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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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Indoor Intro 2 Kayak class Rolling + Water Safety Skills

February 20, 2014 by mike swope

Starts Friday February 21st at Texins Pool!

haha not!



Join us

for a our fun filled and informative

ACA Intro 2 Kayaking class

5 ( five) 1 hour sessions

Indoors at the Texins Activity Center pool.

Join us for 1 hours workshops of

the Intro Class Friday evenings

from 6:45pm to 9pm

13900 N. Central Expy Dallas, Texas 75243-1008

THATS every Friday evening at Texins thru April!

Fridays evenings

2.21 2.28 3.7 3.14 3.21 3.28 4.4 4.11 4.18 4.25

Please enter at the far gate off North Central Expy see map.


At the guard house please show your

Texas Drivers License and then bear left to park.

At the door sign in for the kayaking and then go straight ahead, the pool is on the far end of the building on the right, you can change in the changing rooms off the main pool.

The I2k (still just $125.00) is 5 1 hour small group workshop,

You’re welcome to drop in for personal practice time or advanced roll and rescue, safety skills coaching, and a moderate fee will apply.

All kayaking gear & equipment is provided, bring your swimsuit and change of clothes!

Class space is limited because pool size is limited,

Questions Comments or to sign up

Call 214 669 1663 or


what made her happy?

February 16, 2014 by mike swope

If you guessed kayaking…             we’ll your right


And be sure to check her out too, and look for our

co-branded events in the coming months too!

Guess what else………we had……..   WATER!!!!!


Thank you ACE!!!


To Start ….Marvin also caught a fish


Todd said it looked this big


Steve loves sushi



And we were off….so to speak….



You will have to look closely

our estimate was a couple of thousand birds

making a heck of a deafening noise from above,

and I hate to tell you what adjective I need to

describe what was happing below….


It was the most birds on a single trip than we have ever seen, or in this case heard too….


We had Great blue herons, Kingfishers, Red Tail hawk, Coopers Hawk, Osprey, Marlines, Grackles boo & boo,Turkey buzzards, Finch’s, Doves and several different types of Ducks!

Check out all the fun below and remember March is fast approaching & we will be back @ LLELA on


March 15th 2014

9am safety 10am paddles WET!



6 Days till indoor I2K!

2.8.2014 c w s 4

February 7, 2014 by mike swope


Notice any common themes in the photo above???

Here is a hint…….

1. Bring a coat

2. Bring a heavy coat

3. And a hat

4. A hat and gloves

5. A heavy coat a hat and gloves and why??


Because Second Sat in February can be berry berry cold!!

P2110289 you know….in case you get splashed or something….

don’t miss the frigid fun for February’s finest free ….

oops I ran out of F’s to call the event…can you help??





to almost


4100 W Lawther 

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