Did you know the average newbie take over a 1000 strokes per miles while learning to kayak?


Are you always the slowest person in your paddling group of friends on the water?  Do you sometimes feel that theses more effort

than speed and feel lacking in endurance? Do you want to go farther and feel better on the same amount of expended energy?


Lets us help you become vastly more proficient on your forward stroke. Do you know the forward stroke is used the majority of time while paddling a kayak. Your will also learn how to tune your individual locomotion to vary with both the environmental conditions and focus on your acute paddle needs with respect to safety and survive ability.


Forward Stroke

Includes homework, classroom, live water training, measurement and video review of your before and after stroke


Take your paddling passion to the next level Contact Mike at 214 669 1663 CELL TM PAGER or info@kayakpower.com