Toyota Pays $30,000

But….not to the kayak safety paddler, no we got paid slightly less

just about…$29,980.00 less!!!

But we did get a cool race hat and event T, in fact I got

them today, so if you see yourself in the photo below….


Your clean new clothes have arrived!

oops almost forgot…

NASA called ,they said tell Pete …..we can see his kayak from space.

PA100016 must be the shape???


go ahead… count the swim caps…,,,1, 2, 3, ……639 yikes!!!!


that’s a lot of swimmers!!!!

PA100007 but you can check out all the

pictures in our photo site


and see the race from the water level…..

PA110025 the action on the water…..

PA110034 and the drama of a rescue…


PA100011 but with the support of the Grand Prairie Police, The Coast Guard, and the power boats and jet ski, we help make sure that everyone that entered the water also left the water!!!

And a BIG thanks to Debbie, we love the swag!  THANKS!!!!!

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