards and kicking that you know what out of other racers! Giving PRO tips on how to be the most efficient with the blade On or off the water these guys have a depth of…