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  • Protect White Rock Lake (SSSS)Protect White Rock Lake (SSSS)February 18, 2014Second Saturday Shoreline Spruceup On the 2nd Saturday of each month. Join us & For the Love of the Lake group at 4100 West Lawther Drive on Whiterock Lake. PROTECT WRL & the environment with us & the For the Love of the Lake group at Whiterock Lake. Were cleaning back on the west side at our original location, YEAH!!!. You help us keep the lake clean & we let you enjoy a kayak during and after the cleanup! Join us at 9:00 am (soft start weather and temps permitting) For the Second Saturday Shoreline Spruceup On the 2nd Saturday of each month. To help keep your White Rock Lake Park looking it’s very best in/on the water and the ground. We meet in the parking lot of Jackson Point better know as 4100 West Lawther Drive Dallas Texas 75214-2918 on the west side of White Rock Lake Park, we enjoy the company, visit with friends, paddle some kayaks, receive thanks from other lake users and collect lots and lots and lots of trash. 4100 West Lawther Dr Dallas, TX 75214-2918 Rain, Snow, Wind or Shine or anything other than lighting!!! Did You Know? KAYAKPOWER.COM has…… A clean up in Lewisville for the Trinity River takeout? A clean up in Lewisville for the Trinity River?    A cleanup in Navasota for the Brazos river at Hildago Falls A cleanup In San Marcos for the San Marcos river We works with other “Not For Profit “Groups like: The American Canoe Association Outdoor Adventures for Kids For the Love of the Lake                                                                    & more! We work with government/city groups like: Texas Park and Wildlife Dept. The County of Dallas The Lewisville Park and Recreation Dept Coast Guard Reserves                                                                     & More Is your water site in need of a clean up? Is you group looking to partner up? Is your gov. dept. looking for events?                                        214 669 166   info@kayakpower.com […]
  • Kayak, Canoe SUP & Raft RentalKayak, Canoe SUP & Raft RentalFebruary 18, 2014* Sit on Top * Sit Inside * Single Kayak * Double Kayaks * Recreational Kayaks * Sea Kayaks * Whitewater Kayaks * Inflatable Kayaks * SUP’s* Rafts * Catarafts * ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR RENTAL REQUIRED Adult Waiver 2021 Minor Waiver 2021 Covid -19 Adult & Minor Waiver 2021 48 hour notice required for any rental please  We rent the following types of  KAYAKS * Sit on Top* Sit Inside* Single kayak* Double kayaks * Recreational kayaks* Sea kayaks* Whitewater kayaks* * Inflatable kayaks   All kayak rentals are based on a per person rental, A single is a one (1) person rental a double is a two (2) person rentals. We have two (2) main options for renting COST 1/2 day or up to 4 hours on the water is still just  $ 40 per person 1 day or up to 8 hours on the water is still just  $ 80 per person Please inquire should you have a long term rental need all other gear and equipment is included for safe paddling Pay Direct and easily with Zelle at 214 669 1663 After your payment follow these 3 easy steps 1.  Text or email your preferred pick up day & time and kayak type preference 2. Make sure you have paid in advance via Zelle to 214 669 1663 3. We’ll contact you via text or email and set up your preferred gear.   VERY IMPORTANT Your requested Date and time is the time you will arrive at our warehouse location Your rental day 4 or 8 hours starts after your loaded and ready to roll Your rental day ends after your 4 or 8 hours rental timeline plus 1 hour Our recommended launch areas. Whiterock Lake 5+ launch areas Lake Ray Hubbard 5+ launch areas White Rock Creek 2 launch areas Bachman Lake 3 launch areas Elm Fork of the Trinity River 3+ launch areas MAIN WAREHOUSE LOCATION & where to pick up your kayak & gear 10112 East Zacha Dr Dallas Texas 75228   VERY IMPORTANT You take your cell phone (required to rent a boat from us) along for the paddle, in our provided dry box, so if your having issues we can kindly talk you through most issues.   All Rental Kayak include the following safety gear * PFD’s * Paddles * Cooler * Dry Box * Boat Call or Text (214) 669-1663 A signed waiver of liability from each person is required prior to entering the water in a KPC kayak, NO exceptions. A deposit may be required for extended rentals, or rentals departing the greater DFW area.   […]
