CFS it stand for cubic feet per second

Or in our case cubic feet per second of water passing a stationary object, and that would be………………… our put in at LLELA!

PA160051 But we like moving water, in fact we like it a lot, the normal trip time was reduced to 30 minuets on the water to the take out…OK maybe 2:30 total but it was fast, in fact it was deep too, 8 feet higher than normal so the beach we had lunch on last month was under water!!!


Pete keep us all upright and in the “high IQ” route through, around, and over the trees, too, Thanks Pete.





PA170099 and we all made it back safe sound and most…ready to paddle again!


Thanks to the Army Corp of Engineers for the flow 1690…YES!


All the pics and videos of the fun at…





Eco Tour

3rd Saturday in November  


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