What’s included in class?

» Still only $ 125.00 per paddler you get one of the most broad learning environments in the North Texas area, by offering instruction in every type of kayak, singles and doubles, whitewater, recreational, light and full touring, inflatable, and sit on top kayaks. We also have high-end accessories and some entry level equipment for your evaluation. All kayaks and related safety and convenience gear is included in your class fee. Hey we even give you something to drink during class! Our success is based on attending to your personal needs and requirements for your future paddling plans. We customize almost every class to the needs of each student to make sure you not only see and hear the necessary skills, but at the end of the day you also own them!

How do I register?

» Simple, complete the registration documents and mail them along with a completed waiver to the KPC address. We’ll follow up with class instruction via email or telephone! Pressed for time or just forget to register early, no worries, show up at class with your fee, we’ll complete all your paperwork on site!

How do I pay for class?

» We accept Zelle and Venmo as well as cash, and checks and of course credit cards too.  We have never increased our intro2kayaking class price from 2000, and we continue to give all our students the very best value for the money in any kayak instruction class in Texas!

Where is class?

» We move our classes around in order to make paddling more convenient to a larger segment of the population. Some of the place we have had class in this year are White Rock Lake, Grapevine Lake, Lake Lewisville, Lake Lavon, Lake Joe Pool, to mention some. Along with the lakes we also get on the river like the San Marcos River, The Brazos River, the Trinity River and Denton Creek, We have also been out of state paddling in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah for that western whitewater!

Is there an age limit?

» We’ll yes and no. Paddling and learning to paddle can be a physical outdoor activity. Individuals should know their own bodies and understand their limits. We have specialized class for kids under 13 years of age (Kayak Kamp) and we have had success with people well past thatr too. We work hard to match our instruction to your needs and desires.

What happens if I can’t stay and finish class?

» No problem, we have something that really makes KPC unique, in that once you pay for the intro2kayaking class you can return as often as your like. Some people return to complete the class, some return to try out the new gear, and some are still trying different kayaks before the jump into buying their own boat. Whatever the reason we encourage our students to return to keep their skill sharp and keep their skills updated!

Tell me more about the money back guarantee.

» This is simple if you feel that the value of instruction was not on the level with your class fee we will gladly refund your money, period.

Do you have different types of kayaks?

» O’ Yes, this is what makes KPC special, we have almost every type of kayak for you to try during class, were not limited to just one type or brand. We are constantly upgrading our fleet of kayaks to bring you the newest and in some cases the classic’s too for you to paddle! We have several types of different gear for the kayaks too, including safety and rescue, convenience, and of course fashion!

Do you offer private lessons?

» Yes, in fact we can meet you at your preferred location or at ours, we can have an individual, or family private lesson or a Team building class for your business. We also support various not for profit events, at risk, and special needs kids programs, and corporate equipment (on and off the water) support. Clean ups and much much more. Have an idea for a fun time with kayaks??  Give us a shout!

How do I continue to paddle with KPC for free?

» here are a couple of ways to paddle for free. First you can join us again (return from your class) for the intro2kayaking and we also support the FTLOTL group with a second Saturday cleanup, and this is every second Saturday of every month. We also have a cleanup in other areas of Texas on other types of water too. We also work with several local Tri Clubs and help them provide water support on race/practice days, so you have many options to continue your paddling at no cost.

Can I buy kayaks and equipment from KPC?

» The short answer….. Yes and No. We work with several premier retailers in the North Texas area, of these most carry a complete selection of paddling related products. Most of the retailers have a significant advantage in buying power and we recommend that you start at these stores. We do understand that you might have a need for a unique or hard to find product that you can’t find at a local retailer, this is the niche we can fill for your product needs.