We.. “take it easy”

With the Eagle’s Tribute  band for the Thursday Concert Paddle…….


Terry, Jackie, Kay, and Tracy enjoy the tunes and the paddle at WRL!

Join us in September too for more fun on Thursday’s too, here’s the music

line up….

Briefcase Blues   Thursday September 23rd  WRL  paddles wet 7pm

            ******                      *******                         ***********

4 sale – for sail – four sale – IIII sale …OK OK.. you get the idea…

Lightly used Yakima  BOW DOWN kayak carrier…4 uprights or

2 sets of two,  retail $ 179 per set yours for only…. $ 200.00 for both

sets…  Why you ask??? because we have to much stuff and we

can’t use it all…all the time so our quality used twice gear can be

yours!!!  Call Mike at 214 669 1663 or email mike@kayakpower.com

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