Stonebridge wrap up II

Well Sunday was a fun day but it was a little on the cold side…..but that’s just Texas…..

(sorry a little funny from the last post)

So there we were just us and 378 + PlayTri racers…..


If you look closely you can count all the racers….

What???      it was 6:29 am…give me a break!



is that better??  That’s us cheering wildly for the

final racer to finish the course, some had swim times of

over 40 mins, you think your tough….please!!!

And check out the race course………….

P9260044 P9260045 P9260046 P9260047

Not a bad set of pics, heck it even looks like an easy swim

from these….

But…not from this angle…..


From this view you can clearly see   ITS A RACE!!!!

P9260075 And yes we get to meet a

lot of cool people during the race too!


So are you ready to be KPC WATER safety ????

just like these PAID Volunteers???

P9260083 P9260084


Great, Then join us on 10/10/2010 at Lake Ray Hubbard

See our meetup page for detail or check out the blog!

Thanks again to all the volunteers and Life Guards that

make water safety …SAFE!!!

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