Clean up 24-3 in the books

Our March Bounty of one mans trash and another’s treasure

it was a little breezy and a bit chilly but we used our secondary launch site to mitigate the wind and did 100% of the clean up on the lee side of our Adopt A Shoreline site.

shot at 300 feet from our eye in the sky!

You can see from the aerial their was a ring of debris from the storm and higher water so it made for easy picking…

find a crate and use it from trash collection talk about a win win!

We had old friends and we had new friends too! But a BIG

THANKS! to all our volunteers for your continuing support!

Of course we did the ground and the water and had success at both, thanks to all the liter and trash from upstream!

You too could look this smart and be this strong!

It looks easy, it looks fun, and it helps the environment because it is easy, it is fun and it does help the environment!

Est in 2000, Official in 2003 and going strong 20 plus years later!

remember these upcoming dates

April 13th

May 11th

June 8th

July 13th

remember as the air warms up so does the water and so does our popularity, the early bird get 1st choice of kayaks!