You’ve heard of Snow White…

Have you heard of Snow Xavier? 

How about Snow Mayra?? 

OK…. how about Snow Bubba????  Snow Brian……

Snow Trinton…………..……..SNOW MIKE????…..YIKES…..

We’ll it’s becoming clear to me you don’t get up early on Saturday in February, grab a kayak and head to the lake to collect trash…….

We’ll this is the fun your missing…..


Was it cold, yes, was it wet, thankfully no just splashy, was it fun…..we’ll of course it was. Who needs July with warm air…. and warm water and the crowds, and I can assure you in July there will be not be hot Starbucks after the cleanup, just FYI.


Thanks to all our Volunteers on the ground and on the water, including our sister aas groups including  the  Unitarian Church of Dallas

PC030028 And the BSA Troop 890









Did you know the For the Love of the Lake group has over 45 volunteers groups just like the above that come out EACH and EVERY second Saturday to toll against the odds to improve the park experience for everyone?  Got a group and interested in Helping??? Contact me, we’ll chat!

Check out all the picture on our website

click the WRL button and then click the date!

The next S4 is set mark the date March 13th 9am Jackson Pt WRL!!!!



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