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Welcome 2022

January 1, 2022 by mike swope
1st launch of 22

We did a little out and back to start the new year off right

Dam trash

But we grabbed some anyway

How much did you get?

Hopeing your 2022 starts of Good and keep getting Beter as the year gets going…working yourself to Grrrreat!

Final 2nd Saturday 2021

December 11, 2021 by mike swope

Thanks to all our Volunteers for being part of our 3rd Group of the Year award from FTLOTL!

December s trash

Thanks also to George for the cool swag he brought us…we can always use extra gear and equipment to clean!

New S4 vest

Looking to the new year please feel free to join us at some of our other water based clean ups on the San Marcos River the South Llano river and the Brazos ruver too.


Photos from today, please enjoy!

Really Big Leaf

Hope to see you in 2022 too!

Eco Tour 11.21

November 24, 2021 by mike swope

It was great weather and flow above 300 cfs too

Big Thanks to Tiera with LLELA

Always ready to help and ALWAYS smiling too!

The good news… we had a beach to take a break on

Yes it was a special day on the water with our friends.

Join us in December

Saturday the 18th

10am paddles wet

Group if the YEAR 2021

November 14, 2021 by mike swope
THE “Paddle Award”

We are honored to recieve the volunteers of the year 2021 from the Love of the Lake group for the hard work showing up in inclement weather and putting up with the goofy jokes all year.

11 13 2021

This was the haul from Novembers almost* perfect day.

If you missed the party across the lake on saturday…. you the interped volunteers missed being Thanked by

The Local city counsel members

The Park dept

The fine men and women of the Dallas Police dept

The President if the FTLOTL

The board of the FTLOTL

And we did not get to add our 2 cents at the party but we would have said…..

We appreciate all our volunteers for all they do to help us and the environment one lake at a time.

We understand the value of protecting our enviroment both local and global and not just for us but for the future

While that is the mission the real gift over and above the stewardship is all the interesting unique caring and truely amazing folks we get to meet interact and clean with over the year.


TMN @LLELA 102421

October 24, 2021 by mike swope

O yes it was like that…..

Check them all out!


Good report to follow but John cleared MCL with no harm no foul…just a little to low on fuel

He is back home and resting up for next adventure!

J man

Thanks to

Scott Erin Rob and Jonathon for the help and support today too!


LLELA October 2021

Hats & San Marcos

September 17, 2021 by mike swope
Ground school

Yes its that time of year and were on the river with High Adventure Treks

6.8 miles of Texas whitewater fun


We run them all…Toms Sneaky rapid, Old Mill, the Chute, Broken Bone, and the

Big one Cotten Seed rapid

Take out at sculls

Check out all the photos

2nd Sat Sep 10 21

September 14, 2021 by mike swope

Thanks to Mr Marvin

He turned this….

To this…..

Keeping us in the fun game of how much trash can you find and collect.

Looks like we found a way to play and win…with a little help from our friends

Check out all the photos at


And YES….the October 9th

2nd Sat clean up will be a wet clean up!

And we can have twice the fun!!!!

See y’all!


September 4, 2021 by mike swope

United States Canoe Association

Class of 2021

Awesome job done by Joy and Bob to nurse this class through to the finish


Winning awards and kicking that you know what out of other racers!


Giving PRO tips on how to be the most efficient with the blade

Bob & Joy

On or off the water these guys have a depth of knowledge that’s DEEP!

Thanks to Ms Patti for hooking us all up and getting this done!

Grab you single blade and come join us!

Hikerbabes float it out at CHSP

August 24, 2021 by mike swope
Lake Joe Pool

What happens when you get an amazing group of women together near water and kayaks???


Somebody’s got to


Check out all the pics


Paddle safe….paddle often

LLELA trip report

August 24, 2021 by mike swope
The big campsite

Yes is was hot let’s get that out of the way!

But we were excited to get on the river as our last outing was July 2019

The island from upstream

So several near 100% blockages from trees that are new from the floods and weather.

The 1st tree rapid just past the RR Bridge is a real tester…you have to go left and you have to turn soon after the drop….the bad part is the current tries to push you right at the very last second!

Mile 2 and 3 are at least double the amount of trees from a year ago and even with a low flow rate of 230 cfs the new river bank and river bottom are pushy from the current.

We has a lot of fallen trees too and several that when they do fall are going to be bank to bank…..so looking like some chainsaw work down the line

Mile 4 5 and 6 were the most like the old river from 2019…easy flow Still some trees but easy to navigate and lots of shade.

And speaking of shade we has lots at the shale beach….in fact we let those inner kids come out and play.

After a brief float with out the kayaks we loaded back up and did the final leg of the river and it too was slightly different but still familiar.

The most wonderful news…there is an awesome new takeout that work for paddlers of all abilities…..even kayakpower abilities!

Just a friendly reminder we will be on the San Marcos river in September…got to pay the rent and then back to LLELA and the Eco Tour in October November and close out 2021 in December.

Hope to see you on the water, have fun and paddle safe!


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