Storm Aftermath…

P9110138 So a little hurricane can do a lot of

damage both with the wind and with the rain, so in our


It was the rain, that caused the flooding that cause all the

trash…..P9110139to pile up on the western shore of the lake or on the

KayakPower section of the cleanup.  Yes that’s West

Lawther looking south along the shoreline.


we had lots of help both on the ground….

P9110142   And on the water too but the

amount of trash up stream and the amount of trash along

the shoreline was to much for a two hour cleanup, to make

big difference. 


But still we cleaned…

From the water……



P9110175 From the shore…


and together……


We got the trash…..


A big THANK YOU to everyone who thought it was

necessary to pick up after mother nature and more!

P9110149 And please join us in

October, on the 9th   at 9am at Jackson Point for more fun!


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