They came, they raced, we protected!!

What does a tri racer do when the stress of the race becomes to much??

We’ll if your on the bike, you coast, if your running your walk, and if your


well …….you use us!!!







And sometimes…..

More than one at a time use us too!

P6050014 And should you think were the only

ones that help and support the racers during the race… DO NOT forget..

The proud and able members of the Irving Fire Department, Thanks Guys!

P6050007 These guys are so good….

They need two boats!

P6050027So when you think of the fun of a Tri

                                      and you think of the best race in Irving…


remember it takes lots of folks to help make it fun, and

a BIG Thanks to all our PAID volunteers who get up early and paddle hard.


     PS guys & girls..…I have your Race T’s ……… me!!  THANKS 🙂

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