North Texas EXPO!

Wow what an event, we had kids, we had family’s we had fun and we had…


You can check out all the pictures from the expo at…


WWW.KPCPHOTOS.COM    click on Expo

P1010011 and we also had food, and scuba, and shooting sports and lots of other exciting activities for everyone.


We had planned on about 500 folks over the 8 hour event, but with the good weather and the TV and radio ads we has a few more…..


Say…closer to 2500 over the entire event, so needless to say….

We got slammed!  But we had fun, the kids and the family’s had fun..





And could you say no to this face????

P1010067 Heck NO!


Or to this one either…








So a BIG Thanks to both ladies for their invitation, support and help,

Were looking forward to the 2010 North Texas Expo!!

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