  • Elm Fork ECO Tour (LLELA)Elm Fork ECO Tour (LLELA)February 18, 2014Join us for a unique experience on the Elm Fork of the Trinity river, paddling through the eco system of the old and the new river channel at LLELA. $50 per paddler and includes refreshments, (registration required) join us for a unique experience on the Elm Fork of the Trinity river, paddling through the eco system of the old and the new river channel at LLELA. We shuttle you back to LLELA after the kayaking and your welcome to hike around and enjoy your time at LLELA too. To Help preserve and protect the natural resources of this area, were making a water trail to be accessible to all paddle skill levels of the general public. Were also helping educate the public through environmental awarenes while ejoying the outdoor experience of the park and the Trinity River. When: The third Saturday of the each month at 10:00am at LLELA. Volunteer to clean up at LLELA or join us for the eco river tour safety talk between 9&10, then paddles wet at 10:00 am, for a 2 to 3 hour trip down the river and through one of the most pristine section of the Trinity in Dallas! Where:  The Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area, see the maps at the right or download the directions to LLELA. Please remember this is an outdoor event, please dress with that in mind, outdoor activity and water based fun! Why:  Because it’s fun, because it a part of the larger DFW area that been re-opened to the public and you can be one of the first to help return it to a more pristine state, including cool water, and a clean environment! The Elm Fork Trinity river trip. This paddle trip starts from LLELA and follows the river to Hebron Parkway. The put in at LLELA is an easy launch into the outflow channel from the dam of Lake Lewisville.The take out requires kayaking skills and can be hazardous to the novice kayaker. Average time for this trip is 2 to 3 hours including a shuttle with the gear back to LLELA. This trip can vary in time based on several factors including water flow. This is a water based outdoor activity, please dress accordingly and plan for being in and around water and outside in the sun. Register for the trip For your convenience you can download a PDF file of this general information including this registration form, ******what to wear, what to bring, and directions to LLELA.**** For LLELA questions please contact them at 972-219-7980 or on the web at http://llela.unt.edu For KayakPower.Com questions please contact them at 214-699-1663 on the web at www.kayakpower.com   […]

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  • Volunteers needed for OWS 2024UncategorizedVolunteers needed for OWS 2024Like to kayak? Enjoy meeting other cool people? Like the Sunrise for your social media photos? Need to get PAID? Live water swim support kayakers needed early morning hours, easy, fun gig and you get paid too! Interested? Location Lake Joe Pool State Park in Cedar Hill Texas swim start 7am or 8am we get 30 mins early to set the 500 Meter swim course, then help the swimmers should they need a floating rest stop, we also keep the power boats away and then pull the course after the 1 hour swim. We have 15 + dates in the next 6 months along with some other tri’s and swim events we can use help with as well. No kayak…no problem commit to 3 or more we will give you your own kayak pfd aka vest….and you can borrow a hull commit to 5 or more we will give you your own PFD and paddle and you can still borrow a hull Commit to 10 or more and will give you your own PFD paddle and your very own recreational kayak! 1st training date is Saturday March 16th at CHSP on Lake Joe Pool 2nd and final training date is Saturday March 30th at CHSP on Lake Joe Pool Contact Mike if your interested at 214 669 1663 Build Skills get PAID! […]
    March 12, 2024
