Lets try and catch up!

We are always happy to donate to the Hats Son’s and Daughter’s for their annual fun raiser event! Feel free to donate independently at this link…
Please and Thanks!

We got trashed too! And we keep our never miss a second Saturday streak alive again in 2023!!!

We did the Fall River Skills and Instructor workshop on the banks and in the water of the San Marcos river.

Yes in the fall we camp out by the river, not a bad evening in the bunch.

We taught and learned at Hildalgo Fall as well as camped out by the river there too.

THANKS PATTI for rocking the event and that KPC swag too

We linked up with the WRBC and the Sea Scouts for a little open water training

Not to mention working with the COD giving those employees some tender loving PSF endorsement for spring 24! Quick question …do you know what PSF stands for?

and it did include rescue as well, water was on the cooler side.

An our final catch up would be the a great Big Thank you

to all the volunteers, the students the guest Instructors, the outdoor partners and everyone that thinks paddling is a easy path to a better future!

Paddle Smart

Paddle Safe

Paddle Often

Counting Down 2024

LLELA 11 18 2023 only 5 spaces left still just $ 50.00 Fall Colors in North Texas

2nd Sat 12 9 2023 Free event just get trashed with us!