Trinity River Audubon Center Nature Fest 09

We get asked a lot exactly what does KayakPower do, well it’s a hard thing to describe exactly, the way we like to say it… we have fun in a kayak.

If it’s teaching kayaking or canoeing, if it collecting litter at a lake, if it’s a trip down the Trinity or the Green River in Utah, or even if it’s just helping with and outdoor event….something like the Nature Fest, we have fun.

PA110017 We paddle with the mom’s

PA110060 we paddle with the dad’s

PA110062 and of course the kids too…


Could you tell this face no???


Thanks to the Nature Feat at the TRAC we had a big time,


with our new friends…..



and with some old friends too….


Check out all the pictures at….,


and Thanks

Ben , Zeshan, and Elizabeth for making us feel at home….

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