  • Clean up 24-3 in the booksUncategorizedClean up 24-3 in the booksOur March Bounty of one mans trash and another’s treasure it was a little breezy and a bit chilly but we used our secondary launch site to mitigate the wind and did 100% of the clean up on the lee side of our Adopt A Shoreline site. shot at 300 feet from our eye in the sky! You can see from the aerial their was a ring of debris from the storm and higher water so it made for easy picking… find a crate and use it from trash collection talk about a win win! We had old friends and we had new friends too! But a BIG THANKS! to all our volunteers for your continuing support! Of course we did the ground and the water and had success at both, thanks to all the liter and trash from upstream! THANKS STEVE! You too could look this smart and be this strong! It looks easy, it looks fun, and it helps the environment because it is easy, it is fun and it does help the environment! Est in 2000, Official in 2003 and going strong 20 plus years later! remember these upcoming dates April 13th May 11th June 8th July 13th remember as the air warms up so does the water and so does our popularity, the early bird get 1st choice of kayaks! https://photos.app.goo.gl/zk3tCLA1miVeTfA9A […]
    March 11, 2024
  • Jan 2nd Sat Cleanup SuccessUncategorizedJan 2nd Sat Cleanup SuccessWe had all the equipment to clean from the water or the ground but something about the cold wind and cold water keep everyone grounded for the 1st event of 2024! Did you know that walking our section to the south following the waters edge to Fisher road and then back along the road to the parking lot is over a mile in total distance? Did you know we also found a sheep/duck while doing the cleanup? Yes Marvin turned the trash into treasure and we are proudly displaying it alongside our own “Golden Duck” award from the Love of the Lake Group! Thanks to many volunteers like Marvin and George and Steve to name drop just a few…. we have never missed a cleanup due to bad weather or lack of volunteers! Please check out the trash and all the photos at this link https://photos.app.goo.gl/53cXtQncSxD3Azm36 Feel free to plan on joining us again on February 10th, at 4100 West Lawther Drive, 9am soft start! Or check out all our kayak/paddling fun at www.kayakpower.com! […]
    January 29, 2024
  • Special THANKS toUncategorizedSpecial THANKS toNCL and their local North Texas branches for showing up in a huge group! check them out at https://www.nationalcharityleague.org/ Thanks for being awesome ladies! […]
    December 10, 2023
  • 2nd Sat 2023 FinalUncategorized2nd Sat 2023 FinalBIG THANKS Too all our volunteers in 2023 who braved the wet braved the cold braved with wind braved the sun and grabbed that trash by the scruf and showed it the inside of a trash bag! Thanks to all the folks at the For the Love of the Lake too for all they do to make this event happen month in and month out! Here is a link to this month’s pics and Thanks the Steve for adding his pics too! https://photos.app.goo.gl/5kZEPBjh1J8kdY6G7 We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’s too! p.s. I think we had undercover Santa cleaning with us today.. […]
    December 9, 2023
  • HowdyUncategorizedHowdyLets try and catch up! We are always happy to donate to the Hats Son’s and Daughter’s for their annual fun raiser event! Feel free to donate independently at this link… https://www.highadventuretreks.org/donate/ Please and Thanks! We got trashed too! And we keep our never miss a second Saturday streak alive again in 2023!!! We did the Fall River Skills and Instructor workshop on the banks and in the water of the San Marcos river. Yes in the fall we camp out by the river, not a bad evening in the bunch. We taught and learned at Hildalgo Fall as well as camped out by the river there too. THANKS PATTI for rocking the event and that KPC swag too We linked up with the WRBC and the Sea Scouts for a little open water training Not to mention working with the COD giving those employees some tender loving PSF endorsement for spring 24! Quick question …do you know what PSF stands for? and it did include rescue as well, water was on the cooler side. An our final catch up would be the a great Big Thank you to all the volunteers, the students the guest Instructors, the outdoor partners and everyone that thinks paddling is a easy path to a better future! Paddle Smart Paddle Safe Paddle Often Counting Down 2024 LLELA 11 18 2023 only 5 spaces left still just $ 50.00 Fall Colors in North Texas 2nd Sat 12 9 2023 Free event just get trashed with us! […]
    November 14, 2023