What Rain?

OK….. we got a little rain on Saturday but not the expected 4 or 5 inches so we did not run WR creek, we instead…..

Did WRBC club repairs……..

PA080019 And if you had your kayak in the southern most metal rack, we have moved your yak…(we saved your lock)….to the main wooden rack….

This opens the deck up to rig and launch, and we’ll be putting the metal rack back up again, in a different location.

Interested and having your kayaks within inches of a water launch at WRL???

We have 3 slots open for a kayak or canoe…

call  214 327 9667 or check out whiterockboatclub.com

For general questions leave a msg for Megan, for a slot or membership leave a msg for Steve.


Launching off the kayak dock for a sunset paddle!

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