Swamped ????  About to take a little swim???? Always paddling a sit on top because your concerned about being in a cockpit-ted kayak?

Are you unsure of what to do before/after getting dumped from your kayak? Are you swimming back to shore with a water laden boat?


Let us replace that void with knowledge and skill for self rescue and assisted rescue too, so you know what to do and when and how to do it.

This class covers several rescues both self and assisted  and it’s not just theory it’s in the water and hand on skills you’ll learn.

We have pool sessions in the early months and the late months when the local outdoor water is a bit brisk, and we also use that local

water during the warm air and warm water months too, we call that live water, because everyone in a pool is a rock star, combat rescues

are always in the lake or creek or river with those other pesky environmental factors that make it hum….lets say sporty!!!

You will hands on with the following

Self Rescue

sit on top

sit in

with/without a paddle float

with/without a sling

emptying your kayak in the water & on the shore

swimming with or paddling a swamped kayak

Assisted Rescue

T rescue

paddle assisted

strap assisted

2/3 or more person raft

hand of God

Texas Twist

tugging and towing


Are you ready to take it to the next level?


contact Mike at 214 669 1663 CELL TM PAGER or