The Green River Report

Ok let start with the names first……

Ok forget the names ……..remember the fun….


Your looking at the best river guides west of Denver that run the green!

Was is fun……. heck yes, was it exciting…. think about this……

“I see a boat strike a rock, careen and fill with water. The men lose their oars, she strikes another rock with great force, is broken in two and the men are thrown into the river”

This was a quote from the Powell report from June of 1869.

What he was describing was Disaster Falls, see below!

P7250100 and guess what…….

Even with today’s equipment and experience, it’s still a thrill to be in a boat and shoot the falls!  By the way everyone in our group made it!!!!

Beside the great guides and the fantastic water, the Indians also provided us some cool pictures…


and just maybe…. a canoe plan too???


So just to review…

Great Guides

Great Water

Great Sites

Great Time

ps you can check out all the pictures and videos at

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