We ride again with Playtri in Las Colinas

THIS SATURDAY JUNE 5th  9am paddles wet  12 noon  get paid!

This SUNDAY JUNE 6th 6:30am paddles wet 12 noon get paid!

Yes we’ll pay you paddle, and to help with the water safety support too.


Here’s the skinny…..


Oops … here the real skinny…….


Who           KPC + PlayTri       for water safety for the swimmers/racers

What         You hang out in kayak in case the swimmers/racers need a break

Where       Lake Carolyn in Las Colinas, yes you get to paddle this restricted water!!!

When        Sat June 5th 9am paddles wet & you can paddle our kayaks!

                   Sun June 6th 6:30am Paddles wet for 2nd day of racing

Why          Duh ….Money for paddling…..$$$$ and a T shirt too!

Are you in?

We need your PAID volunteer





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