Coppell HS Student –vs- The World

Coppell WINS!!!

Yes in fact Coppell HS students win BIG TIME!  We had the pleasure of

meeting the future leaders in a science classroom in April for some KPC

style show and tell, tell, tell.


We talked about Water Safety, the ACA, the way to protect the environment

and have fun paddling, and lots more… so…………….


Think your smarter than a Coppell High School Student



In terms of years … how long does it take that aluminnum can to completely

breakdown and return to a natural state???

A. 5 months

B. 5 years

C. 50 years

D. 500 years

F. 5000 years

Here’s a hint almost all the CHS students got this right….


Scroll down for the answer….








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